@dvandom's City Of Heroes/Villains characters - Beta
Updated: December 1, 2012

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    I'd never really bothered keeping track of Beta, other than sometimes screenshotting costumes for characters I planned to remake on a live server. After all, I rarely ever teamed on beta, so I didn't really need to keep track of what I had there...and I could always transfer something in from live at need. But on November 30, 2012, it occurred to me that I might want to make some sort of record of what I had, especially since some of it never would go live. So, after lunch, I grabbed screenshots and info.

    At the time the game ended, here's my beta roster. Characters who weren't imports will be linked to infoblocks.

    Because I didn't keep close records, I'm having to go from memory on the characters I deleted to make room (although I suppose I could have bought extra slots, everything in the Paragon Store was free).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Dan Tracey Hero Natural Blaster Dual Pistols Martial Combat Sorcery
Costume With Martial Combat (and Martial Assault) coming in Issue 24, I realized I could make a credible Dan Tracey to go along with Jen Kleinvogel. The Sorcery I tacked on just to try it out, if I24 had gone live I would have given him Leadership instead. I ran him through the new King's Row arc in which some of the old Regulators business from the 1980s reared its grim and gritty head, and the Skulls got a long-overdue revamp.
(Never filled this in)
Battlecry: (or this)
Goldion Hero Technology Brute Titan Weapons Electric Armor Leaping, Teleportation
Costume This was made to try out Titan Weapons...and when I saw the Rocket Hammer I knew who I needed to make. Goldymarg, wielder of the Goldion Hammer, from Gaogaigar. Of course, I also wanted to play with the new Long Distance Teleport power, so his build ended up being pretty awful and I had a devil of a time getting him through the L40-50 arc for I24 later on. He did use other costume slots, but only to model other weapons. The reason he didn't go live was that I had other ideas I wanted to try by the time Titan Weapons came out. Ironically, the Titan/Elec combo did end up working pretty well for me on Mobile Suit Gangnam.
When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. But if the hammer's big enough, that's just fine.
Battlecry: Turn into light!
Beemahboi Hero Technology Blaster Beam Rifle Darkness Manipulation Flight, Speed
Costumes 1 and 2 This guy pulled triple duty. Not only was he testbed for new Primary and Secondary powersets, he was also a clothes horse (both costumes use piecs that were new in beta at the time) and I ran him through all the First Ward arcs solo. I guess that might be part of why I never made him in live, I was kind of tired of him by that point! I did use the power set for American Eidolon, though. He's also kinda rare for my beta natives in having a pretty fleshed out background.
The First Ward is one chompy channel, chums. But the pickin' is gruuvi for ghoulie gear, mekatek that's been turned all funkadelic by the hoodooyoodoo in the Ward. Most people won't touch it, but I got a mad beatbox tween the audios, I'll take that chance!
Battlecry: Boom, badgers!