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Updated: August 30, 2012

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    The second server I "colonized", and the first one where I got into Super Groups, but I haven't done a whole lot there since the initial rush, especially since my first SGs died. I moved Splendid Mask here from Virtue so I'd have a villain on the server.

Pala-Dyne (Energy/Energy Blaster) α, Doctor Dave (Grav/Rad Controller), Dyna Green (Katana/WP Scrapper), Bridges (Shield/Energy Tanker), The Splendid Mask (Dual Blades/Regeneration Stalker), EPP-6 (Plant Control/Electricity Assault Dominator), Sapphire Bullets (Dual Pistols/Pain Domination Corruptor), El Gato Laminado (Gravity Control/Thorny Assault Dominator).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Pala-Dyne Hero Technology Blaster Energy Blast Energy Melee Flight, Concealment, Teleportation, Force Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2 (with Aura), Galaxy Ranger costume, Vanguard outfit 1, Roman Costume, Vanguard outfit 2, Fancy Caped Costume. This is based on Paladin, a general design I've been booting around in one form or another since high school. Blue and white Liefeld-stripe costume with a gold thunderbird logo of some sort, usually with a tabard and some heraldic elements (neither of which is available in CoH). I knew "Paladin" wouldn't work, but was surprised to find Paladyne was taken too, so added the hyphen. This was the first background I wrote based on some knowledge of the game setting. It's also the first character I got Aura for. Like Sharon, the Galaxy Ranger costume is just for playing dress-up...in his case, it replaces the armor that gives him his powers, so.... I never screencapped his first Vanguard outfit, it was kinda tossed together. "Costume 2" was originally made for visiting Cimerora, but after finally completing an Imperious Task Force I made him a proper one. And I updated his Vanguard armor with some Praetorian pieces. Level 50 Dingpic!

Leader by default of The Guardian Platoon.

One of countless attempts to turn Rikti technology into a weapon to protect humanity, the Pala-Dyne suit was only controllable by someone who had once been one of the Lost. Cured by an experimental techno-mystic weapon, Jarrod Kessler volunteered to wear the suit after finding that there was no returning to his old life anyway...even though cured, he had changed too much to go back.
Battlecry: Redemption!!
Doctor Dave Hero Science Controller Gravity Control Radiation Emission Flight, Concealment
Costume 1, Costume 2 (with vet-award trenchcoat), Holiday Costume, Formal Suit, Drawing (in Costume 1), Roman outfit. Yes, this is me, more or less. My sweater is actually long-sleeved, but otherwise it's a pretty good match to my attire on the day I create the character. Oh, and I wear a watch. :) Origin is, of course, SCIENCE! This was the first Controller I got to the tier 9 "pet" level, but action on Champion was thinning out at the time and I stalled out for a couple of years. I decided to make it my goal for my 42nd birthday to get Doctor Dave into Cimerora, though, and I managed it.

Sometimes, when you get too into a game, you literally get into it. Once a physics teacher in a world without superpowers, a freak accident with an MMOG and a lightning storm while watching Freakazoid sent him into the reality that the game represented....
Battlecry: Have some cognitive dissonance!
Dyna Green Hero Technology Scrapper Katana Willpower Leaping, Flight
Costume 1, Costume 2 (Battlized), In Arachnos Disguise, In Freakshow Disguise, Supaa Battlized Mode, Ranger of Legend, Civvies, 2012-season Basic Ranger Costume, 2012-season Battlizer Armor. Yeah, this is a Dynaman "sixth ranger" character. He lost his Special Gadget Watch and most of his tech in transit, so he can't make explosions behind himself or any of those sentai tricks, but he's making do. He briefly had some adorable Clockwork helpers. When the Martial Arts Super-Booster came out, I went all out with the new costume pieces for the "Ranger of Legend" outfit in silver and jade. His "Civvies" outfit is a slightly disreptuable motorcycle racer who's initially too cool to hang with the five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life. He suffered a bit of mecha-envy when on the Ernesto Hess TaskForce. In the 2012 season, he got a new basic costume (lots of IDF pieces) and a new battlizer (VIP-only mecha armor).
A refugee from another shard, he is thought dead by his teammates, five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life. But the explosion that they thought had killed him instead hurled Choji "Chuckie" Nishimura into Paragon City! Unfortunately, most of his special super gadget technology was destroyed in the explosion, but his innate training remains and he's been slowly rebuilding his gear from local replacements. He's heard about the giant monsters that sometimes plague Paragon City, now all he needs is to find a kindly if eccentric scientist to build him a giant robot with which to fight the monsters....
Battlecry: Nine o'clock in Paragon City!
Bridges Hero Science Tanker Shield Energy Teleport, Flight
Original Costume, Tron 2.0-Inspired Costume, Tron 2.0 updated, Tron Legacy attempt, Tron: Uprising, Classic revised. Yeah, it's Flynn from Tron, with a few bits added. Teleport Foe is the best pull power ever. :) However, if you teleport a sleeping foe to the ceiling, it may stick there. Going Rogue gave me a few more pieces that worked better for a Tron 2.0 outfit, but I still wasn't able to craft a convincing Tron Legacy outfit. The one shown here is as close as I could get, and makes him Sam Flynn rather than Kevin. I later made a second build that abandoned the teleport foe (which turned out to be a lot less useful in group play than in solo) and went more heavily into the Jumping path, so he could Shield Charge and Spring Attack.
My name's Bridges. You may have noticed I don't really look human anymore, and you figure I've got some sort of origin story. Well, I do. But it's all locked up in a Non-Disclosure Agreement. All I can say is that it involves my former employer Crey, a large cash settlement, and that I don't really like the Freakshows.
Battlecry: Greetings, programs!
The Splendid Mask Villain Natural Stalker Dual Blades (Tantos) Regeneration Flight
"Costume" 1, Costume 2, Cutey Honey costume, La Blue Girl costume. Yes, they've done a lot to prevent "naked" costumes, but I decided to see how close I could get. This is an homage to Kekko Kamen, although bunny ears can't be made floppy, and I had to fake the scarf with a Valkyrie mantle. The skin and costume colors match well, although the only skin visible is around the eyes. Once she hit Level 20, I got her a scarf. She started on Virtue, but in February 2010 I moved her to Champion. I later decided to use her extra costume slots to homage other "naked fighter" characters. Granted, I only know a few offhand, but I have faith that there's more than five out there. La Blue Girl does not have cat ears, but that's the closest I could get to her hair bow using City of Villains costume pieces.
Naked ambition drives her, the shadows clothe her.
Battlecry: (None)
EPP-6 Villain Science Dominator Plant Control Electricity Assault Flight, Concealment, Teleportation
Costume 1, Tweaked Costume 1 @Liz, one of the movers and shakers in the CoX LiveJournal community, decided to get her old Villain Group on Champion back in action and recruited a bunch of people to make new villains for it to run through the redside taskforces. I decided to make a Dominator, since I'd be certain of having team play for it. Post-Going Rogue, I made an alternate costume that brings in more Clockwork pieces.
A number of companies have tried to find ways to compete against the "brilliant" power system used in Cap Au Diable, or at least find ways to be only a little more expensive while being able to guarantee a lack of gremlins. Most of these simply fail. But some...well, no gremlins per se. But Electrical Power Plant Project 6, or EPP-6, represents an entirely new way to totally screw up. The bioengineered electricity-generating flora worked perfectly...but only because they transgenic crossbreeds with a Volt captured in Paragon City. Putting the plants into a humanoid robot frame was probably a bad idea too. At least he didn't to too many millions of dollars in damage when he escaped. Ah well, back to the drawing board.
Battlecry: (ominous hummmmmmmm)
Sapphire Bullets Hero (originally Resistance/Warden) Magic Corruptor Dual Pistols Pain Domination Flight
Praetorian Costume, Paragon Costume 1 Taken from the They Might Be Giants song. My first solid Dual Pistols concept was an Empathy/DP Defender named Sapphire Bullets, but when it came time to actually make the character I decided I wanted better solo-ability and went with a Corruptor instead. This also provided a nice counter to Qombat, a Scrapper who'd go redside, since I planned for Sapphire Bullets to go blueside. I used the Alpha Aura as a Combat Aura on hands so that the magic guns glowed when in use. Once she got to Paragon City, I got her a second costume that incorporates a lot of Praetorian Police elements, as a way to have her thumb her nose at The Man.
Pistol shots. Gun shots. Those are among Sephirah's oldest memories, hurried along by strangers ahead of the Devouring Earth that killed her parents and older brother. She grew up in one refugee camp after another, eventually living for a time in Neutropolis and finding some stability. Until she found the Magic Bullet, an artifact handed down from one assassin to another for over a century before the last owner died at the hands of the PPD. It triggered a mystical heritage she'd never known she had, one her mother would have told her about at her 18th birthday had she lived. Her natural talent for healing and the death enchantments of the Magic Bullet fused to create something new. Sapphire bullets...bullets of pure love. And pain.
Battlecry: Love hurts!
El Gato Laminado Loyalist Mutation Dominator Gravity Control Thorny Assault Flight
Costume 1 Federico Garcia Lorca as a mutant catboi. For my Intensive English 12 (what would now be called AP English) poetry analysis essay, I decided to cross-pollinate with the fact I was taking Spanish V at the time, and after considering Pablo Neruda I settled on Lorca, who came with a built-in "high school essay topic" in the way his poems changed radically when he moved to New York City. The translation of the poem in the bio note is my own, I disagree with some of the official ones. :) His battlecry is misspelled, if City of Heroes allows accent marks I don't know how to make them.
Era el momento de las cosas secas, 
de la espiga en el ojo y el gato
del óxido de hierro de los grandes puentes 
y el definitivo
silencio del corcho.

It was the time of dry things,
of the wheatstalk in the eye and the flattened cat,
of the rusted iron of great bridges
and the utter silence of the cork.

--Federico Garcia Lorca, Danza de la Muerte

Battlecry: Mirad el mascaron!