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Updated: July 25, 2012

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    With the launch of City of Heroes Freedom and the ability to play without paying, NCSoft decided it'd be a good idea to create a server that was only accessible to paying (VIP) players, in case anyone really wanted to avoid the free players. When I heard the name would be Exalted, I naturally started thinking of concepts that riffed on White Wolf's Exalted RPG. What ended up happening, though, was that ponies took over.

Protectors of Ponygon City SG

Freeflight (Archery/Trick Arrow heroic Corruptor), American.Eidolon (Beam Rifle/Darkness Manipulation Blaster), Generic 999 999 999 (Time Manipulation/Beam Rifle villainous Defender), Pinkemina (Battle Axe/Willpower Scrapper), Kame-ko (Force Field/Fire Blast Defender), Mach Turtle (Marial Arts/Shield Defense Scrapper), Siobhan Shard (Spines/Energy Aura villain Scrapper), Gilly Callum (Super Reflexes/Titan Weapons vigilante Tanker), Nicole Gates (Time Manipulation/Psychic Assault Defender), Nagareboshi (Radiation Blast/Darkness Manipulation Blaster), Fish Annette (Darkness Control/Energy Assault Dominator hero).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Freeflight Hero Magic Corruptor Archery Trick Arrow Flight
Costume 1 One thing that bugged me from the very start was that the only way to be a heroic archer who ONLY had arrows was to be a Defender. Blasters have no archery secondary, and Devices isn't really satisfying. However, Corruptors can be all archery...you could have Merlyn but not Green Arrow, Trick Shot but not Hawkeye (seriously, GA and Hawkeye are Blasters, not Defenders). Sure, the morality system would let you get a heroic Corruptor eventually, or a Praetorian...but it's not the same. But with I21 allowing any archetype to start at Hero or Villain, I pulled up an old archer character of mine (I've drawn him a few times, but never scanned the pics, they're kinda old) and made Freeflight on Beta as a tech hero. I didn't get around to capturing an image of his costume, though, and the first Beta server got closed and wiped so I can't go back to it. Then I heard the VIP server would be Exalted, and while waiting for Titan Weapons to be made available I eventually decided that an archer would be the easiest to make look like a Solar. I kept the powerset and the blue/gold color scheme from the technology Freeflight, and made a magic one. "Flynn Rall" is meant to be a mangling of "Errol Flynn".
Galaxy City resident Flynn Rall was nearly killed when the meteors hit. Should have died, really. But as he lay in the blasted rubble, he received a vision of the Unconquered Sun, who bid him rise and strike for justice! Rise he did, clothed in armor of gold and lapis and wielding a bow made from a slice of the Sun itself. Let the darkness beware....
Battlecry: Sol Invictus!
American.Eidolon Hero Science Blaster Beam Rifle Darkness Manipulation Leaping
Costume 1, Civvies, Costume 2 Due to a bug in the Mac implementation of the Paragon Store, I wasn't able to try Beam Rifle until very late in the Open Beta. Not wanting to spend a lot of time on design, I grabbed most of the Imperial Defense Force armor with a bit of Resistance and made Beemahboi, who found some "haunted" gear in the First Ward (of course, I started him in Paragon City rather than Praetoria, so a Freakshow origin would have made more sense). I took a level bump to 20 and ran him through the entire First Ward, rather enjoying the power set combination. I was going to make a version of him on Exalted, but then I made a joke about an American Eidolon/American Idol and decided I needed a character by that name...and Beam/Dark seemed perfect for it. Sadly, someone beat me to the proper name, so I had to add the period in the middle. And while I played it straight (patriotic Murk Eidolon hero), I did end up making a Zombie Simon Cowell costume anyway. The second costume represents a later stage where he's gotten together a less Vahzilok-y costume and replaced his gun with something not made in Praetoria.
Sometimes Dr. Vahzilok gets lucky and finds a nearly intact hero whose mediport has malfunctioned. These nearly-pristine samples are too rare to cut up for parts, so he tends to turn them into Eidolons of exceptional power. Unfortunately, once in a while the body's original memories emerge and the newly revived hero fights his way out of the sewers. Once a patriotic hero of no particular distinction, Roger Trevors woke to find himself one of these super Eidolons, and realized he could never go back to his old life. Emerging from the tunnels in the midst of a Praetorian invasion, he scavenged the fallen enemy for gear and fashioned a new identity for himself.
Battlecry: I had but one life to give....
Generic 999 999 999 Villain Technology Defender Time Manipulation Beam Rifle Flight
Costume 1 If you are blatantly in violation of IP (like having a claws/regen scrapper named Logan), your costume will be reset to a simple bodysuit and your name changed to Generic followed by a nine digit number in the format 123 456 789. The fact that the system allowed for a billion Generics amused me, and once I determined the system would let you use a name like that I decided I needed to make The Last Generic, Generic 999 999 999. Being from the future, he'd have to have Time Manipulation, so I squatted the name on Freedom to use as a hero. But I changed my mind and made him a villain on Exalted, disillusioned by prejudice against his "people" and determined to become powerful enough to make people listen. His battle cry is taken from some parody of manga protagonists.
In the present, it certainly looks like a billion Generics would be more than enough, but eventually the Generic 1G Bug will threaten all of reality. When the last Generic is made, reality is opened ot a flood of IP violations that causes the Interuniversal Legal Corps to descend on the Primal Shard and destroy it. In the last moments before all is destroyed, the Menders sent the Last Generic back in time to warn the past. But who would listen to a Generic? Maybe if he became a notorious villain they'd have to pay attention to him!
Battlecry: I seethe with generic rage!
Pinkemina Hero (sorta) Natural Scrapper Battle Axe Willpower Leaping
Beta Version, Costume 1, Less insane version, Chicken costume, Western outfit, Western outfit, color corrected, Christmas outfit, Mare Do Well outfit. With Battle Axe proliferating to Scrapper, I decided to try an axe scrapper during the beta testing for Issue 21, and I made up a human version of "psychotic Pinkie Pie" inspired by the infamous "Cupcakes" fanfic in which Pinkie uses the other ponies as ingredients. I later needed a quick idea on Exalted to join some friends in lowbie adventures, and since they were both Blasters I didn't really want to bring American.Eidolon or Freeflight, so I made Pinkemina. The new Barbarian belt worked better, and I decided to add ears and tail to make it more anthropomorphic, but kept human legs (unlike Derpy Ferris's costumes). Turns out this is my 100th character on the live servers! (I've only ever deleted characters because they had been placeholders, like my original Generic 999 999 999 over on Freedom.) I founded the Protectors of Ponygon City supergroup with her and Flutterwry, later adding Tricksy. Not enough characters to make an impressive base, but we do have a nice single room with a good hiding place. Oh, and when she turned into a Rikti Monkey at one point, I found that the Rocket Board still worked...sort of. A later patch prevented this from working, so sad. Over the holidays in 2011-2, the Protectors of Ponygon City really took off, and Pinkemina became Statesman's Pal. Now a fully tricked-out Incarnate!
Some say that every story is a reality somewhere. That includes stories that probably shouldn't have been written. Pinkemina is a refugee from one of those stories...she claims to be one of the good guys, but you really wonder sometimes.
Battlecry: Who wants cupcakes?
Kame-ko Hero Mutation Defender Force Field Fire Blast Flight
Costume 1 Over on Livejournal, some of the regulars decided to create a supergroup that was turtles all the way down, Team Turtle. I wanted to make a version of my Gamera k-girl for this, but my first few attempts didn't really please me. Eventually I decided a Force Field Defender could "turtle" using Personal Force Field, and Fire Blast had just been proliferated to Defenders, so I made Kame-ko. I had to make a lot of compromises, so the look isn't as coherent as I'd like (despite using the Repitilian pattern extensively), and I wish you could get clawed feet without having to go digitigrade, but it plays well enough.
Escaped Crey experiment? Lost monster of Mu? Alien hybrid? No one really knows where Kame-ko comes from, least of all her. But aside from a few tragic misunderstandings when she arrived in Galaxy City and set fire to large parts of it (which became irrelevant soon after), she's been a protector of humanity and friend to all children. The ones who don't flee in terror, at least.
Battlecry: I hope that was fireproof....
Mach Turtle Hero Magic Scrapper Martial Arts Shield Defense Speed
Costume 1 After a couple days in Team Turtle, I decided one of the name suggestions I'd made was too good to leave alone, and I made Mach Turtle, the shelled speedster. During my many failed attempts at Kame-ko, I'd found that the new Barbarian shield looked kinda shell-like, so I used that. The only part of the costume I'm not happy with is the pants.
The old story says that the tortoise beat the hare because the hare got overconfident and blew off the race, letting the slow tortoise win by default. But some say that the real reason the hare lost was that the tortoise was capable of far higher speeds than anyone suspected, and merely preferred to move slowly when anyone was looking...the pool shark of racers. And now the spirit of that sneaky speedster has found a home in the body of a displaced resident of Galaxy City, who has no problem moving quickly when everyone's looking!
Battlecry: Missed me by a hare!
Siobhan Shard Villain Science Scrapper Spines Energy Aura Flight
Costume 1 I decided to give Spines another shot, especially since I had a good pun name already worked up. You see, "Siobhan" is pronounced pretty much the same way that "Shivan" is in the context of the game (something we can now be sure of, since the word is part of the voiceover in the tutorial). And a Shivan Shard is a temporary power you can craft in Bloody Bay.
Sometimes irony is just too much to handle. Siobhan's friends had teased her for years about how her name sounded like "Shivan", but then she happened to be apartment hunting in Galaxy City when the meteors hit and mutated her into a toxic freak. No one thought to try to help her get rid of her freakish powers, they just wanted her to use those powers to help others. Arachnos didn't offer to remove her powers, but they DID offer to help her find a way to assume a more human appearance. Maybe she's gotten in over her head, but it was the best deal she seemed likely to get.
Battlecry: I'm toxic, but you're the waste!
Gilly Callum Vigilante Magic Tanker Super Reflexes Titan Weapons Flight, Leaping
Leather Jacket, Barbarian vest, Cimeroran armor, Mecha armor. Based on Gilda the Griffon from My Little Pony, she's a member of the Protectors of Ponygon City. The name is taken from a kind of sword dance, I had it on my character idea list for a Dual Blades toon, but felt it fit a Gilda morph perfectly.
Growing up in the First Ward wasn't easy, so you can't blame Gilly for succumbing to the lure of the Talons of Vengeance. She doesn't like to talk about that time in her life, but given how it twisted her body and soul it's kinda hard to keep it out of conversation. She's still driven by the need to right wrongs, but hopefully she'll stop short of the kind of murderous rampage the Talons are known for.
Battlecry: Meh, losers.
Nicole Gates Hero Magic Defender Time Manipulation Psychic Assault Medicine, Teleport
Doctor costume, Time travel costume, Timelord costume Based on the background unicorn with an hourglass cutie mark in My Little Pony, who has variously been named Colgate or Romana. So I combined the concepts. She has a rhino horn because that's as close as the game gets to a unicorn horn. Note, I forgot about the ears initially, the ones seen on the Timelord costume are now also present on the Doctor and Time Travel costumes.
Seven generations ago, Nicole's ancestress along the maternal line saved the life of a unicorn, or so the family lore goes. The unicorn blessed Nicole's great-great-etc-grandmother with a spell it claimed would emerge in the family when the need was greatest. Given the situation in Paragon City these days, it may have emerged a little too late to matter....
Battlecry: Time heals most wounds.
Nagareboshi Hero Science Blaster Radiation Blast Darkness Manipulation Flight
Costume 1 Okay, this is seriously nested geekery. The circa-2000 wargame Hard Vacuum posited an alternate WWII in which the war moved to orbit. The main Japanese space fighter was the Nagareboshi, or Shooting Star. When I made a transforming robot out of one ship for each nationality, I made the Nagareboshi into an oni-masked mech. That's what I tried to model for the appearance of my artificial Kheldian here.
Project Nagareboshi, or "Shooting Star," was TechNihon's attempt to synthesize Kheldian powers in a human, combining both Peacebringer and Warshade abilities. However, while their first test subject was successful, the Council and Crey formed a temporary alliance to ensure that TechNihon didn't survive to move to mass production. Crey wanted no competition with its Paragon Protector program, and the Nictus forces were uneasy with the idea of synthetic Kheldians. Determined to seek some measure of revenge for his company, the prototype has come to Paragon City and abandoned his birth name, becoming the shooting star.
Battlecry: I am your omen of doom.
Fish Annette Hero Science Dominator Darkness Control Energy Assault Flight
Vanguard Costume Yes, another Fusionette riff. With a fish monster head. Which looks really weird when eating.
Some think that Fusionette's such a foulup that it has to be genetic...and in this case her genes certainly found a way to mess up. Crey disavows any hand in Annette's creation, but not because they fear retribution from Fusionette. No, they just fear the humiliation.
Battlecry: I just dunno what went wrong!