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Updated: April 12, 2014

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    Rather than leave them all buried in with the individual entries (although I'll continue to link them there too), I decided to consolidate my artworks and writings related to City of Heroes. Most of this page will be drawings and kitbashes, but there will be a few essays and strategy guides as time goes by.


    Yes, the character generator already gives me 2-D representations of all my characters, but sometimes I draw them anyway. Maybe it's because I have a solid idea already and couldn't QUITE make it work in-game (as in the case of Sharon Venturi), other times I just want to do something weird like a chibi. This will only include links to drawings I did of the character, rather than collecting all the drawings I did of the inspirations behind the characters (a lot of my CoX characters are based on ASH characters or other ideas I've kicked around over the years). Inspirations are generally linked in the individual entries, though.


    Three-dimensional representations of my characters, or characters of teammates of mine. Barring a rapid prototyping Booster Pack, the game can't do that (although they did put out HeroClix of some of the signature characters).


    I don't expect to write any City of Heroes fanfic, I've got enough writing on my plate on the creative end. But essays and guides are another matter. :) Most of these just end up as Livejournal posts (I'm "dvandom" unsurprisingly), but once in a while I'll type them up as pages.