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Updated: June 9, 2012

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    Technically, I had a character here pretty early on (see Izzy's entry), but it was the last place I intentionally went, in part due to the fact the server earned the nickname "Freedumb" for having huge numbers of clueless newbies. My few experiences playing there have been...indifferent at best. But I made sure to have a hero and a villain there in case a friend needed help transferring stuff between alts on the server. Now that the email system makes that unnecessary, it's become my "Stupid Ideas" server.
Izzy Spacecase (Dual Swords/Invuln Scrapper), Geoff Peterson (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper), The Inconvenience (Willpower/War Mace Tanker), The Packin' Duck (two versions), The Blueberry Beater (Martial Arts/Regeneration Scrapper).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
(DELETED) Izzy Spacecase Hero Magic Scrapper Dual Blades Invulnerability Flight
Costume 1, Skysabre costume This was not a character I ever intended to play. In fact, it was created back around the time of Suffra-Jette...I was trying to set her up on the same server as my friend's Izzy Spacecase character, but he couldn't remember if he rolled Izzy up on Triumph or Freedom (turned out he'd accidentally deleted Izzy at the time). Not able to find him on Triumph, I tried checking for the name on Freedom and found I couldn't check name on a server where I didn't have a character. Aha, I thought, try to make an Izzy Spacecase, and if Izzy is there I'll be told I can't use the name. So I just whipped through the chargen and took a random costume...and then found I was locked into the name. So I left it there at level 1, unloved, just so I could check names on Freedom. Six months later, I decided to try to actually play the character, rather than delete it and make something else, and I built a proper costume after I'd made it to L3 and could pop to Pocket D without having to brave King's Row (and sold a candy cane to finance the change). Later on, a fellow Superguy writer opened up his supergroup to non-family-members, so I made Ben Sidhe (below) for it, and also made Izzy an outfit so he could play at being another of my Superguy characters, Skysabre.


Well, moved and renamed. I moved him to Protector and renamed him Skysabre, making the secondary costume the primary one.

Sometimes when Portal Corp. goes fishing in other realities, they get things that aren't exactly dangerous, but that they really don't want to see ever again. Such was the case of Earth-Glam, where glam rock somehow tapped into Rularuu's power in a benign way, reshaping the world and creating a society ruled by androgynous singer-mages. Izzy is a young prince of his realm who sees a chance to find his fortune in another world, wielding mystic swords...but fortunately for his allies, not singing any spells. He's still an apprentice in those arts.
Battlecry: Rock and rule!
Geoff Peterson Hero Technology Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes None
Costume 1 Notes It's Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton sidekick as a scrapper. Made mainly as a gag, I'm not all that interested in playing another MA scrapper right now.
He's a robot skeleton sidekick. You know, nothing special.
Battlecry: Hello cheeky Rikti.
The Inconvenience Hero Natural Tanker Willpower War Mace Leaping
Costume 1 So, after seeing the movie Kick-Ass I decided to make a version up. :) My initial name idea was Wannabe, but that was taken.
Larry always wanted to be a superhero, but no matter what he did, no matter how many hazardous situations he put himself in, he never managed to get any powers. Eventually, he decided that the very fact he survived so long after doing so many stupid things MUST mean he has powers of some sort, right? Of course, by that time he already had a reputation and a nickname in the hero community, and he was kinda stuck with it....
Battlecry: I'll kick yer...OW STOPIT!
The Packin' Duck (original) Villain Mutation Mastermind Thugs Thermal Emission Flight
Costume 1, Alternate Rubber Ducky look A friend asked me to make a pistol-wielding duck character for a joke idea he had. Since I was having I17-related graphics issues I ended up just making it as a full character so I could go back later and get better screenshots once the gun issue cleared up. I ended up rerolling it as a Blaster once I got Going Rogue.
He's the Mallard of Malice, the pistol-packing Packin' Duck!
Battlecry: Waugh!
The Packin' Duck (GR version) Villain Mutation Blaster Dual Pistols Devices None
No new pics yet. And here's the reroll. I've only played through Praetor White's arc so far, not sure how much effort I'll put into this guy.
He's the Mallard of Menace, the Foul Fowl, the pistol--packin' Packin' Duck!
Battlecry: WAUGH!
The Blueberry Beater Hero Technology Scrapper Martial Arts Regeneration Leaping
Costume 1 Yeah, it's the Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) as close as I could manage. If the chest emblem colors were a better match for the tights colors, I could have made the upper body an even closer match by blocking off some of the medium blue. Oh, and "blueberry" is Resistance slang for Praetorian Police Department officers on account of the blue uniforms. They're also called "badgers" due to their badges. Not all Resistance slang is incomprehensible.
Theodore Secord had been working on a very minor project in one of Neuron's labs, looking into one of the many projects Praetor Berry had abandoned as not being worth his time. But not all of these projects were worthless, and Secord discovered a way to build an electromagnetic stimulator that vastly increased human healing abilities. However, it also affected his mind, or so the official reports said. He claims it cleaned his mind of the effects of the "Cole Aid". Either way, he broke out of the rehab facility during a Resistance raid and joined up with Calvin Scott's band of rogues. Refining his device into a belt, he started learning fighting from others in the Resistance and was soon ready to go out and beat on some blueberries and badgers.
Battlecry: Time for blueberry jam!