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Updated: October 20, 2012

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think I started colonizing this server because it's where my friend Andy had his Software Pirate character, and I wanted to make sure my Server Wench was on the same server. A couple years later, though, activity here had died off and I was looking for a high level character I could transfer elsewhere...Server Wench got nominated. So I made her a Rogue and moved her to Liberty. I later moved Penny Gunn here to fill the gap.
Peaceseeker (WP/Axe Tanker), Ethan Eruption (Fire/Storm Corruptor), Nimrod the Hunter (Claws/Reflexes Scrapper), Bertie Page (Longsword/Willpower Scrapper), Camouflage Girl (Illusion/Rad Controller), La Gazza Ladra (Dark/Dark Corruptor), Channelsurf (Sonic/Electricity Blaster), Sword of Fury (Broad Sword/Shield Scrapper), Operative O'Hara (Night Widow), Penny Gunn α (Ice/Ice Tanker).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Peaceseeker Hero Technology Tanker Willpower Battle Axe Leadership, Flight
Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Prowl, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime 2, Bulkhead 2, Prowl 2, Bumblebee 2, Optimus Prime 3, Ratchet 2. Inspired in part by Prime X on another server, I decided to take a shot at the TF: Animated version of Optimus Prime. During Double XP Weekend he had an interesting mapserver accident. Once I got the Superscience Booster, I decided to make up the other four members of the TF:A Autobot core group, although I initially could only add Bulkhead and Prowl. I added Bumblebee at L30, and after getting the Cyborg Booster I went back and made second versions of the four costumes I had installed. I'll see if I can improve Ratchet if I ever get Peaceseeker to L40. I did give the Prowl and Bumblebee versions the Vanguard Axe later, but won't redo the images here unless I make other significant changes. I did make some serious changes to Prime again, though, hence the 3rd version.
Not all of the work on supertech happens in Paragon City, even in the "main" shards. Dragonstooth Industries of Detroit developed the Peaceseeker armor to get up close and personal with menaces that tended to lurk in tight spaces like the infamous sewer systems of Paragon City. With an energized axe and advanced biofeedback systems that let its wearer ignore pain, Dragonstooth has high hopes for this new autonomous protection unit.
Battlecry: Until all is won!
Ethan Eruption Villain Technology Corruptor Fire Storm Flight
Costume 1, Stage Armor Yes, it's an homage to Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse. If I ever get him high enough level to get a second costume, I may try making a GWAR-style outfit for him. But he really needs to be played in teams to be effective, as he burns too much endurance on area effect stuff to work well in solo. Once I got the 12 month badge, I decided he needed the Ghost Slaying Axe purely because it's totally metal. And brutal. His armored outfit represents something for the stage show, inspired by GWAR and their ilk.
Ethan is totally metal, and has always BEEN totally metal. But ever since that accident with the thunderstorm during an experimental Crey-built pyrotechnics display on stage fused much of the circuitry with his flesh, he's been about 10% metal, in a literal sense...but he's still 100% metal in the only sense that matters!
Battlecry: Do you hear the tick-tock?
Nimrod the Hunter Hero Mutation Scrapper Claws Super Reflexes Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2, Costume 3. As close as I could get to Nimrod the Cat from Galaxy Rangers, but there's no fur ruff options. The first costume was going from online reference that only showed the upper body. The second one was after I popped in my DVD of "The Power Within". Thanks to @Foomf for the Influence infusion that let me change costumes right away rather than waiting to save up the ten grand it took. He'll probably need to go to boxhab at some point too, being my first catguy. The Winter Event got him some furry boots and gloves, which get a little closer to the concept.
He's here to play the most dangerous game! Okay, he seems a bit goofy, and it's never completely clear which side of the fence he's playing, plus he doesn't realize that "Nimrod" hasn't been taken seriously as a name since Bugs Bunny got at it, but he's happy, and that's what really matters, right?
Battlecry: The game's afoot!
Bertie Page Hero Natural Scrapper Longsword Willpower Leaping
Costume 1, Cocktail Party Togs, Costume 2 Software Pirate's player decided to take advantage of his 60 month veteran reward and make a female Rocketeer pastiche who'd get Flight at L6, so I offered to make up a complementary character to help level faster. So I picked a male Bettie Page as the natural counterpart to a female Rocketeer, and threw in some Bertie Wooster. And since he draws his sword out of his back, he's like a gender- and direction-swapped Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. "Costume 2" uses the steampunk pack pieces. Sadly, the things they call jodphurs aren't really jodphurs.
Not all damsels in distress are women, as Bertie demonstrates. A member of the idle rich, aka a "Drone", he took up theatrical fencing and a number of other techniques to pass the time...so, of course, when the Sky Raiders attacked a party he was attending, he decided he'd thrash the scoundrels. Fortunately, Skye Phyer was also on the scene, or he'd have been dropped from a great height and allowed to splat. But it was the biggest thrill he'd ever had, so he decided to go into the business of heroing! Fortunately, Paragon City has plenty of other heroes to pull his butt out of the fire.
Battlecry: Here I come...whoops!
Camouflage Girl Hero Magic Controller Illusion Control Radiation Emission Flight
Costume 1 While visiting family, I sat down with my older niece to draw. I drew her a fairy, and she drew Camouflage Girl, which I've tried to capture here. Of course, as the day went on, Camouflage Girl gained pretty much every power in the book, but my niece is four years old, what do you expect? :) The "correct" headgear for her would be something like a nurse's cap with horns, but I decided to just go with a tiara. Camoflage Girl is pretty effective, despite not having "every power" as my niece insists, and soloed Frostfire successfully. If slowly.
Camouflage Girl can draw the colors out of anything with rays zapped from her fingers, a different finger for each color. She can then spray the colors onto other things, including herself, rendering them camouflaged! She wears a very colorful costume so she'll always have the colors she needs, and she keeps extra colors in her pockets. In a fight, she can whip out some of the colors and use them to blind or even zap enemies. She claims to come from a shard where every nation and state has a predominant color, so that from space Earth looks like a political-boundaries map. (Camouflage Girl created by my 4 year old niece, I was curious how close I could get to the idea in City of Heroes. The real Camouflage Girl is only 6 years old, though, kinda hard to create with the sliders.)
Battlecry: Zap!
La Gazza Ladra Villain Mutation Corruptor Dark Blast Dark Miasma Flight
Costume 1, Costume 2, Costume 3 When I hit 15 months, I unlocked the angelic and demonic wings as a veteran's reward, so I decided to make a new toon to use one of the sets. "La Gazza Ladra" means "The Thieving Magpie," and it's the name of an opera and a Marillion album. ;) Dark Blast's got a sniper attack at level 2, the earliest any Primary can have sniping, and MAN does it affect how the low level content goes. Costume 1 is based on the coloration of the European Magpie. Costume 2 is mainly meant to keep some of the basic ideas while A) looking like a slinky dance club outfit, and B) minimizing wing distraction for those tunnel missions. Costume 3 replaces costume 2, but makes use of the Wedding Pack, which I friend gave me.
Daughter of a successful second-stringer winged hero of the 1980s and 1990s, no one's quite sure why she turned bad. Some say her parents spoiled her too much and she decided to take the ethically easy way out once she grew up. Others posit that one of her father's mystic foes cursed her at birth, turning her evil. A few even suggest that her father's heroism was only a cover for his own illegal activities, and the daughter simply dispensed with pretense. Still, her powers over darkness do tend to lend credence to the "curse" theory. Like the magpie she named herself after, she likes pretty things and will simply take those that catch her eye. She'll also take your lifeforce if you cross her....
Battlecry: Oooh, pretty. Mine now.
Channelsurf Hero Technology Blaster Sonic Attack Electricity Manipulation Superspeed
Costume 1, Costume 2 "Channel" on its own was taken, obviously. This is, however, meant to be a CoH verison of my Transformers fan character Channel. Other than the whole "transforming" thing, though, he comes pretty close to G1 Channel in abilities. Sonic attacks, channeling electricity, sliding along the ground at high speed (the animation for Prestige Power Slide overrides other ground movement), etc. After making this, I decided that Guardian would henceforth be my "Transformers Homage" server, much like Justice is my Crucible City server.
While cleaning up the damage from a hero raid at a Crey lab, Jon O'Neill found two things: incontrovertible proof of Crey's illegal activities, and a suit of experimental Sonic Tank armor. Realizing that Crey would make sure the evidence would vanish and him with it, Jon instead vanished first, along with the armor. Now he has a new identity as the wisecracking hero Channelsurf, a media-addicted lightweight who no one takes seriously...least of all Crey. Someday, though, he'll be in a position to drop the act and bring Countess Crey to justice.
Battlecry: You're not worth the DVR space!
Sword of Fury Hero (for now) Technology Scrapper Broad Sword Shield Flight
Costume 1 When the loyalty reward for 2011 was announced to include access to all Vanguard costume elements at chargen, I started looking for ideas that I had been previously unable to do properly...and saw that the Vanguard Broad Sword looked a LOT like the Sword of Fury that Scourge (Black Convoy) used in Robots in Disguise. Unfortunately, Brutes can't have a single sword, and Stalker didn't seem right, so I made him up as a Scrapper with the intent of a heel turn. Shield Defense was more of a last minute decision, since the Vanguard Shield looks nifty. I decided to tie him in with Peaceseeker's origin, in keeping with RiD Scourge's background as a warped copy of Optimus Prime.
With the success of their Peaceseeker armor prototype, Dragonstooth Industries of Detroit rushed their next model into beta testing, replacing the Protosteel axe with an energy blade derived from reverse-engineered Vanguard technology. Unfortunately, they also rushed the background checks on the man they picked to wear the "Sword of Fury" armor, not knowing that he was a deep-cover Arachnos mole....
Battlecry: I am your scourge!
Operative O'Hara Villain Arachnos Widow Widow Training Widow Teamwork Leaping
Widow Costume 1, "Hero" Costume 1, Hero Costume 1 with cape, Symbiote Costume Frankly, the Fortunata and Night Widow sets don't really appeal to me, so I wasn't really planning on a Widow. But I was in the mood to mess with the base Widow costuming choices, and found I could approximate Spider-Man 2099's look, so I ran with it. His "hero disguise" costume gets a little closer, but there was no way to make the forearm spines red. After running the cape mission, I added an approximation of the airfoil webbing. Later, I met a pretty good Venom and decided to use a spare slot to give O'Hara a symbiote costume of his own. Once I got him to L24 and unlocked the Night Widow path, I decided to take this character seriously and moved him off Freedom.
Mike O'Hara was working on one of the lesser subsidiary projects that tied into the creation and refinement of the Arachnoids, when he had a lab accident. The changes were very minor, but enough to intrigue Ghost Widow, who saw potential in the young scientist's new psychic awakening and recruited him to the Widows. Of course, if his mutations continue, he might end up having to transfer to the Tarantulas.....
Battlecry: I do whatever a Widow can.
Penny Gunn Hero Magic Tanker Ice Ice Leaping, Arctic Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2 (only tweaked the comet), Ultra Mode! and Mega Mode!, Formal Outfit, Hero TV Armor, VIP Veteran Reward Ice Armor. Penny is a "k-girl", an anthropomorphic female verison of a kaiju, based on my penguin kaiju Pengonn. She's the first character on whom I used the tailor, since I decided that the comet symbol I originally used wasn't very good. And since she started on the same server as Sharon, I was able to spread some of that riddle Influence around. Her second costume is mostly just turning her existing one as red as possible for the "Ultra Mode" from Monsterpocalypse, and making her hair longer. Thanks to a friend who was getting out of the game, I got a bunch of the Halloween salvage and got Penny a third costume slot ahead of L30, so made the Mega form's "candy corn" look. When I get her to L30, I may give her a Quantum form. I used one of the holiday event free server transfers to move her to Pinnacle from Virtue, so she could join an ice-themed subgroup of my Pinnacle Super Group, Heroes ex Miscellanea. My second character overall, but not my first "native" to Pinnacle. Eventually I want to get her the Roman stuff, but while I wait I used the fifth costume slot to make a suit inspired by the Hero TV designs of the anime Tiger & Bunny. The IDF costume pieces dominate it. After a while, I finally got her up to L50. And since I already had a L50 tanker on Pinnacle, I moved her again, to Guardian.
You know how some people go on spirit quests and get a totem animal? A wolf, a squirrel, a bear...that sort of thing. Penelope got a giant space penguin. And now that it's aware of Earth, it's on its way here, but she has until 2026 to get ready to stop it.
Battlecry: (an earsplitting SQUAWK!)