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Updated: August 30, 2012

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    Fairly half-hearted colonization at first, I didn't even make a villain as one of the first two characters. But then later on it took off, and has sort of become my ASH server. I later moved a few LNH/Superguy inspired toons to Protector instead.
Kiryu-kun (Force Fields/Energy Defender), Phthian (Fiery Melee/Shield Defense Scrapper), Jen Kleinvogel (Broadsword/Willpower Stalker), Professor Waxman (Demon Summoning/Pain Domination Mastermind), Boss Taurus (Dual Pistols/Mental Manipulation Blaster), Von Klank (Electric Armor/War Mace Tanker), TerraStar (War Mace/Invuln Brute), Project STRAFE (Energy Blast/Kinetics Corruptor), Operative Archangeli (Arachnos Soldier), Solar Max (Peacebringer), Rechtigkeit (Elec/Elec Blaster).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Kiryu-kun Hero Technology Defender Force Fields Energy Blast Flight
Picture 1, Tweaked costume. Kiryu, the 1:144 scale prototype Mecha-Godzilla, was one of my characters on the old Crucible City MUX. When I found a friend of mine pretty much only played on Justice, I decided to make a couple of characters there so I'd have a chance of teaming up with him, and Kiryu-kun was one of the ideas I was kicking around at the time. The original Kiryu was made to fight an invasion from parallel-world Nazis, but Rikti made more sense as a motivation in City of Heroes. The modified costume takes advantage of some Cyborg Booster pieces.
In 2002, a lot of desperate plans were put into motion to fight the Rikti invasion. In Japan, government scientists planned to assemble a gigantic war machine using leftover supervillain tech, but they only got as far as the 1:144 scale proof of concept before Omega Team's sacrifice made the full-sized mech unnecessary (and politically dangerous). However, Project Kiryu (machine dragon) was self-aware by this point, and managed to get himself legally emancipated. He traveled the world fighting evil, but he really wanted to go fight the Rikti he was made to fight. Along the way, he acquired a humanoid exosuit that makes it easier to deal with humans...in reality, he's a 40cm long mechanical serpent-dragon who acts as the spine of the mecha suit. His Gravity Lance can project waves of tidal destruction or encapsulate anyone he chooses in a protective...or restrictive...field.
Battlecry: Meerp!
Phthian Hero Magic Scrapper Fiery Melee Shield Defense Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2, Costume 3, Costume 4 Another Crucible City MUX character translation, this of my main character Myrmidon. However, the name Myrmidon was taken on all servers, so I settled for renaming him Phthian, after the region Phthia where the legendary Myrmidons came from. It took a few tries to get the costume right ("Costume 3" is the "real" version) because I had to earn the toga costume piece to really get it to work, and I was kinda rushed in my first use of the toga. Given the way the costume creator works, I think I got pretty close to the original. His powers would be better modeled with Energy Melee, but Fiery Melee is the only set that lets you make an energy sword (and not even the unlockable broad swords and katanas have energy blades, they just look like it). Costume 4 further tweaks the look with Barbarian armbands and forearm guards.
Sam Parsons was an Applied Classics major at the University of Chicago when he was accidentally exposed to the Essence of the Furies and infused with a small portion of the power of the gods. This happens to more Applied Classics majors than U of C would like to admit. He briefly heroed under the name Myrmidon, but when he moved to Paragon City he found the name already in use there, so he renamed himself the Phthian, after the region of ancient Greece where the Myrmidons originated.
Battlecry: Nika!
Jen Kleinvogel Hero (Originally Loyalist, then Resistance) Technology Stalker Broadsword Willpower Flight
Powers Division Uniform, Golden Swan outfit Jen Kleinvogel is one of the characters from my Academy of Super-Heroes setting, who can fly via means of an antigravity sheath that also renders her mostly invisible. I'd designed a costume for her before (although the .costume file was lost in the Great Crash of 2010), but given how awkward the use of Flight and Concealment pools turned out to be for K-Type, I didn't really feel like trying to play her. However, once Going Rogue made it possible to create a heroic Stalker, I realized I could manage Jen...especially since I had recently made her more of a swordswoman in the stories. Other than adding the nifty Praetorian Police visor to this version, it's still all stuff that can be done with the default costume pieces, just improved a bit by some lessons I learned over time. She started out Loyalist on the Responsibility path (i.e. a Good Cop), but I decided to have her switch to the Resistance (Warden) path at the end of the Imperial City arc. I took advantage of her Stalkery nature to sightsee some in Neutropolis and get all the possible "enemy defeats" badges before heading for Paragon City as a Hero. The "Golden Swan" outfit is taken from the stories in ASH #84-85 where the original Jen Kleinvogel was trapped in ancient China.
With a name that means "little bird" it was probably inevitable that Jen would dream of flying. And now that she can generate a sheath around herself that not only renders her partially invisible but also negates gravity, her dreams have come true. Too bad Praetoria is as much nightmare as dream, a fact that's become increasingly apparent during her time in the Powers Division. Lacking inborn offensive powers, she's trained extensively with swords, and uses her stealthy powers to let her get close enough to make a single strike count.
Battlecry: (none)
Professor Waxman Loyalist (Weasely) Science Mastermind Demon Summoning Pain Domination (none yet)
Costume 1 Okay, I was transferring a friend's subtitle of Dirty Pair: Project EDEN over to DVD and decided Professor Wattsman/Waxman would make a good Demon Summoner. I've always preferred Waxman, and since Wattsman is the "official" one, this puts me a little farther away from IP violations. His battlecry is the last thing Wattsman says in the movie, at least one translation of it.
They laughed when he claimed to have found a way to modify humans to survive in the outside world where the Devouring Earth ruled. And they screamed in horror when they saw the results of his "Environmental Displacement by Evolutional Necessity" project. Yes, his modified humans were quite hardy, and had unique abilities seen nowhere outside the Powers Division. But they also made Ghouls look handsome and sociable by comparison. But to Waxman, they were beautiful. And if maybe he took some shortcuts while conducting research in a secret lab on the island of Cap Au Diable, and tapped into a strange power under the island, no one had to know.
Battlecry: The new humanity is here!
Boss Taurus Villain (formerly Resistance: Crusader) Mutation Blaster Dual Pistols Mental Manipulation Leaping
Partial Mutation, Full Mutation, Rogue Isles outfit. With an add-on pack full of animal parts coming, I knew I had to devise something to take full advantage of this. I decided to go with the minotaur look, and since the binomial name of cows is "Bos taurus" I decided to go with a crime boss type with a bull head. I picked Justice because it was a fairly active server that I hadn't filled up yet and that wasn't Freedom. :) The first two costumes are my attempt at a Syndicate outfit, given that monstrous legs don't have the specific Syndic pattern. Sadly, animal heads can't wear hats, so the full 30s gangster look won't be possible once he hits the Isles. The "partial mutation" was from squatting the name pre-beast pack. Oh, and I went with a Blaster rather than a Mastermind because I already have Professor Waxman on Justice and I'm not in a Mastermind mood very often.
There's two main paths to advance in the Syndicate: mastery of weapons, or mastery of the mind. Generally, it's not possible to split one's focus and learn both well enough to be useful to the Syndicate, but once in a while someone will try. They generally fail, unless they have an edge, something to make them special. And when that something special is an experimental mutagen...well, success comes with a price as well. Now calling himself Boss Taurus, a pun on the scientific name of the bull, this Syndicate member has decided that maybe he doesn't fit in very well with the organization. He's heard rumors of a way out of Praetoria, to a world where he can find his own fortune. And as his mutation seems to be progressive, it won't be long before he can't even pretend to be human anymore....
Battlecry: "The only red I see is your blood."
Von Klank Hero Magic Tanker Electric Armor War Mace Leaping
Human Form, Steamclank Form Another of my Crucible City/Crucible Element MUX characters, Clank could turn into a steampunky mech. When I heard about the Steampunk Pack coming, I decided it'd be a good time to try to adapt Clank, hoping that there'd be more clockwork pieces. Alas, it was not to be, the pack is more about pseudo-victorian clothing. Still, that let me do the human form, and I was able to put together the mech form out of other parts. Steam Jump + Ninja Run = Wheeeee!
Troy Bergmann always had an affinity for brass and iron and steam, becoming known in Chicago as a kinetic artist with a steampunk flair. But on his 25th birthday, his father revealed that the family had Kobold blood in it...not the goofy monsters from fantasy games, but the old Germanic faery with a talent for working magic into metal. Already he has started to channel the power of the Earth's ley lines, and he's started to experiment with transforming himself into a construct of brass...although it takes a lot out of him. He acts like his powers from from various devices, but that's just to fool anyone who may capture him into underestimating him.
Battlecry: (hiss of steam)
TerraStar Villain Magic Brute War Mace Invulnerability Leaping
Armored Costume, Civvies, "Deep Armor" variant, Roman Armor. Once I discovered that the name TerraStar was already taken on a couple servers, I grabbed it on Justice and rushed a character in. To my chagrin, she sat with "Placeholder" as her info all the way to L17, oops. Another character based on someone from my Academy of Super-Heroes setting. The original has earth powers, but I didn't like the look of Earth Armor for this, so I went with Invulnerability. I suppose should she get to L41, I could take Earth Mastery. I used her to create the CSV as a Villain Group, and all my other villains on Justice joined (with help from people willing to temporarily join and do invites).
Polla Hectrix Termiddo was sent to this backwards dimension as a test of her worthiness to succeed her father, the Emperor. Clearly, this wasn't meant to be an easy test, although she suspects that he did not send her on the mission of conquest that is the standard test of an Imperial Heir. No, she is to find some other way to prove herself, some other path to power, otherwise she can never go home....
Battlecry: Amusing world you have here.
Project STRAFE Villain Technology Corruptor Energy Blast Kinetics Flight
Armor 1. I took the Triton costume I designed for Carnivore X's Derek Radner cosplay and recolored it to the "original" armor in the ASH "Curseworld", then rewrote it to fit in City of Heroes.
He knows he must have had a name once, but the psych-conditioning of the Superhuman Tactical Resource: Augmented Force Exosuit program, or Project STRAFE, scrambled his personal memories. The Crey laboratory where he was created was destroyed in a superhero raid, so any chance there might have been of finding out who he was went up in flames. On the other hand, it also erased all records that proved he owed anything to Crey, so he's a free agent, bonded to a powerful suit of armor...with no instruction book.
Battlecry: Let's see what this does!
Operative Archangeli Villain Natural Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Soldier Training and Gadgets Leaping
Wolf Spider Armor, Conclave Uniform. And another CSV'er from ASH modded to fit City of Heroes. "Rebus" was taken, so I went with Operative Archangeli. And there's no +/- chest symbol, so his second costume stole the Eye of Horus from Devlin Marx. This guy will definitely be a Bane Spider. His cutscene bind is to say "(image of scissors) + (image of ocean) + N!" (Cutscene). His battle cry is "D+eye, (row of He)" or "Die, hero!"
Lorenzo Archangeli picked up the nickname "Rebus" during his Arachnos training, due to his love of puzzles. That passion extended to hacking his way into any system that would let him in, which may explain why he's a Destined One now. Lorenzo dreams of serving ancient gods, or even joining their number...and given what he's been able to discover about the Well of Furies, he might get that wish.
Battlecry: D+(eye), (He-He-He-He)!
Solar Max Hero Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura None
Armor, "Dress Uniform", Improved Armor, Vanguard Armor, Cimeroran Armor, Ding50!. Well, as you can tell by the cheatydot in there, I wasn't the first one to get the idea to name a character Solar Max on City of Heroes. Probably not even the first Peacebringer. But when I unlocked Kheldians, I decided I wanted to try to make the Solar Max outfit and use that ID for my first Flying Spaghetti Hero. A proper Solar Max armor has the yellow stripe on the left side rather than down the center, but City of Heroes is sorely lacking in simple patterns (see Enforcer 1003, for instance). The "Dress Uniform" is a "formal" outfit for when armor isn't really appropriate, and getting Going Rogue gave me access to a bunch of other armor pieces that let me improve on the looks of the armored costume (although I kept the old one around too). A lot of Overguard and Alpha pieces. Turns out a mid-20s level Peacebringer dies a lot on solo Tip missions. Solar.Max was present for the Rularuu Proposal Event in November 2010. The Vanguard armor was based on the original suit (and is more bulky), while the Cimeroran armor was based on the improved suit. In December 2011, I moved him to Exalted, where "Solar Max" was available without the dot in it. And then in January 2012 I decided I didn't need an imported high level toon on Exalted and moved Solar Max to Justice with the rest of my ASH-inspired toons. He hit L50 at the end of Double XP Weekend in March.
Despite all the super-tech and magic out there, sometimes the cutting edge of exploration involves normal humans. Jack Taylor was an astronaut flying an experimental warp craft on a shakedown around the Solar System when he ran into a dying Kheldian, who had in desperation thrown itself at near the speed of light towards what he hoped was an inhabited world...hundreds of years ago. Thanks to time dilation, only a few months passed for Ragged Heliopause, but if Jack hadn't been in the right place at the right time, the Kheldian would still have died. The bonded entity knows that this may be the last lifetime for his Kheldian half, but he can't just hide away when the Nictus roam free on this world. Jack has a lot of learning to do about being a superhero, and Ragged Heliopause has centuries of catching up to do regarding the struggles against the Nictus.
Battlecry: Here comes the Sun!
Rechtigkeit Hero Mutant Blaster Electrical Blast Electricity Manipulation Flight
Costume 1, Sofie Rasch version, Silver Age version Rechtigkeit aka Justice (the German translation) is one of my rare "flagsuit" concepts. In my ASH setting, Colin Shaw is the third to wield the axe and bear the name, although he goes by Justice rather than Rechtigkeit, so this City of Heroes version is more of a mix of him, the 1970s version (his ghost is visible in this picture, he's 8-9 feet tall so the axe looks small), the 1990s version and Colin from the 2020s (no picture). A former Vogue Ghoul (the term for European paragangers) called Sparker, he's mostly a blaster with an axe, so once I got the Ghost Slaying Axe as a veteran reward, I decided to try making a CoH version of the idea, making him a former Shocker a la the Outcasts. His background was getting a bit wordy, so I didn't put in anything about wanting to fight the newly returned 5th Column, but I figure that as a modern German patriot he'd have no love for Nazis. This could be painful in a second. His second costume is meant to be an approximation of 1990s one linked above, I may reuse it on an Axe Tanker later on. The third was as close as I could get to the 1970s version. Later moved from Virtue to Justice to be with my other ASH-inspired toons.
The Outcasts are, by name, purely a Paragon City problem. But mutants are appearing all over the world, with most major cities having at least a few small gangs similar to the Outcasts. Colin Shaw, son of British expats in Berlin, was one such mutant, falling in with a small gang and quickly ending up in prison. He served his time and genuinely turned around, deciding he would be Germany's version of the Statesman. Someday. First, though, he needs experience, and what better place to get it than in Paragon City? (Note: "Rechtigkeit" means "Justice" in German.)
Battlecry: For justice!