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Updated: July 25, 2012

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    A server I originally put characters on pretty much just in case, although I later found out that my Pinnacle crew had a goofy "Darque" SG here. That died off, but the Buns (Incredible Lag, Firebuhnee, etc) are also big on Liberty and I moved a few higher level toons here to be able to play with them in taskforces and stuff.
Buckler Spoach (Martial Arts/Willpower Scrapper), The Aquamarine Golem (Stone Melee/Shield Defense Brute), The Missing Lincoln (Willpower/Mace Tanker), Bright Girl (Peacebringer), Troll Booth (Thugs/Dark Miasma Mastermind), Blast Bannion (Electric Control/Energy Assault Dominator), The Mad Bun (Mind Control/Storm Summoning Controller), Terra-Rize (Mind Control/Earth Assault Dominator), Server Wench (War Mace/Super Reflexes Brute), Red MacIntosh (Titan Weapons/Willpower heroic Brute).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Buckler Spoach Hero Natural Scrapper Martial Arts Willpower Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2 It's Spuckler Boach from Mark Crilley's Akiko comics and novels, spoonerized both for copyright reasons and because the peg leg is on the wrong side. This is the first time I started a character in Galaxy City since my first mont, since I made him up in the afternoon (home from work lightly ill) and didn't figure I'd find much in the way of sewer teams, so I ran through the Council-based lowbie arc in GC. And Back Alley Brawler's mode Buckler's speed anyway. (For reference, Beeba is too inhuman to make, and even 15-year-old Akiko is insufficiently "developed" for the minimum slider sizes). The second costume has him as he dresses when hanging out with his "darque" Supergroup. He doesn't really get grim and gritty, but he heard that sunglasses and trenchcoats were involved.
Buckler's a free-wheeling, adventurous rogue ("Good-for-nothing shiftless drifter, more like." "Shaddup, Eebs.") whose ramblings have brought him to Earth. Not on purpose...he prefers interesting planets, and everyone knows interesting planets have interesting shapes. Spheres are boring. But the XT-34-Z Crepuscular Module on his ship broke down and Earth was the only place he could get to before his jury-rigged repairs gave out. While his faithful robot Xag tries to find a replacement part on this boring sphere world, Buckler's out to see if there's anything interesting to do on "Earth".
Battlecry: NOW we're gettin' somewhere!
The Aquamarine Golem Villain Magic Brute Stone Melee (crystal) Shield Defense (gemstone) Flight
Costume 1 I just had a whim to make a flying shield defender (my only other Shield character to date is a teleporter), and this came out of the fiddling around with powers and costume elements. The "stone" skins don't really work for gemstones, and I'm a bit surprised that the addition of crystal effects to the various stone powers wasn't accompanied by crystal skins. So I faked it with sheer bodysuit and the Baroque pattern.
The gemstone aquamarine has long been thought to have a healing effect on shattered psyches. That was the theory, at least, when a member of the Legacy Chain built a golem of the stone in an attempt to create a mobile "psych ward" that could travel to areas where trauma was occurring and soothe the minds of the victims. And it worked pretty well at first, but the mage didn't realize that the golem wasn't so much healing the psychological damage as it was ABSORBING that damage. Eventually, it was all full up and left to take out its insanity on whatever was foolish enough to get in the way.
Battlecry: Let me share the pain....
The Missing Lincoln Hero Natural Tanker Willpower War Mace Leaping
Costume 1 My friend @foomf is part of a gag supergroup called Log Cabin Fever, populated with various Lincolns (he's Ape Lincoln, for instance), and given that Lincoln and Charles Darwin share a birthday I decided to combine the two ideas. Yeah, this is a gag character, but it's not like I'm hurting for space on this server. :) I tried the "spiky" beard as being closer to Lincoln's no-mustache beard, but it didn't really look right. And having no beard looked too Hyde-ish. Member of Log Cabin Fever.
Four score and seven millennia ago, our founding fathers used clubs to brain anyone who gave us lip. The Missing Lincoln thinks it's time to go back to simpler, honest politics and simply bash in skulls until people behave themselves.
Battlecry: With malice towards some!
Bright Girl Hero Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura Fitness
Costume 1, Civilian outfit, Fancy dress outfit, Vanguard armor, Space Suit. This is another Akiko comic homage character, based on the Bright Girl costume I made for teenaged Akiko back in 2007. As with Buckler Spoach, I tweaked the name a bit to avoid Mark Crilley having to worry about the EULA issues. And for those who know from Akiko, her battle cry is in Tooglian. The civvies were my best approximation of how Akiko dressed in "The Missing Misp". She was the first character I got an Anniversary Title for, and thanks to how the anniversary event was structured she got the Oroborous Portal power at level 11. :)
Through a series of events she claims no one would believe anyway, Tsukiko actually met and bonded with a Kheldian on an alien world several lightyears away. She also claims to have met a man named Buckler Spoach on that planet, and while he's gotten himself stranded on Earth recently, the two of them never seem to manage to run into each other.
Battlecry: (warbling alien language)
Troll Booth Villain Science Mastermind Thugs Dark Miasma Fitness
Costume 1 There was a thread on the City of Heroes Livejournal community punning on various villain group names, and I decided to participate via a character. Since I already had Missing Lincoln, it only made sense to make a villain based on John Wilkes Booth. Revolvers looked reasonably close to a period gun, so I went with Thugs Mastermind. His outfit is all grayscale because the only reference photos Carl could find were in black and white. :) His thugs are or will be named after people involved in the conspiracy and escape, starting with Peanuts and Eddie. Since there's several Sams (including Sam Mudd), I kinda ran out of names, and will call the Bruiser "Ford" if I get that far.
Once, Carl Booth was just a punk running 'Dyne on the fringes of Atlas Park. But then The Missing Lincoln tore into his crew and smashed Carl into a crate of the drug. When Carl came to in the infirmary in the Zig, he found he had become a troll, more or less, although with somewhat unusual abilities. And it was all Missing Lincoln's fault! Someday, he's gonna put a bullet in the back of Missing Lincoln's neanderthal head, and as more of his old gang get out of the Zig he reassembles the crew to help him with that goal.
Battlecry: Sic Semper THIS!
Blast Bannion Loyalist/Responsibility Science Dominator Electric Control Energy Assault Flight
Full Costume, Without jacket and cowl, Bubble Helmet Hey, the sound effects of Electric Control are WAY too much like something out of Flash Gordon for me to resist this idea for long. His skin is blue to imply that he's actually an Outcasts-style mutant whose latent powers were triggered by his Science!-style origin. The specific timing was spurred by the "Try Praetoria for free" weekend in October 2010, I had the idea of making a character to hang out and help any newbies. Ended up not getting any bites, though, but did spend some time resting in the, um, arms of Praetor Tilman.
Part of a secret rocketry project in the 1930s, Reginald "Blast" Bannion was a hotshot pilot who successfully got a ship to the edge of space...and then fell into a wormhole. His rocket emerged in the distant future of 2010, and he found he'd been changed by the wormhole energies...a good thing, since he crashed in the wilds of Praetorian North America. He was able to hold off the Devouring Earth with his newfound powers long enough for the patrol dispatched to investigate the crash to arrive, and he's settled in to the shining future of Praetoria. His oddly tinged skin draws some stares, but the natives of this brave new world were quick to accept him.
Battlecry: Great guns!
The Mad Bun Hero Magic Controller Mind Control Storm Summoning Leaping
Medieval Cosutme, Victorian Costume, (Illusory) Mecha Armor. Pau Henoa, the Mad Bun, is a character from Rachel Hartman's Amy Unbounded comics. This is...very closely inspired by him. I've drawn him before, it's in black and white because the Mad Bun only ever appears in B&W comics. Made to hang out with a number of bunny-themed characters on Liberty. Costume 2 is a pointless exercise in Steampunkery.
A trickster spirit out of forgotten legends, or a mischevious apprentice looking to pass himself off as a god no one's heard of? The Mad Bun could be either, or even both at the same time!
Battlecry: Bored now....
Terra-Rize Villain Mutation Dominator Mind Control Earth Assault Flight, Fitness
Costume 1 My first "reroll", taking the basic idea of a character and trying again with different power sets and choices. Since TerraRyze, Dominators got access to Earth Assault (which woulda been nice for him), but I decided to go for Mind Control as a Primary. Of course, I used the Terra costume pieces from the Martial Arts Super Booster. :) The bio note is different from the original's, but retains the "really bad day" theme. Later moved from Virtue to Liberty to make room for Punchberry on Virtue.
He no longer remembers his original name, or much of his old life, but that's probably for the best. As far as he can piece together, he was once a Brick in the Outcasts before Crey decided he'd make a great test subject for a new Superadine variant they were working on. Then the Circle of Thorns attacked the lab and spirited him away to use as a sacrificial subject, but when a group of Peacebringers stumbled across the ceremony, it misfired and merged him with the Nictus Shard of a Void Slayer who had been hunting the Kheldians. And he may have stumbled into a vat of Hamidon goo as he fled the site, he's not sure. In any case, his skin is now stone and he has a strange mix of powers vaguely related to his original Brick powers...plus the power of the mind. He's decided revenge would be nice, if only he could decide who to go after first!
Battlecry: Revenge for whatever it was!
The Server Wench Rogue Technology Brute War Mace Super-Reflexes Flight, Fitness, Teleport, Leviathan
Costume 1, with Software Pirate, Ladybug Armor, Ladybug Armor with wings, Costume 1 with Rocket Boots, Vanguard costume, Barbarian outfit, Ding 50!, Imperial Dynasty robes, Incarnate Costume. Inspired by an overheard comment from a RPG, talking about "server wenches" instead of "serving wenches", and I realized she'd make a good foil to a friend's character on Guardian, the Software Pirate. Once I got her to L20, I decided to push the ladybug motif all the way and gave her power armor, using the insect wing patterned cape, but I later got the insect wing costume piece and swapped out. She's the first character I tried using "personal base items" on, but not without problems. She has discovered that the Council has fallen on hard times, judging from the results of breaking up a weapons deal they were running in Brickstown. After putting a few eyes out she got Blinky, her Rularuu hammer. I later moved her to Liberty, after Guardian activity pretty much died off for me. I made her a Rogue and then got her to 50 where alignment doesn't matter as much because everyone's doing co-op trials. She picked up a scurvy crew along the way.
Once a mild-mannered (okay, rather snarky) IT professional at Crey, she suffered through one too many stupid users who left security wide open and let heroes and villains alike steal secrets. Grabbing a wrench from the janitor's closet, she brained the sales department idiot who'd pushed her over the edge, and started a new career as a freelance IT support expert and thug. She particularly likes working for Arachnos, as her contracts allow her to beat lusers senseless if she deems it necessary to the improvement of network security.
Battlecry: "Password" is not a password!
Red MacIntosh Hero Natural Brute Titan Weapons Secondary Willpower Leaping
Regular clothing, winter outfit Yes, another pony, this one based on Big MacIntosh of the Apple clan. I decided to make this rather than recreate my Beta server Titan Weapons character Goldion.
Red is from a family of abnormally strong farmers in Western Massachusetts. Some suspect something in the water, possibly due to fallout from superhuman battles spreading outside of Paragon City into the surrounding area, but none of the MacIntoshes test positive for any of the usual superpower origins, despite many of them having tails. They're just really strong and tough. "Big Red" has decided to see if he's strong enough to make it in Paragon City, although he plans to return to the orchard in time for the harvest. Still, plans change....
Battlecry: Eeeeyup.