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Updated: September 16, 2012

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    The third server I went to, attracted by the chance to join a supergroup run by a friend of mine from the Legion of Net.Heroes. Because of the easy access to a small and collegial group on both hero and villain sides, this is my "vacation home" server, if you will, and it ended up being the first server I filled up to 11 slots, although I missed the August 2010 free server transfers that I would have used to move a few of these out.
Enforcer 1003 (Inv/SS Tanker) α, Kazengar (Elec/Energy Brute) α, Dee Spoiler (Assault Rifle/Radiation Corruptor), Nyxi (Warshade), Operative Brubaker (Arachnos Soldier), Yinlong (Electric Armor/Dual Blades Tanker), Branefreeze (Psychic Blast/Ice Manipulation Blaster), Synap-Tick (Electric Control/Psionic Assault Dominator), Flying Nightingale (Empathy/Dual Pistols Defender) α, Panzerwulf (Electric Armor/Electric Melee Tanker), Qisxa (Ice Control/Thermal Radiation Controller), Z Special (Katana/Willpower Brute hero), Gladiataur (Willpower/Staff Fighting Tank), Fineas (Traps/Beam Rifle Defender).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Enforcer 1003 Hero Technology Tanker Invulnerability Super-Strength Flight, Fighting, Body Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2, Costume 2 in SG mode with aura, Roman Outfit, Vanguard Costume 1, Vanguard Costume (completed), Chibi Drawing, My Little Pony version, Imperial Defense armor. Enforcer 1003 is a character from my RoboMACs RPG's Exodus setting. The original has a horizontal stripe across the chest, a 1003 serial number over where the heart would be on a human, a more dome-like helmet (think Juggernaut) and a gun-arm. But this got reasonably close. I made him because I was tired of server lag on Virtue, but no one I knew had characters on Champion, so I asked around to see where people actually were, and the ones who answered mostly said Pinnacle. After so many mystic arcs, I decided he needed a trenchcoat. He's also become something of a temporary power hoarder, as seen here. Also, ow. And whoog. He did finally finish the Imperious Task Force, and was my first character to hit L40. Being in an active SG really helps. He was not, however, my first L50. Rather, he was my third L50. :) In attempting the Mender Silos Taskforce, he spent a lot of time in the fail boat. Once Vanguard pieces stopped being all that special, I replaced his Vanguard outfit with someting dominated by Imperial Defense pieces with a little bit of Ascension.
From a shard where Artificial Intelligences conquered the world, Enforcer 1003 was a guinea pig for an experiment that attempted to duplicate the human rebellion's interdimensional power source (Enforcers being at the bottom of the robotic heirarchy), and he ended up in Paragon City. However, his programming doesn't include conquest: the Enforcer series is all about maintaining law and order. So, once he'd downloaded the local laws and orders, he set about doing his job. He misses the orderliness of his home reality, but he's not one to complain. He did symbolically break with his past by replacing the horizontal red band across his torso with a vertical one. Hey, for his people, that's a pretty radical fashion statement.
Battlecry: You have five seconds to comply.
Kazengar Villain Technology Brute Electrical Melee Energy Assault Flight, Teleportation, Mu Mastery
Costume 1, With "Jet Scrander", With Lady Lawful, with cape, Getter Dragon style, Gaiking style, Getter Liger style, Getter Poseidon style, Updated Gaiking, Updated Getter Liger. Yes, an obvious lift of Mazinger, made so that I'd have a villain on Pinnacle as well. This is as close as I could get to Mazinger without buying the cyborg pack that reportedly has the round shoulders. Well, I could also have made him black instead of dark blue, but I was using a toy for reference and it was dark blue. I tried a bunch of options for the head in the Getter Robo 1 riff, but settled on te longhorns and dual sat. Between some defensive powers and a few Damage Over Time effects, the Getter Robo design looked really cool after almost being taken out by an ambush. First villain to L50! After Going Rogue, I used new costume pieces to tweak the Gaiking and Getter Liger costumes.
An experimental battle suit simply didn't want to work, and it was all but given up on. But some doomed researcher decided to try bringing magic into the mix...and attracted an evil lightning spirit, which inhabited the armor. The spirit has lost its more mystic abilities, but is more than satisfied with the technological terror it has become!
Battlecry: Thunderfist, GO!
Dee Spoiler Villain Mutation Corruptor Assault Rifle Radiation Emission Flight
Costume 1, Mell Kelly disguise, Retro Sci-Fi Costume This is another K-girl, this time of the canonical Despoiler unit from the Martian Menace. I manage to namecheck most of the Martian units in her note. Her second costume is a cunning disguise as a perfectly harmless human. Not shown (yet, anyway) is the switch to a Vanguard Redding Rifle once I unlocked VG costume parts on my account.
The Rikti are yesterday's news! Dee is here as part of the vanguard of an invasion force massing on Mars! These marauders are out to reap Earth's resources, and hunters like Dee are arriving in their saucers to find the weak spots in Earth's defenses. Powered by and feasting upon radiation, Dee enjoys environments that most humans find hazardous.
Battlecry: (alien gibberish)
Nyxi Hero Warshade Umbral Blast Umbral Aura (no pool yet)
Costume 1, Winter Costume, Task Force Etiquette Costume, Imperial Defense trophy costume. Oh, I'm sure this isn't the first perky Warshade, but I had just gotten the belly shirts for the 9 month Veteran reward, and I didn't want to play a stereotypical emo squid Warshade. Plus I felt that a Nictus that didn't want to stay inside all the way would be a good excuse for the shoulder pet costume piece (she calls her Nictus "Percy"). Not shown is her third outfit, which is basically Costume 1 with earmuffs and the gloves and boots from Candy Cane Salvage. And a scarf. "Task Force Etiquette" is a livejournal in-joke. Someone as asking about etiquette for task forces, and I thought "Task Force Etiquette" would be a cool TF name, but everyone would have to have monocles and fancy dress. I considered the Magic Bolero for this, but I wouldn't have gotten to keep Percy.
Nicole "Nikki" Ramsey was always a bit of a joiner. On more clubs in high school than there were clubs, as far as anyone could tell, but so perky and energetic that it didn't affect her grades. So, when that cute guy on the streetcorner was recruiting for the Council, she figured "why not?" And with the inroads the returned Fifth Column was making, the Council couldn't be too picky. It helped that she'd been in the target shooting and martial arts clubs, so she was already as good as most Nebula troops. And when the call went out for more Nictus fragment volunteers to replentish those depleted ranks, she thought it sounded neat! Of course, when a Nictus fragment met Nikki's personality, it instantly crumbled under the terrible, horrible PERKY. The Warshades ended up accepting the new Nyxi into their ranks, but can they survive her?
Battlecry: Oh, wow, Percy, look at that!
Operative Brubaker Villain Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Soldier Training and Gadgets Flight
Wolf Spider Armor, Hero Disguise 1 (Dirty Angel), Hero Disguise 2 (Pretty Arachnid Soldier Sailor Spider), First three with Crab Spider backpack, Victorian Outfit, Cimeroran outfit, MechaBrubaker. The high concept for this one is Kei of the Dirty Pair as an Arachnos, but Kei has no canonical last name, so the "Operative (last name)" construction wouldn't really work. So I mixed in my Agent Brubaker of I'm With The Government And I'm Here To Help from my Superguy series, to make Kay Brubaker. The first new costume slot you get at L10 for Arachnos Soldiers is in-story a hero costume for a misdirection mission, so I made an homage to Kei that way. I plan to take her on the Crab Spider path for the blasty legs and the cute little spiderlings. Maybe I'll make a Bane Spider someday based on Yuri. The second non-Arachnos costume is a Sailor Moon riff inspired by a "Punish the Embezzlers" mission I had just before hitting L20. "In the name of Arachnos, I punish you!" I suspect anime parody will be her theme. I did make her a Victorian outfit with the Steampunk pack, for the heck of it, but may erase it later if I get a better idea.
Once, Kay Brubaker was just another orphan in Haven House, someone whose dreams were doomed to be crushed by that false crusader, Westin Phipps. But Kay was bright enough to figure out the real score (with the help of some odd Television programs) and she successfully convinced Phipps he'd be better off letting her get a proper education than trying to dispose of her body. By the time she was old enough to leave Haven House, she was one of the few women accepted into the Arachnos Soldier program. Now she's Operative Brubaker. She's with the government, and she's here to help...herself.
Battlecry: No, I'm NOT a Widow.
Yinlong Hero Natural Tanker Electric Armor Dual Blades Leaping
Regular Costume, Jammer Cyborg Costume, Netherworld Scavenger Costume, Revised Jammer, Revised Scavenger. This is Ting Ting from the Shadowfist/Feng Shui game, or as close as I could manage. Given how Ting Ting is treated in the card game (i.e. all effort made to kill her instantly), I figured she drew aggro like a tanker. The faction she's part of in Shadowfist is the Dragons, aka the Silver Dragons, and Yinlong means "silver dragon". :) Dianlong means electric dragon, an extra pun in her "civilian" name. The reason there's no punctuation in her battle cry is that I ran out of characters. She was my first toon to experience Monkey Mode! I later found out that Cyborg Arm 3 lets you put different gloves on the robot and regular arms, and fixed up the scavenger outfit, and I decided to use some Vanguard and Praetorian pieces to tweak the Jammer outfit as long as I was in the tailor.
Long Ting Ting (Americanized to Diane Long) has known about the secret war through time itself since she was a child. Her parents were part of a small group known as the Silver Dragons, heroes who sought to keep any one faction from gaining dominion over time. Most of the Silver Dragons are now dead, but Ting Ting's lifelong training in chi manipulation has given her the power to try to carry on the mission herself, if need be. She knows of the mysterious Menders, and is willing to work with them should they approach her, but she's not sure she trusts them. For now she is the last of the Silver Dragons, or Yinlong.
Battlecry: Back to the Netherworld with you
Branefreeze Hero Mutation Blaster Psychic Blast Ice Manipulation Flight
Costume 1 This one was created simply because I realized I had no blaster to contribute to my Pinnacle SG, plus only one flying character. So, casting about, I saw I hadn't done Psychic Attack yet, and I hadn't really tried using the Bioluminescent pieces, so I sort of threw this one together from bits. Once I decided to go with Ice as a secondary, I knew the theme for the name, but "Brainfreeze" was already taken. If Branefreeze had also been taken, I'd have probably gone for Mr. Brainfreeze or maybe Brainfrieze (and add more patterns to the outfit). A better look at Bioluminescence in action.
A lot of mutants still get to be pretty. Dirk Soames wasn't one of those. Okay, so his exposed brain isn't actually tender or vulnerable, as it generates some sort of force field...but that same field tends to destroy anything he puts on his head, including hoods, hats, wigs, etc. Of course, it's hardly his only inhuman characteristic. Many would have turned to villainy out of bitterness, especially a psi who knows exactly how horrified people are by his appearance, but Dirk's fundamental ethos isn't so easily shaken. And he figures that if he becomes a superhero, odds are better he'll meet a girl who doesn't find his appearance too odd.
Battlecry: I think you should stop.
Synap-Tick Hero Mutation Dominator Electric Control Psionic Assault Leaping
Costume 1 Yes, it's The Tick with brain-electricity powers and a more insectoid appearance. I made this for my regular Sunday night group play so we could all start Praetorians at the same time, and since I didn't need to worry about solo-ability on this toon I went for Electric Control. Oh, unlike The Tick, he's pretty short, at the minimum on the height slider. When the group made it to L20, we decided to all go Hero together.
The effects of the Hamidon War are obvious once you look outside the borders of Praetoria, but they're also visible inside the city, with a small but growing number of mutants who exhibit traits that are clearly non-human. Ken Hartwell is one of those poor unfortunates, growing up in the refugee section of Neutropolis and then moving to the tunnels to hide his appearance when it started to get really weird. But then he started to exhibit real powers, and he decided the Powers Division might be a place he could fit in...or a place where he'd see that his misfortune was the fault of Cole's "utopian" society.
Battlecry: Hey, stop running away!
Flying Nightingale Hero Science Defender Empathy Dual Pistols Flight, Teleportation, Concealment, Psychic Mastery
Action Costume, Civilian outfit, Winter outfit, Press Conference Costume, Cimeroran Armor, WWII Pinup Art, Retro Sci-Fi. One of the regulars on the LiveJournal City of Heroes group proposed a supergroup in which everyone was a World War II hero, either immortal or frozen or timelost or whatnot. Since the nucleus around which this would form already had a tank, a scrapper and a blaster, I decided to go for a Defender, and after doing some messing about on Wikipedia I discovered the Flying Nightingales of the WAAF and I had my idea. Her civilian look is meant to look like Bettie Page, of course. This is my first Defender to make it to Level 30 (and 40...and 50!), I definitely have a better touch with healers than bubblers. The uninked pencils for the pinup piece can be seen here. No dingpic for hitting 50, a jerkwad on the taskforce ran ahead and soloed the AV while I was busy buffing the other players, so I was caught by surprise when the leveling happened.
Dolores Jones served with distinction in World War II as a member of the Women's Air Auxiliary Force, or WAAF. Specifically, she was one of the "Flying Nightingales" who acted as nurses in the air and on the ground. The lone survivor of a crashed rescue flight behind enemy lines in Germany, Dolores was experimented upon by Nazi scientists and gained the power to heal with a touch. She also, unbeknownst to her captors, gained the power of flight, and she used it to escape. Her powers slowed her aging somewhat, but she was still long-retired by the time of the Rikti Invasion. However, due to a chain of events she still doesn't understand, Dolores found her powers starting to return to full potency, along with her youth. Discovering that several other WWII heroes had either remained active or somehow returned to action, Dolores decided to make the most of her second life as the Flying Nightingale.
Battlecry: Here's something to recover from [sic, not enough characters in the field to add punctuation]
Panzerwulf Hero Technology Tanker Electric Armor Electric Melee Leaping, Fighting
Original Look, Patriotic Repaint, Tuxedo, Roman Armor As Flying Nightingale started to outstrip others in We Few, I decided I wanted a second character on the team, for lower level stuff. Since there was no regular tank, I went with that, using my very first 'redeem slot' to go up to 13 characters on Pinnacle. Of course, that "lower level" thing kinda went out the window as I got him up to L25 in one week. Elec/Elec tanks work really well for soloing. Also, free to a good home.
Experiment #514 was part of the very early research that led to the Warwolves during WWII, a wolf who was given enhanced intelligence and other modifications, but who was never actually made humanoid. He served the Nazi cause loyally...because he didn't know any better. When a landmine blew him apart, his head was preserved and kept alive in a jar, for future study. And then forgotten. Drifting in and out of a vague awareness for fifty years, he finally came back to full awareness when the Council started to dig up old projects and work on them. Eventually, his head was grafted onto a series of robotic bodies, acting as a sort of "test pilot" while the robotic OSes were under development, given the codename Panzerwulf ("armor wolf"). When We Few broke into the Striga base in pursuit of Archon Burkholder, Panzerwulf was freed in the chaos, taking with him a body based in part on technology acquired from another reality. Eventually he tracked down his rescuers and joined up.
Battlecry: Ist dog's life in army, ja?
Qisxa Hero Science Controller Ice Control Thermal Radiation Speed
Costume 1 Yes, another We Few member! Since Panzerwulf made it to L35 pretty quickly, I no longer had a "lowbie" on the team. Noticing We Few was rather short on Controllers, and realizing that being part of a regular SG would let me avoid the main problem I have with playing Controllers (poor solo play), I poked around for ideas until I had Qisxa.
During their brief control of the Aleutian islands of Kiska and Attu during World War II, the Japanese situated one of their more speculative supersoldier programs at the base of the Kiska Volcano, using its geothermal power to run the labs. When American forces retook the island, there was no time to move the lab, and it was simply buried. In 2005, a geological survey studying the volcano literally stumbled into the lab, its entrance opened by volcanic activity, and found a single surviving test subject. This man, probably a former member of the Imperial Japanese Navy, could no longer remember his name or past, but he clearly had thermal transfer powers. After a few years of attempted mainstreaming, the Japanese government suggested placing him with other survivors of the era, We Few. (Note: "Qisxa" is the more proper transliteration for "Kiska".)
Battlecry: Give me your warmth.
Z Special Hero Science Brute Katana Willpower Leaping
Costume 1, Toyetic Costume Yes, another member of We Few. When Issue 21 hit, we decided to make a bunch of new characters all at once and run through some of the new content together. I took much of the same origin as American.Eidolon over on Exalted, but took advantage of the proliferation of Katana to Brutes. In fact, this started from wanting to use the rusted blade from Katana, deciding it would need to be some sort of jungle soldier, and after some poking around Wikipedia I settled on a member of the Z Special Unit, an ANZAC-heavy jungle commando unit in WWII. Rather than spend a slot to make this character, I moved Jimmy Nishimura over to Infinity.
One of the few members of the Z Special Unit from WWII to survive to the 21st Century, Bruce Jackson moved to Paragon City in the 1960s and settled down in Galaxy City. Unfortunately, he died in 2009 trying to stop a mugging...it doesn't matter how skilled a commando you were at 20, age takes its toll. Even more unfortunately, his body was stolen by minions of Dr. Vahzilok and salted away for future experiments. Then the Shivan meteor hit, and a combination of its energies and Vahzilok's chemicals restored him to life. Or something like it. Since he seemed unlikely to return to his rest any time soon, he decided to get back in the fight!
Battlecry: Here's how we did it in Borneo!
Gladiataur Hero Magic Tanker Willpower Staff Fighting Leaping
Costume 1 Something I grabbed from my character ideas list because I needed a tanker on Pinnacle at low level on short notice, not sure I'll keep this one.
The Council didn't just send forces to Cimerora, they brought back samples. One such sample was a brutish minotaur they experiemented on in an attempt to improve agility and intelligence, in the process also reducing his size. Of course, he escaped, and now looks to find a place in this strange new world.
Battlecry: You can just salute ME.
Fineas Hero Science Defender Traps Beam Rifle Teleportation
Costume 1, With Team. While I'm not really a fan of Phinease & Ferb per se, I'm sufficiently conversant that when two of my friends made up Platy the Perrypuss and Ferbulicious, I played along and made a Phineas.
"Aren't you a little young to be wandering around Malta bases in the wake of superhero incursions, picking up random bits of technology and reverse-engineering them into various marginally plausible devices?"
Battlecry: Yes, yes I am.