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Updated: July 25, 2012

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    Neither of the first two characters here were actually rolled here, both were free server transfers during January 2010. I later moved several other netfic-based characters here from other servers, and made it my LNH/SG server.
Terra-Ryze (Earth/Elec Dominator), Woody 40 (Spine/Willpower Scrapper), AIM 9 (Fiery Aura/Energy Melee Tank), Per Annum (Mercenaries/Trick Arrow Mastermind), Ben Sidhe (Sonic Attack/Energy Manipulation Blaster), Crazy.Guy (Staff Fighting/Regeneration Brute hero), Lord Ebon (Darkness Control/Darkness Affinity Controller villain), Asterism (Peacebringer), Kopikat (Assault Rifle/Energy Blaster), Skysabre (Dual Blades/Invulnerability Scrapper), Acton Lord α (Radiation Blast/Thermal Radiation Corruptor).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Terra-Ryze Villain Science Dominator Earth Control Electricity Assault Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2 My first trip to redside! This was inspired by an Omega Supreme for Warcraft April Fool's gag and a desire to play with those rock cage things I'd been seeing. Another victim of my not being the first to think of a name, he was originally going to be TerraRize. Also, my first use of respec, since the Salt Crystals power didn't ever work the way I hoped it would. I've since found that Dominators don't fit my play style very well in general, so he's kinda stalled out in the teens. I later used a free holiday event server transfer to move him to Protector so I'd have someone there and be able to check names, and so I wouldn't need to delete him if I wanted more space on Champion. "TerraRyze" was already taken there, so he got renamed Terra-Ryze. I have since re-rolled the concept, and re-respecced this one to have the Leaping pool. He sat parked on a functionally dead-to-me server for a couple year before I dusted him off and figured out he wasn't so bad after all.
The Vahzilok plague. The Lost virus. Superadine. What would happen if an Outcast Shocker were to be exposed to all three of these on the same Very Bad Day? Well, usually the coroner would have a Very Bad Day trying to figure out if what remained had ever even been human. But on at least one occasion, the poor schmuck survived, adding control over the Earth to his elemental electrical powers. And if his sanity suffered some, well....anyone who gets into a situation where they get hit with the Vahzilok plague, the Lost virus and Superadine in the same day probably didn't have a lot of sanity to begin with....
Battlecry: TerraRyze, TERRORIZE!
Woody 40 Hero Technology Scrapper Spines Willpower Speed, Fighting
Costume 1 This is a gag character, based on someone's comment that the WD-40 and duct tape of Paragon City are scrappers and radiation controllers. Think of this as a younger Adam Savage dressed like a WD-40 can. I started it on Freedom because the server is busier and it was easier to put together a sewer team to pop him up to L6, but then I took advantage of free server transfers that were available at the time to move him to Protector, where I didn't have a hero yet. I eventually respecced him to get rid of most of his Spines powers and replace them with Fighting pool.
Woody 40, the hero with a thousand uses! He stops power armor from squeaking, cleans and protects, loosens rusted Clockwork, frees sticky mechanisms and even drives out Hydra!
Battlecry: Well, THERE'S your problem!
AIM 9 Hero Mutation Tanker Fiery Aura Energy Melee Flight
Costume 1, Costume 2 Back in high school I saw a picture of a Sidewinder missile with yellow and red stripes on it, and I designed a flighing rammer/blaster character inspired by that. I later used the design with modifications for the LNH character Sidewinder. On a whim, I decided to see how close I could get to the costume using the City of Heroes generator, but the Sidewinder name had been taken on every server I was able to check (it won't let me check names on servers where I have no characters yet), so I named this one AIM-9, after the military designation of the Sidewinder. Sadly, there's no animation for a ramming attack, so he'll just fly up, stop and punch. I made his Fiery Aura power as invisible as possible, and made his Energy Melee look like red and yellow rings. The second costume was mainly done to try out the Tech Sleek costume set that unlocked at 27 months. When I moved him to Protector, I found that AIM-9 was already taken (he auto-named to AIM-10, heh) so I just took out the hyphen.
When he discovered he could fly into things and explode, he wanted to name himself Sidewinder, after the air to air missile. But there were about seventeen snake-themed heroes AND villains already using that name, and he didn't feel like taking a number for the weekly Name Fights. So he went with the military designation, AIM-9...although he's embarrassed to admit he doesn't know exactly what AIM is an acronym for.
Battlecry: Ain't gonna chaff ME!
Per Annum Villain Natural Mastermind Mercenaries Trick Arrow Flight
Costume 1 I first created Per Annum as a Per Degaton parody mixing in Hercules Grytpipe-Thynne of the Goon Show in my "Crisis on Earth-Goon" parody story in the Legion of Net.Heroes series "Dvandom Force". He should have a dollar sign symbol, but oddly that symbol is not available in City of Heroes. His bio note turned out to work better than I'd thought, given that summoning Mercenaries uses an old-fashioned radiophone.
He brings the technology of World War II to the present in an attempt to conquer the world! Maybe it would have worked better if he'd gone the other way around.....
Battlecry: You'll starve.
Ben Sidhe Hero Natural Blaster Sonic Attack Energy Manipulation Leaping, Leadership
Costume 1, Cold-weather Costume, Costume 1 try two Based on a character from my old Crazy Guy series, I got reasonably close to her old drawing from 1996. For powers, she's really got more of a Controller debuff going on with her sonic scream in the original stories, but there's really no way to hack a martial artist into a Controller, while the "blapper" style lets me give her sonic blasts and a good melee set. Created for @Spectrum's West Coast Defenders SG, which is based on his own Superguy stories. I've also started to make new costumes for existing Freedom toons that fit the archetypes of my Superguy characters, like Skysabre for Izzy. A lot of my Superguy characters are melee archetypes, and I'm already melee-heavy on Freedom, no need to make that worse. Oh, and the (TM) in the battle cry is because Hell was corporate during most of the stories I wrote for her, and it trademarked its name. Once she earned the Greek robe costume piece, I revised her main costume to look a little closer to my original idea.
Mairi Wynn's father was a mercenary who was almost never home when she was young, but when her mother died she ended up in his custody anyway. Becoming something of a mascot for her father's merc outfit, she picked up bits and pieces of fighting skills, but it was when she was left with an old friend of her father's for a few months that she found her true ability. Her father's friend was a former Triad martial arts trainer, and he taught Mairi how to harness her inner chi. Her actual fighting skills are still pretty raw, but she makes up for it with a devastating chi shout.
Battlecry: Ta Hell (TM) wi' ye!
Crazy.Guy Hero Magic Brute Staff Fighting Regeneration Leaping
Costume 1 The character I decided to make as my first Staff Fighting one (I ran him as a scrapper on beta, but decided Brute would work better), and also the first character I actually MADE on Protector rather than transferring him there. Comes from my Superguy series, "Crazy Guy". Someone beat me to Crazy Guy and CrazyGuy on Protector, hence the cheaty period.
Jack is a refugee from a shard where the present-day is dominated by a China straight out of the Romance of Three Kingdoms. His father managed to beat the Monkey King at Mah Jongg, earning him a sip of the potion of immortality and a pretty good copy of the Monkey King's magical staff. Jack inherited the "hard to kill" nature, and when his father turned out to be killable after all he took the staff and fled along the celestial paths, one step ahead of Erlang. When he stopped running, he was in a strange and noisy room in Portal Corps, and he's been settling in to life in Paragon CIty ever since. And even by local standards, he's nuts.
Battlecry: Hey, watch this! Oops....
Lord Ebon Villain Magic Controller Darkness Control Darkness Affinity Flight
Costume 1 Well, Per Annum was my only LNH-ish villain on Protector, and I didn't want to move Acton Lord or Antiochus V off Virtue, so I decided to use the new Darkness sets to make the LNH version of Lord Ebon (as opposed to the ASH version).
Immortality has a price, and that price is often madness. But madness can be liberating, and with freedom from fear or sanity can come a greater understanding of true power. Of course, it can also lead to inconveniences like destruction of the body, requiring a slow rebuilding of power in a new hapless host's shell...but immortality means there's plenty of time to get it right.
Battlecry: I find death...annoying.
Asterism Hero Natural Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura (no pool yet)
Costume 1 This is essentially Constellation from my Legion of Net.Heroes writings as a Peacebringer. I considered a Gravity Dominator, but settled on a Kheld, as the soul-merge thing certainly fit his concept. Created in part to help guide a friend up as he tried out the game, but the guy ended up doing most of his learning on Pinnacle.
Dr. Shelley Percey got her hands on a Nictus fragment, so of COURSE she experimented with fusing its energy to someone. No one important, of course, just one of the many dregs of Cap au Diable. She also happened to have a device that was supposed to extract souls, so she used it on a low setting on her human subject first…waste not, want not! After all, a scientific quantification of the soul would be very interesting. Well, long story short, the results of her experiment wasn't like the Council Nictus at all…more like a true Kheldian Peacebringer in powers, although he "reads" as disturbingly wrong to other Kheldians. Two partial souls fused into one, an entirely new thing. Too bad for Dr. Percey he escaped. She'll just have to make another….
Battlecry: (none)
Kopikat Vigilante Technology Blaster Assault Rifle Energy Manipulation Stealth, Teleportation
Costume 1, Boots changed, Katena outfit, Furry look, Elemental Order suit, Costume 1 revised again, Katena revised. Kopikat has shown up in my Legion of Net.Heroes writing, Superguy, RoboMACs...she bounces around. The Superguy version is explicitly a nanoconstructed copy of the previous version, who was an uploaded human mind in a robot body. So the current one in Superguy is at least a copy of a copy, if not more deeply nested. She should really be a tanker with Invulnerability and a gun-based secondary, but there's no guntanks (or guncannons) in CoH. So I decided her elemental powers got further reduced in this translation. This is what she looks like in Exarchs (my Superguy series), the big boots are because she's made of living marble and would tend to damage floors otherwise. The Katena costume is a rough approximation of what she looked like before the "This" design, although I was never really happy with it and ended up replacing it with a goofy cat-headed look once I got the Beast Pack. And I didn't care for that either, so I used Kat as a testbed for the Elemental Order pieces (and some Roman and Terra helmet bits). I later moved her to Protector with my other RACC characters and got her up a few levels, then moved her to Vigilante, which fits her personality better. I tried the Katena outfit again using electrical crackle pattern on white tights for the marble skin.
Kat Anders is...complicated. Over 120 years old, she started live in the mid 22nd Century on a shattered Earth where one faction of giant robots protected the remnants of humanity from another faction. Since then, she's passed through countless realities (spending significant time in three of them) and her mind has been copied into at least four bodies other than the one she was born in. She knows she's not the original Kat, just a copy. She also knows that this body is weaker than most of those "Kat" has lived in, but computer security in this era is laughable and she simply redirected some kinetic augmenter gauntlets and boots from an Arachnos shipment and learned to hack the Paragon City teleporter network.
Battlecry: Existential angst? What's that?
Skysabre Hero Magic Scrapper Dual Blades Invulnerability Flight
Flash Drives costume, Sig.Lad costume, Season in Crimson costume, Dvandomforce Projector. This character actually started as Izzy Spacecase on Freedom, created because I was trying to figure out which server a friend had created HIS Izzy on. At one point I made a Skysabre costume for him, since I didn't feel like making yet another sword character (I've done this sort of thing elsewhere, like making a Triton outfit for Carnivore X). Having decided to mostly give up on Freedumb, though, I decided to transfer Izzy to Protector and rename him. Turned out my friend's original Izzy was on Protector, so I didn't even need to make a fake one to play the "free rename" trick. Invulnerability isn't quite right for Skysabre (Regen probably would be closer), but it's good enough, especially since I already had the character at L20.
Knowing that you're a copy of a dead man can be a cause for angst, but Skysabre has largely gotten over that little problem and started carving out a new life for himself in a new reality. He's still occasionally caught by surprise when things follow sensible laws of nature rather than dramatic convenience, but all in all he's more comfortable with a world that makes at least a little sense. He retains some of the elemental air powers he wielded in another world, but for the most part relies on a lifetime of training in swordplay and an intimate knowledge of how superheroing works.
Battlecry: Must...reach...end of post....
Acton Lord Villain Mutation Corruptor (of course) Radiation Blast Thermal Emission Flight, Concealment, Psychic Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2, "Victorian" Acton Lord, Vanguard costume, Domo-kun costume, Costume 1 with proper half cape, Roman outfit, DING 50!, Ascension Armor. This is my second-oldest Legion of Net.Heroes characters, the embodiment of the Corruption Force, aka "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" as applied to comicbooks. If he vaguely resembles Doctor Dave, it's because he's based on what I looked like 15 years ago (if in much better shape). He really should have a one-connection cape on just his right shoulder, but those weren't available at the time (I added it once I hit 21 months, though). He started with the Valkyrie cape I got with the Mac Edition booster, but I farmed him up to L24 (it's a corruption of the game, so I almost HAD to) and got him a new cape. The "Victorian" costume looks snazzy just standing there, but his shoulders tend to interpenetrate the top of the cape, which looks bad. A few Mothership raids in a short time got him enough Vanguard Merits to make a proper set of Vanguard armor, and the Domo-kun costume is mainly a joke I put on him because I had a spare slot after ditching the Supergroup that required a unified costume (I never scanned that costume, it wasn't all that interesting). Amusingly, his main role in teams is as healer these days, and it is in that role that he's been fairly successful on ITFs. My fifth character to hit L50, and first "support" type. While I find the Ascension Armor pieces unlocked by endgame content to be tacky, part of Zweig's Law ties horrible fashion sense to corruption, so why not go with a full set? Once I got Antiochus V up to 50, I decided I could move Acton Lord to Protector with the rest of my RACC crew (Antiochus V could be considered thematic for my all-ASH server, but for now he'll be my Virtue villain incarnate).
Once he existed in a shard known as the Looniverse, home of the Legion of Net.Heroes. But he has since escaped that reality and seeks new pastures in "the real world". An embodiment of corruption in his home reality, he finds that he can twist the more prosaic forces of nature in Paragon City, wielding radiation and thermal effects as easily as he once twisted Net and Thread. Still, it will be a while before he figures out exactly how the elements translate.
Battlecry: Power corrupts, I should know!