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Updated: November 22, 2012

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    Odd Lots had a bunch of old COV and COH box sets for cheap, so I got several with the plan of using the codes to get cheap play time. But it turned out that any one kind of box code could only be used once, so I had a few extra codes I couldn't use. I offered them to any friends who wanted to try the game, so I'd get a free month out of referral and they'd get a free month of regular play. The first person to take me up on this randomly started on Triumph, so I made a character there to team with him and show him the ropes. This was the last server I started on specifically to play with a friend, the rest I colonized on general principle.
K-Type (Claws/Willpower Scrapper), Suffra-Jette (Assault Rifle/Traps Corruptor), Aglet (Martial Arts/Dark Armor Stalker), Mike Sounders (Sonic Attack/Mental Manipulation Blaster), Carnot-vore (Ice Blast/Fiery Aura Blaster), ScrapperLOL (Electrical Melee/Regeneration Scrapper), Buggernaut (Super Strength/Invulnerability Brute), Qombat (Kinetic Melee/Regeneration Scrapper), Mindfire.EXE (Fire Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster), John TerraVolta (Elec/Kinetic Tanker), LOPER-2 (Electric Control/Force Field Controller).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
K-Type Vigilante Technology Scrapper Claws Willpower Flight, Concealment, Teleportation, Body Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2, Costumes 1 and 2 with tweaked helmet, Ultraman-inspired costume, Incinerus-inspired costume, Vanguard suit, Roman armor. A friend started playing on Triumph, so I made K-Type to help teach him the game. This design is based on the S-Type and C-Type Shinobis of Monsterpocalypse, a Katar-type. I briefly considered a Zor K-girl, but they all have distinctive blades I wouldn't be able to imitate. He laughs at gravity. Also, he can haz pumpkinhead. His second costume is patterned after the "Grunt" color scheme for Shadow Sun figures, where the original is based on the "Elite" units. Incinerus is a "monster" from Monsterpocalypse from the Elemental Champions faction, a monk that can turn into a giant flame avatar. I had to do the cape mission in order to unlock the Aura mission so that I could get the flaming fists. I decided to move him to Vigilante in keeping with the morally shady side of the Shadow Sun Syndicate. Spoilery pictures of him from the end of Who Will Die? Part 7: 1, 2, 3. He's also one of the high level characters I took to Beta to try out new content, like the never-released Brass Tuesday arc, in which he fought the Nemesis Monstrosity.
This cyborg shinobi is the latest product of the mysterious Sun Industries, part of their GM Project...an attempt to find a way to mass-produce warriors who can face the infamous giant monsters like Babbage or Iron Jack. His twin energized Impervium blades can, in theory, slice through even mystical defenses, and his endocrine system has been amplified to let him ignore pain and recover quickly. Of course, like most prototypes, he may end up functioning in ways totally unplanned-for by his creators.
Battlecry: Die, kaiju!
Suffra-Jette Villain Natural Corruptor Assault Rifle Traps Flight
Costume 1, Now with wings, TO-GA!, Duchess Dire homage. Mainly made to be a leveling pact companion to a Ziggy Stardust pastiche character. It was that or a diamond dog. During the "Drop off canisters of Outbreak" mission, she had to go to Boxhab. She also has apparently developed a startling new power. Oh, and while rocket boots would certainly make more SENSE for her to explain the flight power, I found the Cherub wings and decided to use 'em. She ripped off the wings of a pigeon and spliced them on, maybe? I got her a toga by beating Snaptooth in the Spring Fling event, but she's a little fragile for those missions and died a lot in the attempt. Duchess Dire is the lone female villain from the Spiral Zone cartoon from the late 1980s.
She fights for freedom! Or maybe license. She's a little hazy on the difference, to be honest. And she's more interested in her own freedom than anyone else's. In fact, she's really just interested in getting to shoot whatever she wants, but she really hated high school civics and is determined to make a mockery of what little she remembers of it. She has no powers, unless you count a dogged refusal to accept consensual reality as a power. She also seems to have the ability to dig up weapons no matter where she is, along with the occasional weird device.
Battlecry: For freedom, and stuff!
Aglet Villain Science Stalker Martial Arts Dark Armor Flight, Teleportation
Costume 1, Tinted darkness Yeah, another Question knockoff. Inspired by the JLU line when the Question is being tortured, about aglets. Once I16 hit, I turned his darkness powers into more of a yellow mist.
His purpose is sinister.
Battlecry: (none) (Seriously, why would a Stalker even have one?)
Mike Sounders Hero Technology Blaster Sonic Attack Mental Manipulation Flight
Costume 1, Stallion White disguise, Costume 1 adjusted Based on Mic Sounder the 13th from GaoGaiGar. Both Sonic Attack and Mental Manipulation involve a lot of rings in their FX, so I gave every power a different color mix, to represent his light show. Instead of going with the Cosmo form, I decided to make his second costume an approximation of Stallion White from Gaogaigar, call it a holographic disguise. After getting the Cyborg Pack, I tweaked Mike's main costume.
He's here to save the day with the power of rock and roll, yeah! Various swappable disks give him a variety of abilities that can rattle your bones or mess with your mind, all while entertaining those who aren't his target with a beat they can dance to!
Battlecry: It's awesome!
Carnot-vore Hero Mutation Blaster Ice Blast Fire Manipulation Flight, Concealment, Speed, Blaze Mastery
Costume 1, Demon Clown outfit, Sliderman outfit, Vanguard suit, Roman armor, Incarnate togs. One of my oldest superhero ideas is a guy in primary colors with fire and ice powers. He's been through a lot of names (all of which are taken on all servers, naturally) and a lot of power sets (including a version with light and dark instead of fire and ice). Sadly, the 50/50 pattern isn't available on torso or legs, so I couldn't quite capture the original look. And I ended up going for a pun in the name (Carnot was an early thermodynamicist, and a Carnot Cycle is one of the idealized heat engines). So he's not all that closely related to the original character, but it's not like I've done much with the idea lately anyway (he got way too Gary Stu by the time I was in high school). The Demon Clown is something I made up for Halloween 2010 as a generally scary thing I could slap on any male character but I used Carnot-vore to build it. Similarly, Sliderman is a gag costume and Carnot-vore had a spare slot. I later filled Sliderman's slot with the Vanguard armor, and unlocked the fifth slot to get Cimeroran togs. One of the very few characters I hit 50 on after the announcement of the game ending, but I did get a dingpic.
Like many mutants, Calvin Lord has powers related to heat manipulation. But unlike those who merely generate or absorb energy, he does both. Calvin can draw heat from any target and then emanate it in bursts of devastating flame. He originally wanted a costume that was all red on one side and all blue on the other, but the Icon tailor talked him out of it.
Battlecry: Entropy's on my side!
ScrapperLOL Hero Technology Scrapper Electrical Melee Regeneration Flight
Costume 1, Warez added. While playing K-Type, I meant to comment on the dangers of "scrapperlock" (a tendency for melee characters to lose track of everything around them), but due to a weird typo it came out "scrapperlol". So I decided that I needed to make a reformed Freakshow by that name. Once I came back to him after playing a bunch of Praetorian content, I decided to upgrade him with 'warez' acquired from the new Praetorian immigrants. Not shown is a transitional costume with just the rocket boots costume piece added.
The Juicer known as B1FF had what passes among Freakshow as an epiphany while sitting in the Zig after the Freaklympics: Freakshow got beaten up and sent to jail, heroes got beaten up and sent to the hospital. Hospitals were easier to get out of, leaving more time for "T3H LULZ". So, when he got an early release for actually helping fight off a Circle of Thorns breakout attempt, he registered as a hero. Hey, beating up Warriors and not going to jail for it? BONUS!
Battlecry: YA RLY! LULZ!
Buggernaut Villain Mutation Brute Super Strength Invulnerability Leaping
Costume 1 This is an anthropomorphic version of Xixorax, a monster in the game Monsterpocalypse. Because Xixorax has the "Juggernaut" ability, he's gotten the nickname of "The Buggernaut" from people who don't know what that might also mean. So I worked that into the character background. Of course, the name had already been taken on Champion, where I first tried to make him.
An unstoppable engine of insectile destruction...who has no idea why people keep snickering when he says his name. No, seriously. On the other hand, no one really wants to explain WHY they're laughing at the guy who can throw a Main Battle Tank.
Battlecry: The Monsterpocalypse is nigh!
Qombat Rogue (originally Loyalist) Natural Scrapper Kinetic Melee Regeneration Flight
Costume 1, Rogue Isles Disguise, Vanguard Armor, Villain Group suit, Roman armor, Clubbing outfit. My first Praetorian character, woot! I was tempted to make the outfit a more blatant Naruto riff, and gave in to the temptation when he chose a costume that would let him blend in on Primal Earth. He's based loosely on Kombat from my Modern Knights setting (see here for some other interpretations of Kombat), but the name Kombat was unsurprisingly already taken. Once he hit L20 (and celebrated with the Emperor) he went for the Rogue Isles and started working on shifting to the Rogue alignment. He's not really evil, just a bit self-centered and raised to think that might makes right. Why not make him a Brute? Well, I like the Scrapper class-ability (improved critical hits) better than Rage. His Vanguard Armor is meant to be a Kamen Rider homage, while the VG suit is inspired by Domon Kasshu of Gundam G-Fighter.
Qin Bao spent his early years in Marauder's band of survivors, but while he's drifted away from the old gang, he still remembers a lot of the lessons he learned while on the run from the Devouring Earth. Hit hard. Hit first. Hit fast. And with the Qi powers he has mastered since then, he can generally do all three.
Battlecry: HYAA!
Mindfire.EXE Resistance Technology Blaster Fire Blast Mental Manipulation Flight
Original Body, With Cape I made this up on the spur of the moment because most of my regular supergroup on Sunday nights was unavailable, and the few who were there had just started characters on Triumph. So, rather than get the group's main team of Praetorians all out of whack, I made a new character on short notice, grabbing a few elements I liked from the Praetorian setting and slightly modifying a costume I'd created for someone else. After the evening's play, I went back and made more significant changes, so it wouldn't look like I was ripping off the previous idea. :) Although that didn't stop me from slapping the Impervium Mantle cape on her to match the one her "protoform" modeled in the trailer for the Origins Pack. Mindfire.EXE is an emo Clockwork, acting out because daddy Neutron didn't show her any love.
Neuron devoted a few minutes one day to the possibility of artificial psionics in a Clockwork, inspired by what he was hearing about Metronome. He decided the results were interesting, but not worth replicating, and released Mindfire.EXE with the command, "Find something useful to do." Neuron might not agree with her on what is useful, though....
Battlecry: ATK.ATK.ATK.
John TerraVolta Hero Technology Tanker Electric Armor Kinetic Melee Leaping
Dancing Suit My Sunday night SG decided to expand a bit into Triumph, and since Mindfire.EXE was still in Praetoria and people wanted to go "traditional hero" this time, I dove into my file of character ideas and grabbed this one. I'd actually tried a Blaster version of it on Test a few days before (Elec/Elec) with a different color shirt and no neck chain, just to test out Test. Kinetic Melee really goes with disco dancing.
It's hard growing up on the streets of Terra Volta, not to mention potentially teratogenic. But John's passion for dance has gotten him out into the big city, and the devices he cobbled together from bits of discarded Sky Raider and Freakshow tech let him get into the BIG dance.
Battlecry: Don't touch the hair, okay?
LOPER-2 Hero Technology Controller Electric Control Force Field Leaping
Costume 1 To celebrate signing my contract with University of Nebraska - Kearney, I decided to make a character based on their mascot, Louie the Loper. Of course, I had to go weird, with a mad science-created bot. I also wanted to give Electric Control a shot on a Controller.
Just like every so often a Hall of Fame athlete comes out of an obscure little college sports program, so too do small school engineering programs sometimes yield the next genius in robotics. Larry O'Brien was one such hidden gem, and while his sophomore project LOPER-1 (Larry O'Brien's Prototype Electrokinetic Robot 1) was little better than the typical toys seen in engineering classes, he made a massive breakthrough in his senior year with LOPER-2. Unfortunately, he then went mad and was last seen muttering about how they would all pay. His last sane creation has done his best to do good and keep the scales at least balanced no matter what "dad" does next.
Battlecry: UNK!