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Updated: July 19, 2011

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    Union is probably the most active Eurozone server, being primarily British. It was my second Euro server colonization.
Anneke (Psychic Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster), Agent Roberto (Spines/Ninjitsu Stalker).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Zukunftmensch Anneke Hero Mutation Blaster Psychic Blast Energy Manipulation Flight
Costume 1, Costume 2. Yes, Anneke in the U.K. Not my first pun-based character, won't be my last. Since you can't check names until you make your first character on the server, I worked out a full name that expands on the pun (Anneke "Mab" Ruehl = Anarchy Mob Rule) in case Anneke alone was taken. The initial costume uses a lot of steampunk pack pieces, just because. And because I wanted a look that was different from Suffra-jette's. Her second costume is more of a modern punk look with some Resistance stuff.
Name: Anneke Mabel Ruehl
Program: M.A. Political Science
Thesis Proposal: Oppressive hierarchical government is only made necessary by the fact that some percentage of the population is anti-social. Without this group, humans can efficiently run their own affairs, and government becomes unnecessary and undesirable. The researcher proposes to enter underserved sections of Paragon City and apply negative reinforcement to the anti-social elements, causing them to leave or reform their behavior. The effects will be measured on a quarterly basis by both standard economic metrics and surveys of the affected residential populations. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Battlecry: Welcome to the treatment group!
Agent Roberto Villain Magic Stalker Spines Ninjitsu Leaping
Host 1, Host 2 The We Few players over on Pinnacle decided to create an Axis-themed villain group on Union (since none of us had that server full). After poking at the Wikipedia page for the Axis, I liked the idea of using "Roberto" as a shortening of Rome/Berlin/Tokyo and hit upon the bound oni idea. Each costume is a different person wearing the ring. Host 1 expresses the Oni most purely, while Host 2 lets the teutonic elements shine through. Host 3 will probably look as close to a Council member as I can manage, since a good Roman look will have to wait until L35 or so. Or until the Valentine's event.
Throughout WWII, Allied counter-intelligence hunted a shadowy assassin known only by the codename "Agent Roberto," to no success. Roberto wasn't his name, just a contraction of "Rome, Berlin and Tokyo," since the shadowy killer seemed to have backing from all three Axis superpowers. After the war, he vanished for decades, only to resurface recently in the Rogue Isles. The truth is, Roberto is not a living being at all...he is a Japanese oni bound to a Teutonic relic by the use of rituals in a purloined grimoire that had once been in the Vatican's Forbidden Library! Whoever wears the ring becomes Agent Roberto, their true identity subsumed by the oni. And some poor sap in Mercy Island picked up the shiny bauble....
Battlecry: Goodbye.