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Updated: August 30, 2012

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    Last, least. I moved Vultarr there just to have someone on the server, although I did this before I decided to try to actually play Izzy Spacecase, which is why Freedom is listed last on the main page.
Vultarr (Fire/Mace Tanker), Altered Brute (Energy/Willpower Brute), Taur Baby (Dark Blast/Pain Domination Corruptor), Edvard Munchkin (Sonic Resonance/Sonic Attack Defender), Lee R OYJ-4 (Assault Rifle/Mental Manipulation Blaster).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Vultarr Hero Mutation Tanker Fiery Aura War Mace Flight
Costume 1, Costume 2 I had a dream which ended with Brian Blessed's Vultan in a suit of blue and red semi-anime-styled armor, with a mad-on for robots. So I made him up as a CoH character. What? Unlike some my "made on a whim" characters, though, he hasn't really caught my interest in the long run, and I shuffled him off to Victory to make room on Guardian, same as I did with Terra-Ryze. I did later update his look with different costume pieces. The Barbarian Mace certainly seems to fit better.
Ho! Well met, comrades! Let us go forth and smite the foul soulless robots that infest this fair city! Oh, I suppose the other sorts of vile beings in Paragon City also merit a good smiting, and some of them are soulless as well. What, you say there are heroic robots? Hmmm...if you say so, I will stay the fury of my mace from them, but I will keep a weather eye on them nonetheless.
Battlecry: DIVE!
Altered Brute Villain Magic Brute Energy Melee Willpower Flight
Human, Werewolf, Revised Werewolf, Dragonman Based on the old Altered Beast game. I picked his non-torn costume for the human mode, and designed versions of all the beast modes other than the golden werewolf at the very beginning and saved them for later. Once he gets his self-rez power, I plan to macro it so he shouts "RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!" when he uses it. When the Beast Pack hit, I altered his werewolf mode to look more like the game model.
A Cimeroran traitor brought back from death to...well, he never heard what his mission was supposed to be, because he put his fist through the skull of the person who dragged him from the depths of Tartarus. He's heard there's a way back to Cimerora from this strange new time, and once he finds it he's going to see if the man who killed him is still alive...and rectify that situation.
Taur Baby Loyalist Magic Corruptor Dark Blast Pain Domination Leaping
Costume 1 My SG felt like playing some lowbie Praetorians they had on Victory, so I quickly made one up (the original costume was a placeholder and is not shown) to complement the existing characters, grabbing an idea from a file I keep around for such purposes. Took advantage of the new Beast Pack, obviously. While the rest of the players were running Warden Resistance characters, Taur Baby is a Power Loyalist, secretly working behind their backs and soloing through the Power storyline between group sessions.
One day, a patrol outside the sonic barrier in Praetoria returned with this...creature. It had attached itself to one of the troopers, and while it seemed harmless enough, it took several weeks for scientists to find a way to remove it from the trooper without harming either. Since then, "it" has become "he" has become a loyal member of the Powers Division. While no longer uncontrollably sticking to things, he can still make things goopy for people with the extradimensional tar-like substance he controls.
Battlecry: Time to go in the briar patch!
Edvard Munchkin Hero Magic Defender Sonic Resonance Sonic Attack Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2, iPod costume. This one is a pun-based character, and I figured I'd give Defender a try. He's at the absolute minimum size (all sliders at the left side) and I got as close as I could to "The Scream" without having a full robe available. Another character I've largely abandoned once the novelty wore off, since he doesn't solo very well. Costume 2 swaps in the Baron coat and foot wraps, plus I took advantage of I16 to gloom up his sonic powers. Still no robes available, per se, even with the Magic Booster. Moved to Victory later on to make room on Pinnacle.
Once there was a supervillain who could make drawings and paintings come to life and control them as minions. But he never realized that some paintings wouldn't WANT to live, and when he animated a print of Edvard Munch's "Scream" it turned on him and helped the heroes win the battle. Since then, this animated image has found he can't return to the sleep of the page, and seeks to become powerful enough to force his "father" to undo what he has done.
Battlecry: (an inarticulate howl of pain)
Lee R OYJ-4 Hero Mutation Blaster Assault Rifle Mental Manipulation Flight
Red Clearance,Orange Clearance Yes, this is a Paranoia character concept. Sadly, to avoid things like ----Radstar---- as names, you're only allowed one hyphen in a name, so what should have been Lee-R-OYJ-4 is missing some dashes. I guess they failed to follow him through the interdimensional rift. My tentative plan, should he get more costumes, is to just give him different colors of the same outfit. But I may also go with a "suddenly realizes he can wear any color he wants, but has no fashion sense" outfit too. Originally on Virtue, I moved him to Victory to make room for Lee R OYJ-5, a Beam Rifle version more in keeping with my original concept.
Lee-R-OYJ-4 was a (more or less) loyal (totally non-mutant) Troubleshooter in Paragon Complex whose loyalty was rewarded with the chance to test out a brand new creation of the R&D group. He wasn't told what it was supposed to do (it was above his clearance level), but he's pretty sure it wasn't supposed to send him screaming through the dimensional barriers like Hot Fun through an Infrared. Once it was certain he wasn't ever going home (whew) he found that his training and abilities suited him for police work, specifically the Psi-Cop program of the PPD. He trains by day, and at night he hunts commie mutant traitors who threaten his new home. Okay, they're not commies, but there's plenty of mutants and traitors. And if the guns available to him aren't as big, they're less likely to blow up in his face. Plus, he can use his mutant powers without fear of summary execution! Now, if only the public information terminals didn't look so ominously familiar.....
Battlecry: Stay alert! Trust no one!