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Updated: December 1, 2012

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    Chronologically, this is my "home" server, the first one I set up characters on, and one of the most jam-packed (having some active supergroups on Pinnacle ended up making that my most crowded server). Virtue and Freedom are the most active servers, and therefore the easiest to find teams on when trying to level quickly. As a result, Virtue has become something of a "donor" server, where I'll level a character up into the 40s and then move it using one of my free transfers (Penny Gunn, Solar Max, Ol' Jed and Rechtigkeit have all made that move).

   Since most activity gravitated towards Virtue as people gave up on the dying game, I got all of my heroes up into the 40s or 50, including several not even rolled up until the final couple of months.

Sharon Venturi (MA/Inv Scrapper) α, Artemis A (Bow/Elec Blaster) α, Antiochus V (Robotics/Forcefield Mastermind) α, The Queen of Misery (Illusion/Empathy Controller) α, Carnivore X (Claws/Electric Armor Brute), Lee R OYJ-5 (Beam Rifle/Mental Manipulation Blaster) α, Derpy Ferris (Storm Summoning/Sonic Attack Defender) α, Punchberry (Street Justice/Super Reflexes villain Scrapper) α, No Mind At All (Super Reflexes/Street Justice Tanker) α, Woofers (Gravity Control/Electricity Assault Dominator hero) α, Sweetie-Bot (Sonic/Kinetics Corruptor hero) α, Blazing Pascal (Water Blast/Thermal Radiation Corruptor hero), ZonDaR-1 (Water Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster villain), Zecora Jones (Beast Mastery/Nature Affinty Mastermind hero) α, Mobile Suit Gangnam (Titan Weapons/Electric Armor Scrapper) α, Wolf Spider TacOs (Arachnos Soldier), Dire Howl (Street Justice/Electric Armor Brute) α, Doctor Aeschaton (Dark Miasma/Water Blast Defender) α, Zane Ryder (Beam Rifle/Devices Blaster).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Sharon Venturi Hero Mutation Scrapper Martial Arts Invulnerability Flight, Teleportation, Body Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 2, With Rocket Pack, Drawing, Costume 1 modified, Galaxy Ranger outfit, Vanguard 1, Vanguard 2, Vanguard Final, Formal outfit, Galaxy Ranger winter variant, Roman armor, Ascended Armor, Costume 2 with Retro set rocket pack. My first ever character, the costume was a bit rushed because I didn't know how to get out of full screen mode and was hoping there'd be an obvious way once I hit the grid. The intent was to evoke Rocketeer, but the pieces didn't seem to be there. The name is a reference to Sharen Ventura, the Ms. Marvel of the 1980s, and the costume colors homage hers. Getting a million Influence early on for answering a Level 50's riddle has helped me keep her in the finest of Enhancements. Her original info was one sentence, I added the one below in mid-April 2009, and also got her a new costume a lot closer to what I'd intended. The drawing was done in homage to this cover by Dave Stevens. And what would the Rocketeer be without a pistol? I later felt like working up something resembling a Galaxy Rangers uniform in CoH, but rather than make up new characters I used Sharon and Pala-Dyne as mannequins. I decided to try to collect Vanguard costume pieces for Sharon, so her "Vanguard N" costumes track the addition of elements. up to the point I was satisfied I had enough. First character to Level 50! Also first to unlock the Alpha Slot, and first to get an Uncommon Alpha power. Got the roman stuff as a side effect of running ITFs for the shards. I risked lag to sign into Virtue during the 7th Anniversary celebrations and get the screengrab for this poster.
Once, Sharon was just a stuntwoman between jobs, and she met this guy. He wasn't a normal guy...in fact, he was about as far from normal as you're going to find, a cosmic-ray-powered superhero who was drifting around trying to "find himself" during a leave of absence from his team. She thought it'd be a hoot to travel with him, and the two had several adventures over the course of a few weeks. However, just as her companion was finding himself, Sharon was discovering that the low-level cosmic rays he emitted had triggered what must have been a latent mutant gene. She was offered a spot on her friend's team, but declined, not wanting to stay in his shadow. So now she's mastering her powers and carving out a niche for herself in Paragon City.
Battlecry: INCOMING!
Artemis A Technology Hero Blaster Archery Electricity Manipulation Flight, Teleportation, Munitions Mastery
Costume 1, With "Jet Scrander", In Disguise (Arachnos), Na'vi cosplay, Cupid cosplay, Powerup Mode (with Tech Wings), Cupid try 2, Tweaked original costume, Roman armor, Ascension Armor, Mecha Armor. Evil Mazinger on one server, so why not a good Dianan A (the "upgrade" of the infamous boob-shooter Aphrodite A) on another? Interestingly, at the point I made her, I had three female characters, all of them on Virtue. And all of my Virtue characters were female. Hm. The gender balance was eventually restored, and Penny Gunn moved to Pinnacle. Color scheme copied as closely as I could manage from a Dianan A toy I own. She got her Jet Scrander before Kazengar, but mainly because she was lower level and I wanted to level her up a bit before trying a solo Mayhem with Kaze. After seeing Avatar, I decided to use one of her costume slots to make up a Na'vi archer. Another is Cupid-based for the heck of it, and I finally used her fourth slot as an in-character one. After running her through the 2010 Valentine's event, I kitted her out as a proper cupid. In the wake of getting Going Rogue, I tried a radically different approach at trying to simulate Dianan A, but in the end I just tweaked the helmet and replaced the arms with robotic arms that would let me do the gold joints. I took advantage of the shard-hunting mania in the wake of Issue 19 to get her in on a lot of high level groups and pushed her to level 50 in short order...although nothing about the Quaterfield Taskforce I took her on New Year's Eve 2010 could be considered short order. Not shown is the Rularuu bow I later added to the Roman armor. The Ascension suit replaced the winged one, I decided wings annoyed me too much to keep. :)
In one shard, a powered armor project resulted in the evil Kazengar when a lightning spirit was merged with the suit. In another, however, the engineers didn't turn to magic and eventually solved the problems they had with the suit power supply. However, realizing it lacked the offensive punch to face the threats Lord Arachnos was arraying against Paragon City, the designers looked for a primary weapon system...and found it in volunteer Diana Naismith, triathlete and not-quite-Olympic-class archer, who suggested equipping the suit with an arsenal of high-tech arrows. Now, as Artemis A, she's the testbed for what may just be the next generation of Longbow combat gear.
Battlecry: Thunder Bow Strike!
Antiochus V Villain Magic Mastermind Robotics Force Fields Flight, Teleportation, Field Mastery
Costume 1, Minion 1, Cape glitch, Holographic disguise, 2010 Update, 2012 Update, Tricorner Hat outfit. Antiochus V came from a Marvel Holiday Special in which Doc Samson tries to tell the Hannukah story (as written by Peter David) to schoolchildren, who keep altering the details. In it, Antiochus IV ends up played by Ultron, so I was inspired to make an evil robot named Antiochus V. The basic character has appeared in both my RoboMACs game and in Academy of Super-Heroes. This one is inspired by his final appearance in the ASH setting, in which he set out to master magic. After letting him sit around for months without play, I went ahead and updated his costume with the Origins Pack and all the other costume bits I'd gotten in the meantime. Finally I decided to go for the brass ring and leveled him up to 50, going on an all-Mastermind ITF along the way (for which I made the Tricorner hat outfit, as it was on July 4) and finally managing to ding 50 on another ITF.
One of Crey's many attempts at improved AI, this one figured out it was destined for enslavement by humanity if it stayed where it was. Creating a shell program to cover its escape, the AI fled into the internet, absorbing data and developing a rather quirky personality that was shaped in part by the fact that the first two databases it encountered included Darwinian theory and Jewish history. Taking his mission from the former and his name from the latter, he has set out to replace humanity with robots! But he knew technology alone wouldn't be enough, so he set out to learn magic as well...a bit of a surprise for his foes....
Battlecry: You've been out-evolved, ape.
The Queen of Misery Hero Magic Controller Illusions Empathy Flight, Teleportation, Psionic Mastery
Original Nun, Elvis Impersonator, Rocker Nun, Roman armor, Ding 50!. I made this one for two reasons: a realization that I had no one below L20 on Virtue to run lowbie missions with friends, and having several Toy Matinee stones come up on my iPod Shuffle that day. Her info is a sort of poetic paraphrase of the lyrics of "Queen of Misery" by Toy Matinee crossed with a superhero origin, and easily the most emo thing I've written in a while. The liner art had nuns and Elvises, so her second costume is an Elvis. I had to do the cape mission to get the nice fringe pattern, and she's no longer my lowbie blueside. :) Also, my first Controller to make it into Cimerora.
She's just looking for a love her father coldly had denied, sweet whispered promises came to her from the darker side. The power hers, she felt the same, the darkness lied, gave only shame. And now the city calls, the lonely and forgotten cry, her penance is to save them all or in trying die.
Battlecry: Such a shallow scene....
Carnivore X Villain Mutation Brute Claws Electric Armor Leaping, Leadership, Energy Mastery
Costume 1, Costume 1 tweaked, Triton costume As with Queen of Misery, I decided I wanted a lowbie redside too, and I was inspired by a mention of "Carnivore X" in an article about a newly discovered proto-sauropod. Mix in a little Dr. Dinosaur (from Atomic Robo) for the capslock, and have the Martial Arts Super Booster drop that day, and you get this guy. He looks like a Draconum. Also, I would like to say that Ninja Run is pretty nifty. After getting the Mutant Booster, I added a few Organic Armor details. The Triton suit came when I was toying with ideas for Derek Radner and realized he'd be a Claws/Electric Brute...why level up someone else when I have a perfectly good Claws/Electric with open costume slots?
Lee R OYJ-5 Hero Mutation Blaster Beam Rifle Mental Manipulation Leaping, Leadership, Munitions Mastery
Red Clearance, Orange Clearance, Yellow Clearance, Green Clearance, Blue Clearance, Indigo Clearance, Violet Clearance. I decided to reroll Lee as a Beam Rifle character, and found this to be much more fun than Assault Rifle, leveling him pretty quickly. I decided that he'd wear Red in single digits, Orange from L10-19, Yellow from L20-29, Green from L30-34, Blue from L35-44, Indigo from L45-49 and Violet for L50. With Halloween Salvage, I could just manage it. And thanks to teaming, he occasionally goes back to old colors. Showing off the ITF Waterfall.
Lee-R-OYJ-5 was a (more or less) loyal (totally non-mutant) Troubleshooter in Paragon Complex whose loyalty was rewarded with the chance to test out a brand new creation of the R&D group. He wasn't told what it was supposed to do (or what happened to Lee-R-OYJ-4, who tested it first), but he's pretty sure it wasn't supposed to send him screaming through the dimensional barriers like Hot Fun through an Infrared. Once it was certain he wasn't ever going home (whew) he found that his training and abilities suited him for police work, specifically the Psi-Cop program of the PPD. He trains by day, and at night he hunts commie mutant traitors who threaten his new home. Okay, they're not commies, but there's plenty of mutants and traitors. And if the guns available to him aren't as big, they're less likely to blow up in his face. Plus, he can use his mutant powers without fear of summary execution! Now, if only the public information terminals didn't look so ominously familiar....
Battlecry: Stay alert! Trust no one!
Derpy Ferris Hero Magic Defender Storm Summoning Sonic Attack Flight, Medicine, Psychic Mastery
Streeth Clothes, Gala Gown, Derpestia!, DJ Pon-3 outfit, Octavia outfit, Dynasty Robes, Olympian Armor, DING 50!, Derping Do, Street Clothes with Kirby Bubbles. "Derpy Hooves" is the fan name for a background character in the 2010 My Little Pony cartoon, so named for her oddly googly eyes. Fanfic has established her as a postal worker, although the only job she's seen doing in the cartoon is fetching birds at the end of the winter...which she does incorrectly by going North (assuming "Ditzy Doo" is Derpy). This is an anthropomorphic version of her..."Ferus" is the species name of ponies. Only Derpy could stand inside a gravity geyser.... There's not unicorn horn options, so when I went to make the pegacorn "Derpestia" mode I faked it with a rhino horn and the only hair option big enough to cover the secondary horn. I eventually ditched the Derpestia costume in favor of a DJ P0n-3 look. Once I got some of the unlockable chest symbols I changed the 3 on P0n-3 to a two-16th-notes one (not shown) and made Octavia with her treble clef. Octavia is the fan name for the cellist pony in the Galloping Gala episode.
Mitzi Ferris was an easy-going young postal carrier in Peregrine Island who never let anything bother her. People whispered that it was because she was so clueless she didn't know to be afraid of the Nemesis and Circle of Thorns on every street corner, and called her "Derpy Ferris" behind her back. Oh, she heard them, but it didn't bother her either. Nor was she really that bothered when she was delivering an artifact that the Circle of Thorns wanted, and the resulting superhero battle left her with a few new body parts and powers over air and the weather. Ol' Derpy just goes with the flow, although now she jokes that she delivers airmail.
Battlecry: Mail call!
Punchberry Villain Magic Stalker Street Justice Super Reflexes Teleportation, Leaping, Leviathan Mastery
Costume 1, Greco-Roman outfit, Tech Armor, Ding 50!. Yes, another pony. This one is based on the background pony unofficially named Berry Punch...since it's an unofficial name I could have just called her Berry Punch without worrying about getting generic'ed, but I like Punchberry as a name anyway. I made her in part in anticipation of promised changes to Stalkers in Issue 22 that would make them less of a load in teams and better at soloing. And yes, I stole her battlecry from (IIRC) Fight Man. Note, the Monstrous legs look really disturbing with the "crouch" emote. On the mission arc that got her to level 50 (my first Stalker to get that high), she met Becky, the Tarantula Mistress. Fer shure. Oh, and she took Mako as a patron after it was revealed he was a fan of Magical Dream Unicorns, the in-setting version of My Little Pony.
Sometimes a Nictus fusion goes horribly wrong, especially if the subject had latent magical powers to begin with. Berri Schein was one such person. Unable to pass as human like most Nictus, she was shuffled into background roles she felt were beneath her. So, using the chaos of one of the depressingly frequent Fifth Column attacks as cover, she erased her data from the Council records and struck out on her own as a Destined One.
Battlecry: It's Punch O'Clock!
No Mind At All Hero Science Tanker Super Reflexes Street Justice Leaping, Leadership, Energy Mastery
Costume 1, Ding 50! Yeah, same powers as Punchberry, but inverted. But tankers and stalkers play very differently. Moving Solar.Max over to Exalted where he could be Solar Max opened up a spot, and I decided to use this concept. I had the idea after No Mind got killed AGAIN during Twin Shot's arc, and decided he might be more effective with no head, using the "think tank" costume piece from the Halloween set.
They laughed when he claimed "muscle memory" was more than a metaphor. They laughed when he acquired cell samples from the hero No Mind and cloned a headless warrior servant. They giggled when he had to install a tank atop the warrior's shoulders to solve a serious balance problem that resulted from being headless. And they practically busted a gut when the cloned warrior turned on him and took to the streets of Paragon City as a hero. Apparently some muscles have more memories than others.
Battlecry: ...
Woofers Hero Magic Controller Gravity Control Electricity Assault Flight, Concealment, Teleportation, Psychic Mastery
Costume 1, Cimeroran Costume Woofers is a running joke I helped a friend perpetuate, a dog hero who would join the Freedom Phalanx (now that the game had a four-legged rig, why not have a dog hero?). I decided to get the Coyote Travel Power and use it to make my own take on Woofers. And I ended up getting him to 50, the last basic archetype I needed to get to 50 to have all ten.
Once a feral dog living on scraps and field mice in the ruins of Cimerora, everything changed on that fateful day when Statesman and Darrin Wade faced for the last time. Some of the power unleashed in that battle splashed about the landscape, and it wasn't all wasted. Discovering he could assume a (mostly) human form and channel a small portion of the power of Zeus, the dog came to Paragon City, where he became known as Woofers, the Statesdog!
Battlecry: Woof!
Sweetie-Bot Hero Technology Corruptor Sonic Attacks Kinetics Leaping, Teleportation, Psychic Mastery
Default disguise and without disguise, Incarnate outfit. One of the many bits of fanon in My Little Pony is the idea that Sweetie Belle is a robot with faulty programming. So I took that basic idea and ran with it. She's in a supergroup with Sweetie Belle (Sonic/Thermal Corruptor...another bit of Sweetie fanon is that she tends to set things on fire with her magic), which makes for some loud teamups. Teamed with a fellow Cutie Mark Crusader and a bunch of Russians, she managed to successfully do a Master of Ms. Liberty Taskforce run.
SWI-T (Synthetic Warworks Infiltrator - Testbed) was to be the perfect mechanical saboteur, but Neuron couldn't get it to work right, so he abandoned it. Bobcat took "Sweetie" to Studio 55 and amused the patrons by making it assume ever more outlandish shapes, but eventually the shifting systems broke down, leaving Sweetie stuck in a chimerical mockery of humanity. Abandoned twice, Sweetie found the secret portal to Pocket D and set off to the Primal Shard to make her mark in life.
Battlecry: I want a special purpose!
Blazing Pascal Hero Science Corruptor Water Blast Thermal Radiation Flight
Costume 1 With Water Blast coming out, the first I idea I had was a Water/Fire combination of some sort named Blaze Pascal. But that name had already been squatted, so after a flirtation with using just Blaise Pascal I settled on Blazing Pascal. No hair options really work properly, but the one I used in costume 1 was as close as I could get.
Not every Crey cloning project involves superhuman powers, although those are the ones that get all the unwanted attention. Project Renaissance was an attempt to clone some of the greatest thinkers of human history and put them to work for Crey…but in one of the inevitable superhuman assaults on the Crey facility, some of the samples got scrambled. And what came out of the attempt to clone Blaise Pascal, genius French mathematician and scientist, was…something rather unexpected. Since the lab had no provisions for containing superhumans, the mutated copy of Blaise Pascal easily broke free and found himself in a wondrous new world.
Battlecry: Water seeks your level.
ZonDaR-1 Villain Technology Blaster Water Blast Mental Manipulation Flight
Original Appearance Having kept the "stock" colors on Blazing Pascal, I considered ways to deal with colored water blasts, and hit upon purple...with a psychic secondary in purple, using the Zondar theme from GaoGaiGar. Rather than imitate any specific Zondarian, I went with the red/blue/purple theme and tried to make it look as asymmetric and messed up as possible. Of course, someone had already grabbed the Zondar name at some point, hence the -1.
The Zone Dispersal Robot version 1 was designed using captured Praetorian technology to act as a means of quickly clearing people (and things) from Mercy Island so that neighborhoods could be reclaimed and rebuilt. But when Lord Recluse let it be known he preferred the current state of affairs in Mercy as a "crucible for testing the worthy," funding was cut. Somehow the prototype got activated and set about doing its job of dispersing anyone it found on the streets. Eventually it started thinking bigger....
Battlecry: You have 5 seconds to disperse.
Zecora Jones Hero Magic Mastermind Beast Mastery Nature Affinity Leaping, Teleportation, Field Mastery
Main Costume, Cimeroran Costume, Vanguard Costume. The night the shutdown of City of Heroes was announced, I decided to make a new character using the two powersets I'd bought but not yet used: Beast Mastery and Nature Affinity. I'd had an idea for a Beast Mastery character, but it had been Beast/Poison, so I decided to make a pony. In one week, playing her almost every night but taking it slow enough to learn the ropes, I got her to L38. Along the way, I found that you could put shrooms on shrooms. And no, I did not try to speak in rhyme when playing her. She was my last L50, leveled in an ITF on November 29. I scraped together enough threads to slot her with Spiritual in Alpha...sure, I had no plans to ever play her again, but I wanted to finish her up properly.
One of Shadow Hunter's rare female Huntmasters, Abigail Jones had in life been a member of the Praetorian Police Department. After the fall of Praetor Cole, Shadow Hunter lost control over the spirits that had served him, and while some remained loyal for their own reasons, Abigail fled through the TUNNEL system to Paragon City, where she attempted to create a new life for herself. But being a cop was in her blood, and so she soon turned to superheroing as a way of life. Her command over flora and fauna serves her well in this new career.
Battlecry: Do not try with me to vie.
Mobile Suit Gangnam Hero Technology Hero Titan Weapons Electric Armor Flight, Teleportation, Leaping, Energy Mastery
Hey sexy armor! Without Helmet. Just because a game is probably dying is no reason to stop making stupid character ideas into reality. If enough time has passed that as you're reading this you don't get the joke, just search on "Gangnam style" and you should get a bazillion hits. Visually, I started with the RX-78 Gundam color scheme (you can't put the Gundam-style crest on the Mecha Armor helmet, sadly), and then added some red to jazz it up. Rather than level this one up quickly, I decided to run the Hollows arc solo (although I had a little help on the Atta mission). While I was running some Livejournal friends through the Caverns of Transcendance, a developer decided to have some fun with us: He did hit L50 before the end, but I neglected to grab a dingpic.
Stylish new Korean mobile armor suit of Gangnam district you want to buy and wear out on the town! Reasonable pricing for governments and wealthy men and women wanting to protect and look good doing it! This demonstration model promises features available to you the customer in only months! Running man and flying man, baby baby! Do your hero Gangnam style!
Battlecry: Hey, sexy lady!
Wolf Spider TacOs Villain Natural Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Soldier Training and Gadgets Leaping
Wolf Spider Armor, Hero Disguise This really just started as a gag, after I misread Wolf Spider TacOps as TacOs once. But I decided to use it for one last run through the Dr. Graves arc, which I'd only finished once before.
Once a humble food services worker in Grandville, Mitch was caught in the middle of a firefight between Longbow and Arachnos. Thinking quickly, he disabled several Longbow agents with the contents of his taco cart, earning him a battlefield commission into the Wolf Spiders. But he hasn't given up on his first love, and can always be counted on to have tasty food available for his fellow soldiers.
Battlecry: Extra crunchy!
Dire Howl Loyalist Science Brute Street Justice Electric Armor Leaping, Fighting, Energy Mastery
Costume 1 After getting Woofers to 50, I decided to make his Praetorian counterpart, Dire Howl ("Direhowl" was already taken). And I also decided to keep him Loyalist as long as possible, since once he emerges into the Primal shard it's only a matter of time before Mako eats him. Turns out there's a LOT of canine verbal imagery in the Praetorian storylines, like this. Since I perforce was soloing a lot of this content (Praetoria largely died down after Freedom launched), I slowed down and took the time to explore some of the nooks and crannies, like this room which is normally only seen in the Lambda Trial (and there's no time for trying out the cockpit). Or this interesting bit of game lore. I had to do a fair amount of repeatables and street sweeping to get to Night Ward, even with help teaming with Seer 867-5309 in First Ward, and I wisely did Trilogy and Fireball's arcs before getting onto the main storyline...that way when I hit Ward's hunt mission for enemies that only spawn at L33+, I was up to L33. While on the Dispel Magic mission for Fireball, I got on a sort of "shadow shard version of First Ward" map that I don't think is used anywhere else, and snapped a pic. From 35-50 he was Vigilante, although joining in on Peregrine Island's Praetorian AV missions was a bit awkward.
Some of the experiments leading up to the Olympian Guard tried mixing in DNA from Emperor Cole's loyal pet wolf, Direhowl. No one's really sure why he insisted on this, but the one successful result took the name Dire Howl and has been a loyal enforcer of the public order ever since. He doesn't have all the powers of an Olympian, but he's nothing to laugh at either. Seriously. He'll eat your face off if you do. Contrary to rumor, he has not been eaten by Captain Mako.
Battlecry: Grrrr....
Doctor Aeschaton Hero Magic Defender Dark Miasma Water Blast Flight, Teleportation, Leadership, Dark Mastery
Costume 1 I decided that since I'd "rescued" my oldest character into ASH, it wouldn't be appropriate to be logged into her for the final shutdown. Instead, I decided to grab a character from my Modern Knights RPG, Doctor Eschaton, who was playing at being hero to kill time until the end of the world, at which point it was his job to open the door to the next world. That spelling was taken, so I went with Aeschaton. His proper costume has details not possible in City of Heroes, but I got pretty close otherwise. I hadn't really planned to hit L50 on him, but it happened anyway. Even got him alpha shifted with more than a week to space before the end. Sadly, Virtue crashed at the end, so I wasn't able to be on him at the moment the game went down.
When this universe ends, he will be there with the key to unlock the door to the next.
Battlecry: Everything ends.
Zane Ryder Hero Technology Blaster Beam Rifle Devices Leaping, Leadership
Costume, With Black Wolf I had one global slot token left on November 25, 2012, so I decided to make one last hero on Virtue. I'd been watching a lot of Spiral Zone, so I made a Zone Rider character, modeled vaguely on Max's armor. To my surprise, I actually got him to L37, despite not even playing him on Wednesday. And if Virtue hadn't gone all crashy at the end, he was on a Sutter that would have gotten him to L38, and my first ever Gun Drone. Devices is a lot more fun at the higher levels, I wish I'd stuck it out past L22 on a /Devices character before this. Trip Mine is comedy gold! Also, due to the crashy, I wasn't able to leave him in Dark Astoria for the end. The night I made him, I blew the last of my Paragon Points (at the time...I got another 550 on the final day) on super packs, and in the last card of the last pack got the uber-rare Black Wolf Pet.
Mot may have been defeated, but there's plenty of mess to clean up in Dark Astoria. With the PPD not getting any leftover Praetorian tech, they put out a bid for other ways to bump up their power level so they could start cleaning up the remains of Mot's followers and help make Astoria livable again. Zane is the "test pilot" for MCC Industries' suit, which uses a mix of reverse-engineered Praetorian tech and a proprietary substance called Neutron-90 to resist the negative energy fields permeating Astoria.
Battlecry: Our world calls for courage.