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Updated: April 21, 2012

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    When the global server access opened up in May 2011, I decided to see how far my one year of college German could get me on Zukunft ("Future"), the German-language server. Some of the translations are certainly interesting. Sumpf Eidolon! However, that also made it kinda hard to play, so with the game switching all servers to English in 2012 I might spend more time here.
Zukunftmensch (Radiation/Assault Rifle Defender)

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Zukunftmensch Hero Technology Defender Radiation Emission Assault Rifle Flight
Placeholder costume, Costume 1, Jaegermonster costume. Originally, I just threw together the complete Vanguard costume (which I had just unlocked as part of the 7th Anniversary rewards) and picked colors, but I later went back and put some more time into the outfit. I'd intended to just call him Z-Man, but that name was taken. Here's a translation of the background: He claims to be from the future, but he's not a "Mender". Although his technology seems futuristic, there's other ways to accomplish that. (Player is American and speaks German poorly.) His battle cry is just "To the Future!" The Jaegermonster costume is just because he had a slot free and the right powerset to try out an idea I had.
Er behauptet, von der Zukunft zu sein, aber er ist nicht ein "Mender". Etwas von seiner Technologie scheint futuristisch, aber es gibt andere Methoden des Erwerbs solcher Felder. (Spieler ist amerikanisch und spricht Deutsches schlecht.)
Battlecry: Zum Zukunft!