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    My friend Diosoth writes a lot of fanfic in the setting(s) of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, and he asked me to draw some of the characters from his multi-generational saga. You can read the stories here, but be warned that it's not all safe for work (my art is, however, safe). Alternately, just go to the art gallery which is all safe for the general public. No, I'm not a Sonic fan myself, but Dion points out that it can be difficult to get fans to draw what he wants, since his characters can violate the One True Pairings of the artist's view (i.e. "That character can't exist, his parents don't hook up!"). But since I don't have a 'ship in this regatta, I was perfectly willing to give it a shot at whoever he specified. Unless otherwise specified, all work done in November and December 2009.