"RoboMACs Exodus" Enforcer Kitbash
Based on the Mighty Ducks "Combat Grin" figure Enforcer image

    The Enforcer is the "grunt" of RoboMACs Exodus, originally designed as a sort of 12 foot tall robotic policeman and crowd controller. In this capacity they served the Directorate, the cabal of artificial consciousnesses that had ruled the world for nearly a century, very well. But when the long-range exploration teams returned from the stars with archaic ideas of freedom and powerful alien technology, the Enforcers were no match for the invading forces of the asteroid fortress Athena. One of the first stopgaps the Directorate threw at the invaders was the heavy weapons Enforcer, as seen above, having just dispatched of an invading pilot attempting to infiltrate a base wearing only his vacsuit.

    The base for this figure was a Mighty Ducks "Grin" I picked up at Kay Bee for four bucks on clearance. I hacked off the head, the toes and the right hand. Then I glued the neck into place (it was a loose piece, oddly) and cut out forms for the footprints. Onto these forms I glued a number of BBs (steel pellets) to give the figure stability. Then I cut the extraneous bits off a rotary missile launcher from a Blade toy and carved a notch into the right arm stump to hold the gun, gluing it in place. Finally, I took a spare head (from the figure I cannibalized for Outrider's ankles) and glued it atop the figure to avoid needing as much putty for the final head. Click HERE for a picture of the figure at this stage. The weird things on the feet are the BBs.

    The next stage was putty. LOTS of putty. About half a package of it. Most of it went to the head, chest, feet and right arm, but a little went to smoothing out some of the fabricy bits on the figure. All of the original points or articulation were retained (the original head did not move): shoulders, forearm swivels, waist swivel, hips. And, of course, the missile launcher still works perfectly, rapidfiring four projectiles. Click HERE for a picture of the unpainted figure. The three dots on the chest were hollows that I filled in.

    Finally, paint. I used up most of a bottle of Testor's acrylic enamel silver paint on this puppy...4-5 coats were needed to avoid blotchy coverage, but the final result looks very nice. However, the hips are tight enough that I can't move those joints without scraping paint, so sad. I used chrome red paint for the chest insignia band, and a less metallic red for the eyeslit and details on the gun. I also used a little black paint to touch up the gun, mostly where I splashed silver on it. Click HERE for an alternate picture of the final project.

    As a little side thing while I worked on this toy, I made a "superdeformed" icon of the Enforcer (not that you can really TELL it's superdeformed), as seen above.

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