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Last Updated: 10/9/10 (Kristi Shore added.)

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    A K-girl is a cute and/or sexy female anthropomorphization of a kaiju, something established by the Twisted Kaiju Theater folks. The goal is to include enough kaiju elements to be recognizable, but not so many that the girl becomes unattractive (i.e. while the 50s Godzilla K-girl has a bit of a pug nose like the source monster, she's not pot-bellied or leathery). K-girls have a strong Not Safe For Work element to them, but my own are perfectly safe for work. Safe for sanity, on the other hand, is never guaranteed. The naming convention is to try to come up with a real-world name based on the character name, like a King Seesar K-girl named Cessie. Unless otherwise noted, all base figures are gashapon (vending machine capsule) figures, most of which I got as freebies in a trade long ago and tossed in a box.