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Last Updated: 9/27/19 (Mount Terra WIP added.)

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   Monsterpocalypse Mk2 is a map-based Miniatures Game from Privateer Press focused on kaiju action. Unlike the original collectible game, this is more of a traditional "Hobby Miniatures" game where you buy the sets you want, assemble and paint them yourself (or hire someone to do it for you, I guess).

Monsterpocalypse Mk 1

    I moved my old 2008-2017 Monsterpocalypse efforts off to their own page. Some of these pieces are fan characters and technically no more invalid in Mk 2 than in Mk 1, but it represents a clean break.

Basics, Accessories

  • Card File: Okay, not much to look at, I just took a recipe-sized expanding file and taped a Monsterpocalypse logo to it. But it's the right size for the Monster cards. Unfortunately, the tab labels don't work well with gel pens, and tend to smudge. But whaddyaspect for $2.12?



    I decided that, absent any special projects, I'd use the standard Cygnar color scheme for G.U.A.R.D. Morrow knows I rarely use it in actual Cygnar....

  • Repair Trucks: True, you can't use two Repair Actions in one activation, but this gives flexibility to be on both sides of the map. I just bought one of everything, which meant an extra blister of the units that came with the starter. October 2018.
  • G-Tanks: These were a bit of a hassle, not just due to sprues tearing chunks out of the front end and needing greenstuff patches, but also because the turrets had oval "pegs" that were too long to fit into the circular holes on the chassis, so I had to shave them down to fit. October 2018.
  • Rocket Chopper: I initially had more brass in the mix, but it looked wrong, so I changed some of those bits to gunmetal. October 2018.
  • Strike Fighters: As with the Rocket Chopper, I ended up starting with more bronze and turning some bronze bits gunmetal instead. I considered freehand painting Cygnar swans on the wings, but decided I wasn't feeling that masochistic. Given how the Strike Fighters incorporate many 1950s retro jet elements, I decided to go with the style of the time and paint the underside sky blue for "stealth" purposes. November 2018.
  • Wave 1 Units: I got one of everything, the starter and one each of the unit blisters. So that gave me exactly 15 units, enough for a full single-monster battle. October through November 2018.

Planet Eaters

    This group gets to be based on the Legion of Everblight, with whom they share some motifs and motives.

  • Red dyed bases: I decided to spice up my Destroyers by dyeing their clear bases red. First lesson: don't try to dye more than one at a time, they stick together and the parts that touch end up undyed, oops. Can't really even it out after additional dyeing. Second lesson: don't let the water actually boil, the plastic will start to "Shrinky-Dink" a little. November 2018.
  • Chompers: Lots of armor to distress for the desired bony plate effect. My first attempt suffered both from too little contrast in the blue wash, and too much lighting. I reduced the number of lights turned on in my photo area for the second try, and deepened the blue wash on the first one to match the other two. January 2019.
  • Destructomite: Being almost entirely armor and very little flesh made it harder to really evoke the desired theme here. January 2019.
  • Explodohawk: I did try more blue energy effects in other vent sections, but decided that it looked too busy. I have three more that I will try to get looking about the same now that I've finished one. January 2019.
  • More Explodohawks: Finally finished the other three, and tweaked the first one a little in the process. February 2019.
  • Crawlers: Being mostly armor plate on top, like the Destructomites, made it harder to bring out the Legion look, but I think I managed it. While priming these, I finally noticed that they have eyes on what I'd always thought was just a beak. February 2019.
    • Pinkeye: the first one I finished, I made the eyes pink to make it more clear that the big circles on the back were not eyes.
    • Smiler: and then I noticed that the "beak" had teeth, so I painted them on this one, but went with blue eyes. I considered going back and painting the teeth on Pinkeye, but it was already on the base, and I didn't want to risk paint splatter.
    • Comparison shot: I got better focus and contrast on this than on most of the other Crawler shots, so I kept it.
  • Belchers: BRAAAAP! March 2019.
    • Elite Belchers: Pink energy and darker armor to distinguish them from the grunts.
    • Grunt Belchers: Blue eyes and energy, more subtle blue shading.
    • All together: I tried to make the grunts noticeably lighter on the armor, but the difference ended up more subtle than I'd hoped. I also went easier on the blue wash, although that was always meant to be subtle.
  • Planet Eaters Wave 1: All of the above, plus Gorghadra and Rogzor. Technically, Rogzor is more of a wave 1.5, released alongside the Harbinger Comet Shard.

Shadow Sun Syndicate

    Sleek and anime-inspired? What else but the Retribution of Scyrah? Of course, this is pretty close to the standard SSS colors, but less gunmetal and more blue glowy. I decided to dye all the bases light blue, but the light blue dye led to a dark purple-blue on these bases, oops.

  • Shadow Gate: First one I finished, had a bit of trouble getting this all-metal mini glued to the base. I tried putting in some water effect paint to smooth out the glue splotch, but the results weren't particularly satisfactory. (Like the S-type Shinobi below, it also had a tab for insertion into a standard minis base, I snipped it off and dremeled down the result to get a flat bottom...but it ended up being a slippery flat bottom.) August 2019.
  • Interceptor: The column it sits on is supposed to just be painted black or something, I guess, but I made it a glowy blue energy column. An unarmed but fast cargo craft designed to carry Shadow Gates into position (Mk1 later had C-type Shinobi who could be deployed by Interceptors as well). August 2019.
  • S-Type Shinobi: All-metal again, and with a tab on the feet for slot-style bases? Was this design approved before the base style was, or something? I didn't damage the feet too badly by snipping and filing the metal tabs off after painting...the tabs were the best option for holding the figures while I painted (using an alligator clip). August 2019.
  • Sun Fighters: "I'll do panel lines, it'll be easy if I use a wash." Narrator: "It wasn't easy at all." Nice flight bases, so no hassles with attachment. September 2019.
  • Shadow Sun Group Shot: And done, at least with the first wave of the Shadow Sun Syndicate. September 2019.

Lords of Cthul

    I thought of Cephalyx or even Everblight for these, but decided Cryx fit them best thematically. Instead of a shiny insect-shell black, though, I used the new Black 3.0 to try to get a "walking void" effect. Then Necrotite Green for eyes and maybe some highlights, and Beaten Purple for the highlights on tentacles and some other details.

  • Meat Slaves: Barely mobile incubators for the Cthul, I decided to go with human flesh tones and just have the tentacles in void black...more disturbing than the studio scheme of green flesh. It's just a wafer-thin mint.... July 2019.
  • Taskmaster: Oddly, getting paint to stick to the metal arms was harder than getting it on the resin. July 2019.
  • Squix: The flying units for the faction, I decided that the membranes of the wings would be thin enough to let some light through...but twisted. July 2019.
  • Spitters: Cornucopias of death. July 2019.
  • Group Shot: All units, all three monsters (the only thing that can fill the inky void inside Cthugrosh is beer, apparently). July 2019.


    Trollblood colors for these savage but sorta benign guys.

  • Part of the third wave of releases. Have them in my ever-growing backlog.

Martian Menace

    I was thinking of using the Convergence of Cyriss colors here, but I had too many steel or gray groups, so I decided on the Red Planet...Khador.

  • Basing concept: Rather than using the generic "whoosh" flight bases, I decided to mount them on red energy pillars, AKA Lego "transred" rods. The Power Pods don't fly, but the rest use this idea. (Ares needs a wider column, so I used the stem of a plastic goblet.)
  • Power Pods: I decided to go nuts with the neon paints, which are kinda goopy and hard to do sharp details with, but I think it turned out pretty well. The glow effect on the bases, less well. March 2019.
  • Saucers: I had to use a UV flashlight while painting to make sure I'd covered up neon in places I didn't want it...a little dab of red neon on top of fandango red would be pretty much invisible otherwise. March 2019.
  • Hunters: The lone wolf snipers of the faction, not as effective as Explodohawks, but less likely to draw "KILL IT NOW" responses. May 2019.
  • Vanguard: The basic vanilla units of the faction, with an elite to lead them. May 2019.
  • Wave 1 group shots: Both monsters, all the units, and the building (which is technically not factioned). March through May 2019.



  • Defender X: Inspired by Cygnar elite WarJacks, with light gray (or white) accents in addition to the standard blue, steel, and bronze. November 2018.
    • Just the wingpack: I finished this first, so decided to take a picture of just the wingpack.
    • Front view
    • Left flank
    • Rear view
    • Right side
    • From below (Nice side benefit of the clear base, all that work on stuff only visible from below isn't wasted!)
    • With Warmachine Laser Knight: Back when I decided I wanted to get into Warmachine, I ordered a bunch of stuff using my Volunteer Points. While I was waiting for it to ship, I took an un-based spare Hyper form Laser Knight I'd gotten in a parts lot from someone, and modded it into a sort of Warjack.
  • Sky Sentinel: Using the same basic color scheme concept, although I didn't shade the GUARD belt buckle as harshly this time. All views in one picture this time. July 2019.

Planet Eaters

  • Gorghadra: One claw snapped off when I was trying to remove the sprue stuff, but rather than try to repair it I distressed the area further. Battle damage! March 2019.
  • Rogzor: This one was a "wave 1.5" release, but I got it before I was done with Gorgy, so I finished it not too long after. March 2019.

Shadow Sun Syndicate

    The Zors have normal-size feet and wide stances, so my usual tricks for mounting while painting would not work. I ended up drilling holes up through the boots and holding them on pins, but that's not stable enough for during painting, so I had to hold onto the legs while painting the upper part, slowing my progress because I had to wait for things to dry hard lest I slough paint off.

  • Zor-Raiden: The glow lines on the blades are zig-zags, which turned out to be a lot harder to paint in. In retrospect, I should have carved the lines deeper before assembling it, so that a wash would be more effective. September 2019.
  • Zor-Maxim: I put it together the way that looked right, and only discovered when the painting was almost done that I'd put the arm blades on backwards. I prefer this to the officiall configuration, though. September 2019.

Lords of Cthul

  • Brewgrosh: A GenCon 2018 exclusive mold of Cthugrosh, chugging a water tower full of beer while sitting on a restaurant that's a regular Privateer Press haunt during the 'con. I decided to paint him up like an evil sack of beer, and put him on top of a new (and newly destroyed) location for my current comics and gaming shop. The resin seemed to be a bad mix, I had trouble getting any primer to stick, and there's a sort of crackle effect that happened despite my efforts. Ah well. Primed and Future-coated in the hopes of the primer not rubbing off during painting. October 2018.
  • Cthugrosh and Yasheth compare black paints. While Black 3.0 isn't quite the light-devouring substance I'd hoped, it's definitely a lot blacker than regular black paint. July 2019.
  • Regular Cthugrosh: As with many buildings, I had to add putty to the underside to get it to stick to the poster putty I use to keep them on a handle for painting (handle seen in the picture above). July 2019.
  • Yasheth: The somewhat smaller footprint made it a little harder to keep him on a base during painting. I decided to make the claws bone (with a green undertone) but leave the wing spikes black, just to make more of a difference with Cthugrosh. Yasheth is more of an energy drink guy. July 2019.


  • Terra Khan: Part of the Box Tribe.

Martian Menace


    All the buildings will also need to be painted, with cardboard Apartment Buildings coming in the starters to hold people over. Once they start selling blank bases (early 2019) I expect I'll make more custom buildings or even re-base some of my Mk 1 customs. Hey, they won't be less tournament-legal than before!

  • Votive Building: The starter set buildings are nice and cheap, but they're also pretty light and will tend to blow away if your gaming table is near any sort of breeze source (like a door to the outside). Dice containers have been used to make them stronger and more stable, but I don't buy lots of dice. While looking around for wooden blocks of the right size, I found 1.5" diameter LED votive candles...a perfect fit, and now the building can be made to glow! Mounting squares used to attach the building to the candle, and I placed them a little too low, leading to some bulge. November 2018.
    • All 12: $6 worth of LED votive candles and a sheet of small mounting squares left over from when I wasn't allowed to put nails in walls, and my Apartment Buildings all flicker warmly. November 2018.
  • Martian Command Post: I started this at the same time as several units and the Martian monsters, but it turned out to be a quicker job. Not really loving how the clear paint works on the base, but it's supposed to represent light shining out of the windows and stuff. March 2019.
  • Harbinger Comet Shard: The Planet Eaters base building, so I dyed the base square red to match even though technically buildings can no longer be tied to a faction anymore. May 2019.
  • GUARD HQ: The GUARD base building, done in colors inspired by Cygnar livery. I considered adding some tiny vehicles to the base, but the ones I had available weren't quite the right scale (and the base doesn't have a lot of open space anyway). May 2019.
  • Statue of Liberty: This had some serious mold issues, but I was able to get them fixed. Paint job is shiny, since in a MonPoc world, it'd be getting destroyed and then rebuilt-with-superscience so often it'd never get the time to develop the green patina. May 2019.
  • Skyscrapers: These suffered only a little from molding issues, but it was a consistent problem, with little details near the bottom. One I modded to remove all those corners, the other only had one missing so I replaced it. Annoyingly, these were both from a super oily batch, even after soaking and scrubbing I couldn't get water-based primer to do anything but bead, so I had to scrape it off and redo with fume-laden Tamiya primer. Hence some lumpyness in the final paints. June 2019.
  • Imperial State Building: I considered adding a zeppelin mast on top, but decided it'd just break off (or attract burning zeppelins). Did this at the same time as the SKyscrapers, but the smaller size and slightly less oily resin let me finish it while they were still in basecoat touch-up. It's not the Empire State Building, because that name and likeness has licensing fees attached. June 2019.
  • Void Gate: The Lords of Cthul themed building, based on the skyscraper from Ghostbusters, but with a less sexy emerging evil. July 2019.
  • Shadow Sun Industries: A bit more hasslesome than I was hoping, between a combination of my white primer not being very primer-y and my light blue being thicker than I thought it would be (loads and loads of visible brush marks from the drybrushing on the windows). Still, came out decently in a Retribution of Scyrah style color scheme. August 2019.
  • Mount Terra: Okay, so I decided to paint the Terrasaurs up in a Trollblood color scheme, but Mount Terra felt off to me as a result. Trolls aren't egg-layers AFAIK, and they're more about cold mountains than volcanoes. Then I had an epiphany, to replace eggs with kegs, which would still justify the building's "help spawn new units" power. I ordered some miniature kegs on Shapeways, Dremeled out the eggs and placed kegs wherever they seemed to fit. Then I used snow putty to add beer foam, and Squadron gray putty to build up some supports for kegs I'd just glued to the side of the mountain.


    Leaving this section in just in case the newly tweaked canon inspires me to write more fanon. See the Mk 1 page for my older fics.

  • Nothing yet.