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Last Updated: 11/21/18 (Votive candle buildings added.)

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   Monsterpocalypse Mk2 is a map-based Miniatures Game from Privateer Press focused on kaiju action. Unlike the original collectible game, this is more of a traditional "Hobby Miniatures" game where you buy the sets you want, assemble and paint them yourself (or hire someone to do it for you, I guess).

Monsterpocalypse Mk 1

    I moved my old 2008-2017 Monsterpocalypse efforts off to their own page. Some of these pieces are fan characters and technically no more invalid in Mk 2 than in Mk 1, but it represents a clean break.

Basics, Accessories

  • Card File: Okay, not much to look at, I just took a recipe-sized expanding file and taped a Monsterpocalypse logo to it. But it's the right size for the Monster cards. Unfortunately, the tab labels don't work well with gel pens, and tend to smudge. But whaddyaspect for $2.12?



    I decided that, absent any special projects, I'd use the standard Cygnar color scheme for G.U.A.R.D. Morrow knows I rarely use it in actual Cygnar....

  • Repair Trucks: True, you can't use two Repair Actions in one activation, but this gives flexibility to be on both sides of the map. I just bought one of everything, which meant an extra blister of the units that came with the starter. October 2018.
  • G-Tanks: These were a bit of a hassle, not just due to sprues tearing chunks out of the front end and needing greenstuff patches, but also because the turrets had oval "pegs" that were too long to fit into the circular holes on the chassis, so I had to shave them down to fit. October 2018.
    • Grunts
    • Elites
    • Rocket Chopper: I initially had more brass in the mix, but it looked wrong, so I changed some of those bits to gunmetal. October 2018.
    • Strike Fighters: As with the Rocket Chopper, I ended up starting with more bronze and turning some bronze bits gunmetal instead. I considered freehand painting Cygnar swans on the wings, but decided I wasn't feeling that masochistic. Given how the Strike Fighters incorporate many 1950s retro jet elements, I decided to go with the style of the time and paint the underside sky blue for "stealth" purposes. November 2018.
    • Wave 1 Units: I got one of everything, the starter and one each of the unit blisters. So that gave me exactly 15 units, enough for a full single-monster battle. October through November 2018.
    Planet Eaters

        This group gets to be based on the Legion of Everblight, with whom they share some motifs and motives.

    • Red dyed bases: I decided to spice up my Destroyers by dyeing their clear bases red. First lesson: don't try to dye more than one at a time, they stick together and the parts that touch end up undyed, oops. Can't really even it out after additional dyeing. Second lesson: don't let the water actually boil, the plastic will start to "Shrinky-Dink" a little. November 2018.
    • More coming soonish! Got a non-MonPoc project to do first.
    Shadow Sun Syndicate

        Sleek and anime-inspired? What else but the Retribution of Scyrah?

    • Part of the second wave of releases, but due to delays with the first wave, they were available before I even got my first wave. Not sure if I'm going to complete painting a faction before moving onto the next, or jump around, but I'll probably get to these by the end of 2018.
    Lords of Cthul

        I thought of Cephalyx or even Everblight for these, but decided Cryx fit them best thematically.

    • Another second wave, but Cthugrosh got a sneak preview as Brewgrosh below....

        Trollblood colors for these savage but sorta benign guys.

    • Part of the third wave of releases.
    Martian Menace

        I was thinking of using the Convergence of Cyriss colors here, but I had too many steel or gray groups, so I decided on the Red Planet...Khador.

    • Part of the third wave of releases.



    • Defender X: Inspired by Cygnar elite WarJacks, with light gray (or white) accents in addition to the standard blue, steel, and bronze. November 2018.
      • Just the wingpack: I finished this first, so decided to take a picture of just the wingpack.
      • Front view
      • Left flank
      • Rear view
      • Right side
      • From below (Nice side benefit of the clear base, all that work on stuff only visible from below isn't wasted!)
      • With Warmachine Laser Knight: Back when I decided I wanted to get into Warmachine, I ordered a bunch of stuff using my Volunteer Points. While I was waiting for it to ship, I took an un-based spare Hyper form Laser Knight I'd gotten in a parts lot from someone, and modded it into a sort of Warjack.
    Planet Eaters

    • Coming soon!
    Shadow Sun Syndicate

    • Cpming sorta-soon.
    Lords of Cthul

    • Brewgrosh: A GenCon 2018 exclusive mold of Cthugrosh, chugging a water tower full of beer while sitting on a restaurant that's a regular Privateer Press haunt during the 'con. I decided to paint him up like an evil sack of beer, and put him on top of a new (and newly destroyed) location for my current comics and gaming shop. The resin seemed to be a bad mix, I had trouble getting any primer to stick, and there's a sort of crackle effect that happened despite my efforts. Ah well. Primed and Future-coated in the hopes of the primer not rubbing off during painting. October 2018.
    • The rest are second wave.

    • Third wave.
    Martian Menace

    • Third wave.


        All the buildings will also need to be painted, with cardboard Apartment Buildings coming in the starters to hold people over. Once they start selling blank bases (early 2019) I expect I'll make more custom buildings or even re-base some of my Mk 1 customs. Hey, they won't be less tournament-legal than before!

    • Votive Building: The starter set buildings are nice and cheap, but they're also pretty light and will tend to blow away if your gaming table is near any sort of breeze source (like a door to the outside). Dice containers have been used to make them stronger and more stable, but I don't buy lots of dice. While looking around for wooden blocks of the right size, I found 1.5" diameter LED votive candles...a perfect fit, and now the building can be made to glow! Mounting squares used to attach the building to the candle, and I placed them a little too low, leading to some bulge. November 2018.
      • All 12: $6 worth of LED votive candles and a sheet of small mounting squares left over from when I wasn't allowed to put nails in walls, and my Apartment Buildings all flicker warmly. November 2018.


        Leaving this section in just in case the newly tweaked canon inspires me to write more fanon. See the Mk 1 page for my older fics.

    • Nothing yet.