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    This was fairly minor in terms of physical mods...that you can see, anyway. Since I knew I was going to be kitbashing this copy of Universe Ironhide, I decided to use it as a testbed for trying to fix the problems that kept the head from emerging all the way from the torso (pic 1, pic 2). Short form, not something that can really be fixed. Beyond that, all I did was sand down the crest in front and removed the brushguard.

    I used scarlet paint on the forearms and the clear plastic roof and hood parts, a special mix of gray I call "overcast" on the arms, legs, feet and face. I used "pool blue" on the windows and other blue details, and "antique gold" for the gold accents. I also used a bit of metallic sapphire on the chest panel details (I had to use a paperclip to hook the chest panel out so I could paint it). I gave the gun a light coat of gunmetal and then a black wash, and used licorice paint on the grilles. For the license plate, I just printed that out and glued it on, although it took a few tries to get the size right.

    The first time I "finished", I'd put the forearms on the wrong sides, which kept the vehicle mode from fitting together properly. When I went back to fix that, I also did some more touchups. In the interests of preserving history, though, here's the pictures I took the first time around: