Dave's Kitbashing & Repainting Projects! Updated: 10/20/2013
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    Welcome to my kitbash corner of the Opera of the Dvandom. I've roughly arranged it by theme, although some of my kitbashes will show up elsewhere on the Opera, such as the giant monsters over on the Kaiju Page. The ordering of these may seem nonsensical, but they're in roughly the order of likelihood they'll be updated (I do a lot of Transformers, but have largely stopped with WizKids stuff, for instance).

   Transformers: Repaints, painted decoys, kitbashes and other Transformers-related projects. And a few non-Transformer robots that slipped in. Updated 10/20/13
    Miscellaneous Kitbashes and Fan Stuff: Kitbashes of charactes from various fandoms, plus a few real people and store mascots. Includes both action figure and plush versions of myself! Updated 9/15/13
    ASH Kitbashes: Kitbashes based on my Academy of Super-Heroes setting. Similar to the Modern Knights setting in some ways, including having a Solar Max. Last updated: 10/31/11
    Modern Knights: Superheroes from my Modern Knights RPG, available online from Plaid Rabbit/Electric Mulch. Also includes some regular drawings and miniatures. Updated 9/29/09
    WizKids Repaints: Touchups and complete repaints of figures from the Mage Knight collectable miniatures game. Also includes HeroClix and MechWarrior repaints, plus pages for Rocketmen and Pirates accessories. Updated 3/8/09 with Atomic Robo Heroclix.