Paints, Repaints and Kitbashes, Oh My!
Transformers Quickbashes
Last Updated 10/20/13
Legends Chop Shop and Waspinator added to touchups.
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This page is for my Transformers Quickbashes. These are little projects that didn't take a whole lot of time or effort, but most do still transform (except for a few accessories and a PVC or two) and I felt were worth showing off. Sometimes they're just repaints, or adding an ink wash, other times they involve really simple physical mods.

  • Paint Touchups - Same character, just better.
  • Repaints - No physical changes, but a new character.
  • Minor Modifications - Compensating for design issues, fan altmodes, etc.
  • Lesser Kitbashes - Some physical mods and serious repainting, but it didn't take a lot of work.
  • Shapeways - Original figures made via 3-D printer and then assembled/painted by me.
Full Repaints
Minor Modifications
Lesser Kitbashes

   Shapeways is a company that got some nice 3-D printers (the kind that cost as much as a small house, not the $1000 makers) and makes money by printing designs submitted to them. A lot of Transformers fans use it to make weapons or new hands, but a few have taken the challenge of making entire figures, including little minions that will fit in the chest of War for Cybertron Soundwave. I suppose these could count as "Lesser Kitbashes" or "Minor Mods" or even just paint jobs, but I'm gonna give them their own category.

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