Paints, Repaints and Kitbashes, Oh My!
3-D Transformers Art Projects
Last Updated 10/20/13
Updates to: Quickbashes.
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This page contains most of my various 3-D (as opposed to flat drawings) art projects related to Transformers and their supporting cast. Painted items, repainted items and extensive kitbashing (rebuilding one toy into another) are featured here. Non-Transformers kitbash projects of mine can be found in the Miscellaneous Gallery and the Modern Knights Gallery, plus scattered in a few other places.
Dave's Guide to Kitbashing

    Distilled into this file are my years of kitbashing experience and advice on paint, tools and materials. If you have a question about kitbashing, be sure to read this text file first, it may contain the answers you seek. Especially if your question is "What's the best sort of paint to use?" (I get that one pretty frequently.) Updated 4/4/10

    Transformers Decoy Page!: Info about the Decoys as well as photos of painted decoys. Includes all 53 decoys painted, plus over a dozen variant paint jobs.
    The exclusive toy for those who attended the special pre-Con dinner at BotCon 97 was one of my decoy repaints, including several unique paint jobs designed specifically for the BotCon decoys. Updated 6/9/12 with Devastator 2012.
    Transformers Kitbashes: These creations take Transformers or transforming toys and turn them into other Transformers. The final results do transform. Includes Cyberjets and Transmythics. Last updated 8/30/12, Space Pistol Shockwave (FoC) added.

    Quickbashes: Quick little projects and simple repaints, spun off to avoid excessive clutter. Last updated 10/20/13, Legends Waspinator and Chop Shop touchups added.

    Actionmaster Kitbashes: These are action figures of various types kitbashed into Transformers characters, both canonical and of my own creation. The final results generally do not transform. Includes Actionmaster Femmes and dancing robots. Last updated 9/3/06 with Chibi Dancing Prime. Also, PVCs spun off.
    PVCs, HoC, Attacktix: Various poseable toys that aren't really Actionmaster-ish, such as the SCF and Heroes of Cybertron PVCs, Titanium Series 3" figures or the Attacktix game figures. Last updated 2/4/11 with My Little Pony Star Saber
    Miscellaneous Kitbashes: Uncategorizable stuff. Everything else. Includes Pez Dispensers and Neo-Knights. Last updated 4/4/10 with N.E.S.T. Hat
    Painted Go-Bots Page: If it's supposed to be about Hot Wheels scale, it goes here. The original Go-Bots (including convention exclusive Nightracer), the RiD Spychangers, and later Legends Class figures. Updated 4/4/10, RotF versions of Nightracer and Mudslinger added.