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Updated: December 1, 2012

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    R.I.P. City of Heroes - 2004 to 2012. The game is now dead, and while it may return, it will probably be a fresh start, making this a sort of closed archive. There may be a few last updates as I dig up things to add, but by the end of December 1 this should be pretty complete.

   In case it wasn't obvious from the page title, my global was (imaginatively) @dvandom. And if you think I've "come down with altitis" from playing this game, I would like to point out that it's a pre-existing condition.


Pictures and memories from the end of the game.


    Artwork and writing related to City of Heroes/Villains. Not much, but there was finally enough of it I decided to collect it together. Updated: March 18, 2012


    The background color for the server name will be purple if I have at least one L50 on that server, red if I have at least a L40, orange if I have at least a L30, and yellow if I have at least a L20. I no longer have any servers without at least a L10. And yes, I know there's a nifty program that automatically tracks a lot of this stuff, but it's PC-only and my home machine is a Mac. Not really inclined to play around with emulators to run it. I've also put a roster on Google Docs.
SERVER Last Updated           CHARACTER LIST
VIRTUE 12/1/12
Zane Ryder added.
Sharon Venturi (MA/Inv Scrapper) α, Artemis A (Bow/Elec Blaster) α, Antiochus V (Robotics/Forcefield Mastermind) α, The Queen of Misery (Illusion/Empathy Controller) α, Carnivore X (Claws/Electric Armor Brute), Lee R OYJ-5 (Beam/Mental Blaster) α, Derpy Ferris (Storm Summoning/Sonic Attack Defender) α, Punchberry (Street Justice/Super Reflexes Stalker) α, No Mind At All (Super Reflexes/Street Justice Tanker) α, Woofers (Gravity Control/Electricity Assault Dominator hero) α, Sweetie-Bot (Sonic Attacks/Kinetis Corruptor hero) α, Blazing Pascal (Water Blast/Thermal Emission Corruptor hero), ZonDaR-1 (Water Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster villain), Zecora Jones (Beast Mastery/Nature Affinity Mastermind hero) α, Mobile Suit Gangnam (Titan Weapons/Electric Armor Scrapper) α, Wolf Spider TacOs (Arachnos Soldier), Dire Howl (Street Justice/Electric Armor Brute) α, Doctor Aeschaton (Dark Miasma/Water Blast Defender) α.
CHAMPION 8/30/12
Bridges costumes.
Pala-Dyne (Energy/Energy Blaster) α, Doctor Dave (Grav/Rad Controller), Dyna Green (Katana/Willpower Scrapper), Bridges (Shield/Energy Tanker), The Splendid Mask (Dual Blades/Regeneration Stalker), EPP-6 (Plant Control/Electricity Assault Dominator), Sapphire Bullets (Dual Pistols/Pain Domination Corruptor), El Gato Laminado (Gravity Control/Thorny Assault Dominator).
PINNACLE 9/16/12
MechaBrubaker pic added.
Enforcer 1003 (Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker) α, Kazengar (Electricity/Energy Brute) α, Dee Spoiler (Assault Rifle/Radiation Corruptor), Nyxi (Warshade), Operative Brubaker (Arachnos Soldier), Yinlong (Electric Armor/Dual Blades Tanker), Branefreeze (Psychic Blast/Ice Manipulation Blaster), Synap-Tick (Electric Control/Psionic Assault Dominator), Flying Nightingale (Empathy/Dual Pistols Defender) α, Panzerwulf (Elec/Elec Tanker), Qisxa (Ice/Thermal Controller), Z Special (Katana/Willpower Brute), Gladiataur (Willpower/Staff Fighting Tanker), Fineas (Traps/Beam Rifle Defender).
GUARDIAN 10/20/12
Penny Gunn costume added.
Peaceseeker (Willpower/Axe Tanker), Ethan Eruption (Fire/Storm Corruptor), Nimrod the Hunter (Claws/Reflexes Scrapper), Bertie Page (Longsword/Willpower Scrapper), Camouflage Girl (Illusion/Radiation Controller), La Gazza Ladra (Dark/Dark Corruptor), Channelsurf (Sonic/Elec Blaster), Sword of Fury (Broad Sword/Shield Scrapper), Operative O'Hara (Night Widow), Penny Gunn α (Ice/Ice/Arctic/Cryonic Tanker).
TRIUMPH 11/22/12
Carnot-vore L50 dingpic added.
K-Type (Claws/Willpower Scrapper) α, Suffra-Jette (Assault Rifle/Traps Corruptor), Aglet (Martial Arts/Dark Armor Stalker), Mike Sounders (Sonic/Mental Manipulation Blaster), Carnot-vore (Ice Blast/Fire Manipulation Blaster α), ScrapperLOL (Electrical Melee/Regeneration Scrapper), Buggernaut (Superstrength/Invulnerability Brute), Qombat (Kinetic Melee/Regeneration Scrapper), Mindfire.EXE (Fire Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster), John TerraVolta (Electric Armor/Kinetic Melee Tanker), LOPER-2 (Electric Control/Force Field Controller).
INFINITY 10/20/12
Stormlance added.
Baron Brass (Fire/Kinetics Controller), Skwirl Torch (Fire/Fire Brute), May Rodder (Rad/Rad Corruptor), Kawaiiju (Claws/Fiery Aura Brute), Papa Guyo (Dark Armor/Kinetic Melee Tanker), Knightstick (Willpower/War Mace Tanker), Sili-Kate (Spines/Willpower Scrapper), Jimmy Nishimura (Darkness/Regeneration Scrapper), Ol' Jed (Earth/Dark Tanker) α, Stormlance (Staff Fighting/Electric Armor Stalker hero).
LIBERTY 7/25/12
New costume for Mad Bun.
Buckler Spoach (Martial Arts/Willpower Scrapper), The Aquamarine Golem (Stone/Shield Brute), The Missing Lincoln (Willpower/Mace Tanker), Bright Girl (Peacebringer), Troll Booth (Thugs/Dark Miasma Mastermind), Blast Bannion (Electric Control/Energy Assault Dominator), The Mad Bun (Mind Control/Storm Summoning Controller), Terra-Rize (Mind Control/Earth Assault Dominator), The Server Wench (Mace/Reflexes Brute) α, Red MacIntosh (Titan Weapons/Willpower hero Brute).
JUSTICE 8/30/12
TerraStar costumes added.
Kiryu-kun (Force Fields/Energy Defender), Phthian (Fiery Melee/Shield Defense Scrapper), Jen Kleinvogel (Broadsword/Willpower Stalker), Professor Waxman (Demon Summoning/Pain Domination Mastermind), Boss Taurus (Dual Pistols/Mental Manipulation Blaster), Von Klank (Electric Armor/War Mace Tanker), TerraStar (War Mace/Invuln Brute), Project STRAFE (Energy Blast/Kinetics Corruptor), Operative Archangeli (Arachnos Soldier), Solar Max (Peacebringer) α, Rechtigkeit (Elec/Elec Blaster).
Skysabre costumes added, Acton Lord moved here.
Terra-Ryze (Earth/Electricity Dominator), Woody 40 (Spines/Willpower Scrapper), AIM 9 (Fiery Aura/Energy Melee Tanker), Per Annum (Mercenaries/Trick Arrow Mastermind), Ben Sidhe (Sonic Assault/Energy Manipulation Blaster), Crazy.Guy (Staff Fighting/Regeneration Brute), Lord Ebon (Darkness Control/Darkness Affinity Controller), Asterism (Peacebringer), Kopikat (Assault Rifle/Energy Manipulation Blaster), Skysabre (Dual Blades/Invulnerability Scrapper), Acton Lord (Rad/Thermal Corruptor) α.
VICTORY 8/30/12
Lee R OYJ-4 moved here.
Vultarr (Fire/Mace Tanker), Altered Brute (Energy/Willpower Brute), Taur Baby (Dark/Pain Corruptor), Edvard Munchkin (Sonic/Sonic Defender), Lee R OYJ-4 (Assault Rifle/Mental Manipulation Blaster).
FREEDOM 6/9/12
Izzy Spacecase deleted.
Izzy Spacecase (Dual Swords/Invulnerability Scrapper), Geoff Peterson (MA/Reflexes Scrapper), The Inconvenience (WP/Mace Tanker), The Packin' Duck (Thugs/Thermal Mastermind originally, rerolled as Dual Pistols/Devices Blaster), The Blueberry Beater (Martial Arts/Regeneration Scrapper).
ZUKUNFT 4/21/2012
Costume added.
Zukunftmensch (Radiation/Assault Rifle Defender).
UNION 7/19/11
Anneke pic added, Agent Roberto added.
Anneke (Psychic Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster), Agent Robert (Spines/Ninjitsu Stalker).
EXALTED 7/25/12
Gilly Callum costume added.
Freeflight (Archery/Trick Arrow hero Corruptor), American.Eidolon (Beam Rifle/Darkness Manipulation Blaster), Generic 999 999 999 (Time Manipulation/Beam Rifle villain Defender), Pinkemina (Battle Axe/Willpower Scrapper) α, Kame-ko (Force Field/Fire Blast Defender), Mach Turtle (Martial Arts/Shield Defense Scrapper), Siobhan Shard (Spines/Energy Aura villain Scrapper), Gilly Callum (Super Reflexes/Titan Weapons vigilante Tanker), Nicole Gates (Time Manipulation/Psychic Assault Defender), Nagareboshi (Radiation Blast/Darkness Manipulation Blaster), Fish Annette (Darkness Control/Energy Assault Dominator).
BETA 12/1/12
Page added.
Most of the characters here were imports from live, to test out various higher level content, and several of the characters made on beta were deleted, but three native Betans were still around at the end: Beemahboi, Goldion and Dan Tracey.