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Updated: October 20, 2012

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    Having characters already on five of the eleven U.S. servers, I decided to go ahead and start slowly spreading into the other six as time and inclination allowed. I think I picked Infinity for my sixth because one of my Pinnacle SG-mates was working on someone there at the time, but I had no particular plans to team with them. A fairly deliberate colonization, the first four characters here were all made sequentially, with no other new characters on other servers in between.
Baron Brass (Fire/Kinetics Controller), Skwirl Torch (Fire/Fire Brute), May Rodder (Rad/Rad Corruptor), Kawaiiju (Claws/Fiery Aura Brute), Papa Guyo (Dark Armor/Kinetic Melee Tanker), Knightstick (Willpower/War Mace Tanker), Sili-Kate (Spines/Willpower Scrapper), Jimmy Nishimura (Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper) Ol' Jed (Stone Armor/Dark Melee Tanker), Stormlance (Staff Melee/Electric Armor Stalker hero).

Character Side Origin/Class Primary Secondary Pools
Pictures Notes
Info (copied from game screen)
Baron Brass Hero Magic Controller Fire Control Kinetics Leaping
Costume 1, Costume 2 Baron Brass actually started out as a planned nemesis for my steampunk-ish hero Clank on Crucible Element MUX, but despite being approved in theory, I never managed to get a specific version approved. After getting the Mystic Pack, I decided I could probably do a good job of echoing the look, but I decided to go with a hero. Like most Controllers, he's a bit slow in solo play. When the Steampunk pack arrived, I found I really didn't need any pieces of it for the main costume, but since a gentleman owns more than one coat, I made a second costume that used some of the pieces. Dramatic First Ward pic.
Everyone knows Nemesis is no longer active. But if any of his plans were still in motion, one of them might involve an attempt to bind a soul to a clockwork creation to create a new type of mechanical man. And if such a Nemesis plot did exist, and went slightly awry by, say, binding the soul of an old man killed in a Rikti bombing, this new sort of mechanical man might find himself unwilling to work for someone who may or may not have been Nemesis. Is this Baron Brass's origin? Maybe...or maybe it's all a Nemesis plot to lull the public into a false sense of security....
Battlecry: The world will be saved by steam (not enough room in the box for a ! there.)
Skwirl Torch Villain Magic Brute Fiery Melee Fiery Aura Leaping
Costume 1, With Veil Back during a spate of squirrel-immolation-caused power outages on campus, I made up a "Skwirl Torch" icon for Livejournal. Later on, it occurred to me that the demon-infested substations of Cap Au Diable might result in more than barbecued tamascuras. If I give her extra costumes, it'll probably just involve swapping out the bolero for one article of clothing she's taken a fancy to, rather than going for a significantly different look. I've taken to roleplaying her a little in that she hops around a lot when idle. Fighting "Daddy" (Deathsurge is made of the power that mutated her). Veils can't go with boleros, so the veil version has her naked except for the bridal veil.
Squirrels are clever enough to find their way inside electrical substations, but stupid enough to try finding their way inside electrical substations. Normally, this just results in fried squirrel and a local power outage. But given the demon-infested nature of the substation outside the Cap Au Diable university campus, sometimes the electrical transformers have a more...interesting...transformative effect on the campus squirrel population.
Battlecry: Oooh, shiny. GIMME!
May Rodder Villain Science Corruptor Radiation Blast Radiation Emission Flight
Costume 1 Like Dee Spoiler, she's a Monsterpocalypse "K-girl" based on a Martian Menace unit. In this case, the fire support flyer called the Marauder. These fly on conical beams of green energy, hence the green skirt and boots. May is a member of the Department of Irradiation, and needs to have words with the Department of Jetpack Suppression.
May is just a normal citizen of the Rogue Isles, seeking to make her fortune. She is not involved in any invasion force staging from Mars. In fact, it is ludicrous to even suggest that Mars is being used as a staging ground for an alien invasion. And such an invasion would certainly not be preceded by infiltration units modified to appear attractive to your filthy human tastes. Besides, if they were, they'd probably have larger breasts, right? You can trust May, she's not here to help take over the planet for any alien masters.
Battlecry: Remember Area 51!
Kawaiiju Hero Mutation Brute Claws Fiery Aura Leaping
Uncostumed, Ultra Mode, Attempting clothing, Halloween costume, As "Sugar" the Spike K-Girl This is a "generic" K-Girl, a female anthropomorphization that's meant to look like it's based on a kaiju (i.e. Godzilla and his ilk). I may later backwards-design the "original" kaiju. I originally intended to have her in a bikini as her base costume, but I found by accident that (at least on my graphics setup) if the Mesh costume pattern is too close to the skin tone it just vanishes. So she's unclothed, but in that toonish fashion like Donald Duck is pantsless. She was designed to be a cute pet rather than a sex toy, you see. But even a pet shouldn't be setting fire to the furniture. Anyway, she was made with the intent of turning heroic once Going Rogue comes out, since I don't have a lot of villains who feel right doing a face turn (although my other fiery Brute, Skwirl Torch, could certainly go that way). I have since made up the kaiju she would be an anthropomorph of, Kentromachus the kentrosaur-ish beast. So, her "real name" would therefore be Kendra Marcos. Ultra Mode makes use of the Organic Armor costume pieces. Managed to move her fully from Villain to Hero, and then solo'ed her through all five iterations of the Halloween 2010 Tip Mission to earn her the witch's hat I used in her Halloween costume. Sugar is a K-girl I made up based on Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
A lot of strange hybrids find themselves suddenly free after some heroic or villainous raid on a Crey lab. The more dangerous ones tend to get tracked down right away, but no one was too worried about model KJU-6...she hadn't really been intended for combat. More of a pet, really, although her internal temperature was a little too high and KJU-7 was slated to be the final version. But with all her creators under arrest and officially disavowed and all the research destroyed, there will never be a KJU-7. Probably for the best, really. She destroys things because she doesn't know any better, but maybe one day she'll learn.
Battlecry: Sweet Monkey Buddha!
Papa Guyo Resistance (Crusader) Magic Tanker Dark Armor Kinetic Melee Flight
Costume 1 During one of the Pocket D parties to herald the launch of the Party Pack, a friend pointed out that while lots of people use the Angel Wings costume piece (playing 15 months gets it for you), almost everyone sticks with black, white and maybe gray. Given that the one character I'd made so far with those wings (La Gazza Ladra) has black and white wings, she challenged me to come up with something that was a bit more colorful. So I decided to take the pappagallo (macaw) and cross it with the Voodoo-styled Magic Booster costume pieces to make the houngan Papa Guyo. If I ever level him out of Praetoria, he'll probably go redside.
Not all "dark arts" are black and murky. Some are as colorful as the lost cities they come from, and Papa Guyo brings a Mardi Gras flair to the powers granted him by the Loa. The Loa aren't sure they like this, but given how few people even remember them thanks to what the Devouring Earth did to New Orleans, they'll take what they can get.
Battlecry: Let the bad times roll!
Knightstick Hero Technology Tanker Willpower War Mace Leaping
Costume 1 The high concept here was a comment a friend made about how Barbara Gordon should be the Sylia Stingray of the DC Universe, so this is basically Batgirl as a Knight Saber (Bubblegum Crisis). Sadly, escrima sticks aren't available, so I had to make do with the baton. And yes, "Ora Cullen" is a reference to Oracle.
During the Rikti Invasion, a collapsing wall broke Ora Cullen's back, ending her nascent career as a costumed vigilante. Once it became clear that no amount of physical therapy would let her walk again, she started leveraging her connections in the superhero community and managed to get herself into a program testing a new cybernetically linked suit meant to let soldiers keep fighting as long as they could stay conscious. Unfortunately, the program was run by one of Crey's many "rogue" departments and it was shut down by the Freedom Phalanx. But Ora managed to acquire the prototype armor after the criminal trials were over, and she's back in action!
Battlecry: You gotta stick to it.
Sili-Kate Hero Mutation Scrapper Spines Willpower Leaping
Costume 1 Over the first week of 2011, I carried out a sort of New Year's Resolution to get all of my characters to at least level 14 before making any more. Having done so, I went into my file of character ideas and made Sili-Kate, in an attempt to do a more serious Spines Scrapper (Woody-40 was a gag character and stuck on a low-activity server). RP-wise, I wanted someone who would have good reason to be and stay a Loyalist without being a Heroic Cop or a Power Hungry Jerk. I managed to get her to level 14 by mid-week, using winter events to jump the gaps in soloing the Responsibility path.
Kate Cappell and her friends thought it'd be fun to see how close they could get to the sonic barriers, daring each other to go further and further. Unfortunately for Kate, a Resistance member blew up the nearest pylon just then, and the entire group was exposed to the Devouring Earth up close and very personal. Half were killed before PPD forces could rescue them, the rest were twisted by exposure to the spores. Kate was the only one to retain functionality, if you call being turned into living amethyst "functional". She joined the Powers Division in order to avenge herself and her friends by taking down some stinking Resistance scum. Her toxic biochemistry and crystalline body will make that pretty easy....
Battlecry: Resist this!
Jimmy Nishimura Hero Magic Scrapper Dark Melee Regeneration Speed, Jumping
Costume 1, With "Kamina Cape". Jimmy's a character I made for a short-lived Scion campaign run on Livejournal, a street-racing scion of Set. I was pondering giving the Speed pool another try, given that my one previous speedster (Terra-Ryze) was unsatisfying for other reasons as well, and Jimmy seemed a reasonable character to reuse for it. Original drawing from December 2008. When it came time to give him a Kamina style cape, I wasn't happy with any of the tattered patterns, so just went with flames. I later moved him from Pinnacle to Infinity to make room for another member of We Few there. In terms of time of creation, he probably comes between May Rodder and Kawaiiju somewhere, either before or after Kopikat.
"So, after I beat this Yakuza guy in a HIGHLY illegal street race in Tokyo, some dude shows up and tells me I'm the son of Set. The Egyptian god. Yeah, right. He also tells me the Yaks are coming to kill me, which is a lot more believable, so I got out of Japan for a while. Turns out the Set part might be not too out there either, since now I can move faster on foot than any car, and I control these freaky shadow sands. So I guess if the Yakuza come looking for me now, I'll show them a manly fist to the face!"
Battlecry: Who the hell do you think I am?
Ol' Jed Hero Mutation Tanker Stone Armor Dark Melee Leaping, Fighting, Energy Mastery
Costume 1, Color tweaked power, In Trenchcoat, Sunday Go To Meetin' Outfit, Santa outfit, Roman togs. Originally an unabashed AE farming character. Too much AE can mess up contact chains and cost you goodies, so I didn't want to try to get to Level 50 with lots of AE. But I'd also wanted to make it to L50 some time before the end of my first year so I could try out some of the "prestige" classes, so I made Ol' Jed. Tankers seemed to be in demand for farming teams, so I made one. I picked some power sets I hadn't used before, though, so I could at least try something new here. :)

After a while, though, I got tired of trying to keep up with the Exploit/Nerf war and took Jed outside, where he got invited to the Abandoned Warehouse RPSG. I respecced to make his powers a little more coherent and tinted his Dark Melee to look like dirt. During that time I made an Ol' Jed Heroclix (unpainted). I also did a HeroClix of his SuperGroup teammates Darren Astor (Unpainted, not quite right painted, then I realized I forgot the gloves, so I added them) and Jordan Murphy (unpainted but slightly primed).

The Abandoned Warehouse eventually fell apart, but most of the people moved to another SG. I eventually decided to deal with Virtue's top-heavy roster by moving Ol' Jed to Infinity, where my highest level hero was L30 at the time. After fighting a rather sloppy Praetor Duncan, he finally dinged 50.

"My name's Jedediah Zebulon Smith, but you can call me Ol' Jed. Y'might say farmin's in my blood. Of course, y'might also say an unstable mix of Superadine and meth is in my blood, but I got my idjit grandson ta blame fer that. Pulled him outta th' burning wreckage of the drug lab he made in my spare shed, and musta inhaled when I shoulda exhaled. Can't complain much, though. Ain't felt this good in years! I've looked better, mind. People told me I was a Troll now and should try livin' with the other Trolls in Paragon City, but me and them don't seem ta git along...."
Battlecry: "Go. Hunt. Whup Skulls."
Stormlance Hero Magic Stalker Staff Fighting Electrical Armor Leaping
Armor 1 With the game heading towards sunset, I convinced my regular weekly group to do one last run through the Hollows and do the Caverns of Transcendence trial. So we all made up new characters for it, and this was mine. We did have to turn off XP once to avoid overshooting Talshak, but we successfully transcended the caverns.
Many of the things Leonardo DaVinci discovered were kept secret, as they were machines of war. But what few know is that DaVinci also rediscovered the rituals of ancient Oranbega. He entrusted it to a few chosen acolytes, who formed the Knights of the Stormlance to keep the knowledge hidden and safe. When the Circle of Thorns emerged in the 20th Century, that cause seemed lost and most of the Stormlancers retired. But a few redoubled their efforts, and with the aid of more modern technology wage a war in the shadows against Oranbega's undead mages.
Battlecry: Fulminatus!