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Pictures and Manga Summaries from Japan's Comics Bon-Bon - 1999

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Pictures from Comics Bon-Bon

Bon-Bon is a monthly manga "phonebook" magazine with several color pages of ads for toy and TV tie-in stuff. Average issue is about two inches (5cm) thick.

    A note on the name of the magazine: my translator friend says that the Japanese transliterates best to "Bon-Bon," as in the sweet treat. However, in the logo itself is the phrase "Bom-Bom" inside a circle made to look like a cartoon bomb with fuse. Looks like they're going for a multi-level pun. It's a treat, like a bon-bon, but explosive like a bomb.


Pikatrap     More Transmetal II toys coming in, including Megadrac and Blackarachnia. Given how fast they're cranking in the U.S. toys, either they plan to get the Beast Machines stuff almost immediately there, or there's another new batch of Japanese-exclusive toys in the pipeline soon. To the right is another pic of Rattrap from the manga...and he's getting no better treatment int he dubbed cartoon, from what I hear. He has an annoying-little-kid voice, whines a lot, says "Chu!" as part of his transformation ("chu" is what Japanese mice say rather than "squeak") and at one point he and Cheetor repeatedly say "Pika!" ("Shiny!" literally) to each other regarding their Transmetalized forms. Yep, they're pushing hard to make Rattrap over into a transforming Pikachu.


    Metals is in full swing, as the Metals manga starts. Looks like Japan will be getting TMII Prowl, Jawbreaker, Optimus Minor, Scourge and Iguanas in stores soon, but not the other Basics or Deluxes in TMII. Megadrac is coming soon. The manga interpretation of the characters is...weird. I'll mainly be doing scans of the manga this month, plus some recolors of Convoy and Megatron and another transforming Digimon.


    Well, the BW Neo manga wraps up this month with a bang, as one might expect. Plus, Metals Ravage pics! There's also pics from the N64 game, but so small and blurry they're not worth scanning. Megadrac seems to be the final boss.


    Into full swing with Metals, which are basically just Transmetals and some Fuzors, all of which are pictured elsewhere on my page. There don't seem to be any significant color changes, either. So, instead, I'll show a bunch of DinoZone pics after the manga stuff.


    Not much in the way of new pictures, as the next line to come out in Japan is the Metals (with some Fuzors). Oddly, they're selling both TM and TMII Cheetors at the same time. TMII Cheetor is sold as Shin (New) Cheetas. The bug thingy to the right is apparently one of Magmatron's spies in the manga.


    The coming of the Blendtrons, a third faction in the Beast Wars Neo! They get a new faction symbol, seen to the right.


    Survive, Killerpunch and the various toy gun things are in this issue, plus some good shots of Dinozone's Ceratops Brothers and some new Microman. The pic to the right is a scene from the manga, where Big Convoy's beast head gives him some backtalk.


    The second wave of BW Neo is here in force, with this issue focusing on the six new toys (Killerpunch and Survive aren't in this issue). There's also a bit of new Dinozone stuff.


    Not a lot of new pictures for the toys, so I filled in the blanks with some fun pics from the manga. First, though, a few notes on pictures I didn't scan: Optimus Minor is being released as a promo, with the same name as here (or as close as transliteration can get it); Microman will have a big Playstation playset that turns into a base and looks like a cross between a PSX and an iMac. The image to the right of this paragraph (assuming you're not using Lynx, then it's above) is from the manga. I call the character BirdConvoy, but have left in his name so anyone who knows Japanese can tell me if I'm right. Turns out the real name is CrowConvoy, which I kinda suspected...but I like the sound of BirdConvoy better.


    Good pictures of the third modes of the various BW Neo toys, and the manga kicks into BW Neo as well. The picture to the right of this is a "Bambi vs Godzilla" moment from the manga.


    Beast Wars Neo toys kick in here, plus the end of the BWII manga. No new Dinozone toys, but there's some pics of how to get their weapons out of their bodies, something I'm told can be tricky. The image included here is of the spacesuit-wearing chipmunks from the manga.


    Most of the stuff in this issue related to Transformers has to do with the Transmetals and Fuzors being brought into Japan. Just Quickstrike and Silverbolt of the Fuzors, though, and those might be a mail-in. There's some good Dinozone pics I might scan, though.

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