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June 30, 2005 - 009

    Yes, Fred the giant robot is here! IDW is the company that got the Transformers license.

June 23, 2005 - 007

    This strip and the next one were done with a .5mm pencil. Which somehow managed to give me coarser lines than a .7mm pencil and had the added benefit of snapping every few seconds. I gave away all my .5mm pencils and went back to .7mm.

June 21, 2005 - 006

    Yes, it's a fat joke. I'm 1/3 lipids by weight, I'm allowed.

June 16, 2005 - 005

    I'm quite proud of how Louie's pose in panel one turned out. John was supposed to be crossing his legs, but his speech bubble entirely covered his right leg, so I redrew it.

June 14, 2005 - 004

    And now, my first foray into continuity, more or less. "Archetypo" is a three strip sequence introducing Louie, a less-successful friend of John's.

June 9, 2005 - 003

    First update, woot. Still having some issues with contrast on some readers' screens. This does improve in later strips, though. And yes, this joke was inevitable as soon as I decided Danny would be jittery. The background notes are to let the "letterer" know to just fill the entire BG with words in the vein of his written nattering.

June 7, 2005 - 001, 002

    Welcome to Breakdown Lane! After years of reading webcomics, I decided to create one. I have enough material to keep this going for a season (13 weeks), and hopefully my art will show noticeable improvement during that time. I make no promises about the writing.
    While I am not going to try to make this a moneymaker (nor do I really expect it to cost me anything but time), that doesn't mean I'm going to totally slack off. While the creative end may be lacking at times, I am endeavoring to follow the kinds of "best practices" recommended over on Websnark (which I have linked to because it's easier than trying to create my own links page to good webcomics).
    Fair warning, you may not get all of the jokes. Part of it is because some of them are simply not funny, but I didn't let that little detail stop me. For the rest, the About page includes a glossary and a list of people I am liable to be referencing. Most of what I will call humor for the sake of giving it a label will center on the production of comicbooks in some way. The people, the stylistic elements, the art, etc. There will also be some Transformers references here and there, because I am no longer capable of keeping that fandom from encroaching on all areas of my life. Help!
    Now, to the subject of criticism...I know. Yes, and that too. And the other thing. I have the Critic's Curse, in that in most areas of artistic merit, I'm a LOT better at telling if something is good than at creating something good. But I also know that perfect is the enemy of good, and that there's a time to stop (bleep)ing with something and call it finished. I've ruined more than one drawing because I felt it needed one more change. Hopefully, though, sheer repetition will help me get things right the first time and not have to mess around with them so much. I have a 70 page sketch diary set aside for this, and I plan to get 70 strips out of it. If I'm unhappy with one, I'll still post it. So there. I really need a Meanspace banner.
    You may notice that the strip is badly scanned. This is intentional. I'll try to make sure strips are always readable, but there may be weird scanner artifacts, partially erased things, etc. All part of the Breakdown Lane experience! That, and it took me a few strips to learn to draw as far from the spiral binding of the notebook as possible.

Breakdown Lane and all its characters are copyright 2005 by Dave Van Domelen