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September 18, 2005 - Adult Webcomics Telethon 2

    Did a followup with John. Equal time and all that.

September 16, 2005 - Adult Webcomics Telethon 1

    Hello! If you're coming here from the Adult Webcomics Telethon site, I have two pieces of possibly bad news for you. One, as mentioned just below, I've stopped regular updates (although I haven't stopped updating completely, and if you're a WLP reader your concept of "regular updating" may be fairly flexible anyway). Two, this isn't an adult webcomic. Strip 31's cheesecake is about as racy as it'll get, and I generally try to shoot for "G-rated but vaguely disturbing".
    THIS is the general page for the Adult Webcomics Telethon, for those few of my readers who don't already know about it.

September 15, 2005 - 031

    And so I bid adieu to the regular schedule with a bit of fan service. I'm not cancelling or going on hiatus...I just think 15 weeks of regular updating is sufficient to demonstrate I can do it, and now that it's starting to become a drag, I'll just put strips up as I come up with them. You can watch my LiveJournal for notifications, or just check here occasionally and skim the newsposts so you don't miss any. I'm also open to guest comics if anyone wants to try the format out.

September 13, 2005 - 030

    This will be the last of the "Marsha Looks For Work" arc. I had one more strip scripted, but aside from being weak and overly wordy, it also would have left me going "off schedule" on a downer, as the off-panel Amanda thwarts Marsha once again. I've scrapped that strip and come up with a replacement to mark the end of the 15 weeks of regular updates.

September 8, 2005 - 029

    For you mapping fans, Marsha is coming in the front door, and John gets up off the couch seen in #27. Panel 2 is from the viewpoint of the doorway.

September 6, 2005 - 028

    Time is telling. And it's telling me that this is tipping from "fun" towards "obligation". No, I won't be cancelling Breakdown Lane entirely, but once I finish out the remaining strips I scripted back in June, I'll be shifting to an intermittent basis. In other words, if I have an idea, I'll put it up, but I don't intend to stick to a schedule after next week.

September 1, 2005 - 027

    I seem to have maybe gotten over my "hump", but time will tell. Astute readers may notice that in previous "coming in the door" blocking, there was an armchair and a shelving unit to the left of the door. That's the door from the garage. This time is the front door. There's also a back door. And it's really easy to remodel when everything is just a few lines, so inconsistency will happen. :)

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