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    Thanks to Neale Davidson for giving me space on The Protoform Project to host my images! Since I no longer have access to either TV Magazine or Comics Bon-Bon, this is essentially a closed archive, at least for now.

TV Magazine Pictures
2000    1999    1998
   TV Magazine, or Telemaga, is a major TV/Toy-tie-in publication in Japan, which I'm able to get at a local Japanese book/video store. It also has Ultraman, Sentai (Power Rangers) and other popular shows featured. It's chock full of carboard cutout toys as well. Most recent issue: August, 2000
Comics Bon-Bon Pictures
Manga Summaries
2000    1999    1998
   Comics Bon-Bon is a small (in page's 500+ pages THICK) manga collection that comes out monthly, which I get at the same store I get TV Magazine from. The glossy pages are ads for various tie-ins to the manga stories (such as BW and Rockman), and a BW Neo manga has started running in the series. Summaries of the manga can be found on this page. Most recent issue: May, 2000 (no manga this issue)
I've cancelled my subscription to this, as it doesn't seem there'll be any meaningful Transformers content before I leave town in August.