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Last updated: 6/3/06
Exo-Force section added.

    Here's where everything else goes. Not a RoboMAC, not a TransformerTM, but it's either a robot or from a series with robots and/or hardsuits. Trademark ownership will be indicated as appropriate. Images are copyright Dave Van Domelen on the date of drawing.


    Exo-Force is Lego's anime-inspired mecha series, you can see reviews of the toys here.

Hard Vacuum

    Hard Vacuum is a game of WWII space combat in an alternate reality where elements of pulp adventure had an impact on the world. Click here for the unofficial homepage for the game, maintained by its creator. There are no transforming ships in the setting (yet!), these are merely my ideas for what the ships might look like if they DID transform. It's worth noting that due to the vagaries of derivative copyright law, I may or may not have the copyright on these drawings, but that doesn't mean they're public domain. :)

Rumble Girls

    Rumble Girls is a comic, now available online, by Lea Hernandez. It's set in a somewhat indeterminate future of nanotech, AIs and a media that's actually more intrusive than the one we have now. Rumble Girls are sort of a cross between soap stars, teen idols and mecha wrestlers. Their training is focused more on looking pretty than on actually knowing how to fight, and their careers can be tragically short...especially if the Suits decide a bit of tragedy would boost ratings.


    Here's a few bits and pieces of art involving the characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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