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Last updated: 12/24/20
Enforcer 1003 added.

    These characters are from my RoboMACs settings (MAC - Mobile Artificial Consciousness). The 2163 setting was first created as a sort of "Transformers with the serial numbers filed off", for a short giant robot game I had written. As I expanded on the game and brought in piloted Robos, I realized that the 2163 setting wasn't broad enough to show off the rules, so I created the Exodus setting for use in the final publication. I've made the 2163 setting available online, although for some reason the image files of the faction symbols have vanished. Images are copyright Dave Van Domelen on the date of drawing.

RoboMACs 2163 characters:

RoboMACs Exodus characters:

Featured in the RoboMACs Exodus RPG (sadly, out of print).

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