Superguy Gallery

Superguy icon taken from the Superguy homepage, probably by Rob Furr.
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Crazy Guy

    These pieces come from my first Superguy series, which started as 36 Crazy Plots and quickly became Crazy Guy when I realized 36 plots maaaay have been biting off more than I could chew.

Exarchs: A Season In Crimson

    My second Superguy series took characters from my LNH writing and dropped 'em in Superguy, stealing heavily from the Exalted RPG for the first mega-arc.

Exarchs: The Gods Must Be Mad

    The second mega-arc kinda flamed out, but I got some art out of it. This arc was more of a Feng Shui/Shadowfist thing, picking up plot threads from Crazy Guy.

New Exarchs: Flash Drives

    A few years later, I rebooted. Lower power levels, a sort of Flash Gordon pastiche.

Other Stuff

    Either characters someone else created, or that don't really fit into stories (like my Authorial Muse...she's appeared in Exarchs, but isn't really an Exarchs character, know what I mean?).

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