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Last updated: 3/1/11
My Little Pony Channel added.

    This page has images of the characters I've played on various Transformers MUSHes (Multi-User Shared Habitat, a text VR thing). Mostly of Channel. Images are copyright Dave Van Domelen on the date of drawing.


    Bullet wasn't my first Transformers MUSH character, but he was the first OC/NFC (original or non-feature cahracter) that I drew. Prior to Bullet, I played Bluestreak on the original TFMUSH, then Ironworks and Dynamo (based on Dynamo Joe, with an immobile altmode I'd later return to for Channel) on the reboot of TF1. Bullet was my character on Transformers 2005, a MUSH that's actually still around, although I haven't played there in ages. I do have a wiki entry on their site, though.


    My first character on Transformers the Lost Years MUSH, which was set in the time right after the Ark departed. Never really got a hook for play, and ended up switching over to playing Channel.


    Ah, such plans I had for Channel when Neale Davidson and I came up with the idea during a TF fan get-together in Muncie in March of 1999. Channel was going to be a "god armor" combiner with Neale's Vanguard character. The admin never approved that part, though, and eventually Vanguard was rebuilt into Guardstar, removing the possibility. And then Neale left The Lost Years, TOTALLY removing the possibility. I eventually drifted away from the MUSH too, although I've ended up redesigning Channel numerous times, making him my signature fan character.

"Original" Channel

Channel Re-Imaginings

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