Grand Unity Invasion Robot: Orichalum Naginata

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    G.U.I.R.O.N. is an opponent for the Millennium-Age Gamera, and grows out of the backstory for Laelapis, particularly the mysterious Three Circles Group. Turning the name into an acronym is inspired by how the Showa Moguera became the Heisei M.O.G.U.E.R.A., and its creation in the first place was inspired by the dearth of "hard tech" mecha in the Gamera universe. Showa Gamera has lots of spaceships, but even when they turn into kaiju (i.e. Zigra), the monsters look pretty solidly organic.

Artistic Representations

    Unlike Laelapis, which started from the ground up as a series of drawings, G.U.I.R.O.N. started as a small ankylosaur toy that I hacked up and added bits to until I was satisfied with the "Mecha-Guiron" look, using a Trendmasters Guiron toy for general reference. The hip turrets are googly eyes, the center of the blade is styrene sheet, the main maser barrels are styrene half-circle rods. All other details are Apoxie Sculpt or Apoxie Clay. As with my Laelapis miniature, the scale is 1:1000. Completed 2/5/08.

    To follow the miniature, I decided to make this one of my rare painted works. The idea I had for G.U.I.R.O.N., what with swirling smoke and lightning-like maser beams, really didn't suit what I can do with pens and markers, but paint allows me to pull off those overlay tricks without having to get and learn Photoshop (or Gimp, etc). Completed 2/10/08.

  • Guide Pencils - Very rough pencils, just to give me a starting place for laying down the paints.
  • Work in progress 1 - Most of the figure, and the smoke around it. Still needs backgrounds, energy effects, and further detailing on the main figure (not happy with the eye).
  • Work in progress 2 - No work done on the figure compared to the previous pic, I just added the background. Still need to feather the smoke/dust clouds into the background, add some poor schmuck driving on that road getting zapped, and fix up the main figure.
  • Final Painting - As seen above. G.U.I.R.O.N. bursts out from underground and sets about eliminating any witnesses with his maser weaponry!

    Unknown to all but its core leadership, the Three Circles Group was actually the advance infiltration unit for an invasion by an interstellar empire known as the Grand Unity, an empire long past its prime but still quite powerful even in its eons of decadent decay. With the reports of its agents in the wake of the Laelapis affair, it was decided to escalate matters by sending one of the remaining G.U.I.R.O.N. units to Earth in an attempt to subdue or destroy Gamera...and as much of Earth's defenses as possible in the process.

    G.U.I.R.O.N. units are heavily armed and armored battle walkers equipped with their signature weapon, the "Orichalum Naginata". This blade is forged from an ultra-dense supermetal that is nigh-unbreakable, and can be sharpened (via special atomic rays) to an edge capable of slicing through most mundane substances. They also carry a number of maser weapons, including two main cannons flanking the blade, and a pair of pop-out turrets on the forelegs with close-defense masers.

    When initially deployed to lower-tech worlds, they are typically disguised in a semi-organic sheath to resemble a giant reptilian monster, both for the shock value and to disguise their extraterrestrial nature. At a certain level of development, according to the Grand Union's experience, most worlds develop a "kaiju problem", and the G.U.I.R.O.N. units' disguise exploits this oddily of planetary evolution.

    The G.U.I.R.O.N. unit arrived on Earth just as Laelapis re-emerged following his first defeat by Gamera, and subdued the Solar Beast fairly quickly, allowing the Grand Unity agents the opportunity to plant a control collar on their accidental creation. Laelapis was then used as a stalking horse to lure out Gamera, in a battle that leveled much of Toyama. Eventually, a sharp-eyed child noticed the control collar and encouraged Gamera to destroy it. Once freed, and realizing that the somewhat older and larger Gamera now outmatched it, Laelapis fled.

    However, the battle with Laelapis gave the Grand Unity agents enough data on Gamera to program specific tactics into G.U.I.R.O.N.'s battlecomputer. This allowed it to defeat Gamera without its disguise being damaged, and the mighty turtle was dragged off to a Three Circles Group installation on an island off Hokkaido. However, before Gamera could be fitted with a control collar, he woke up and rampaged through the installation, forcing the Grand Unity to recall G.U.I.R.O.N. from its mission in Honshu to fight once more. In the course of the fight, the mecha-beast's true nature was revealed...but would the revelation be enough to let Gamera win the day?

Vital Statistics

Name: G.U.I.R.O.N.
Age: Millennium
Size: 65m long, 20m tall at shoulder
Weight: 48000 tons
Creature Type: Mecha
Appearance: A quadrupedal beast with a huge blade jutting out from its head. In diguise it appears to be a green lizard-like beast with red accents and gray blade. With disguise removed, it's a black and dark gunmetal robot with glowing green eyes and a silver blade.
Abilities: Head-blade forged from Orichalum can cut most substances and is almost indestructible. Can fire shuriken of lesser metal from the sides of the head in either mode. When undisguised also gains maser cannons flanking the blade, and pop-out turrets on the forelegs with point defense masers.