Paints, Repaints and Kitbashes, Oh My!
Transformers Quickbashes - 3D Printed Stuff
Last Updated 8/2/23
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I do not design 3D printing objects, although I've commissioned a few from Octavirate Forge (Trent Troop). But the tech isn't quite to the point in 2023 that I can just get a 3D printed thing and immediately use it, at the very least I want to dye and/or paint it (pre-colored stuff is either really expensive or so fuzzy at small scales it's better to just get the clear high-def stuff and paint it). There's a few things here that also involve other categories of kitbash, such as when I repainted a Prime Master vehicle to go with the 3D-printed faceplate, but everything in this section was done because I had a 3D-printed object to work with.

Most of these projects involve stuff printed by Shapeways, with exceptions noted. Titan Master/Prime Master faceplates are all bunched together at the bottom rather than interspersed in chronological order.

   Faceplates: Some of these are actually modified official ones that I had leftover from other projects, but I want to keep all the Titan Master/Prime Master modifications in one place, even the stuff that might count as "Lesser Kitbashes". The Shapeways faces come from Trent Troop's Prize Inside store.

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