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Last Updated 5/29/24 (Bumblebee 40K in Lesser Kitbashes.)

Dave's Guide to Kitbashing
Last updated 9/1/22, some of the specific details are probably out of date, but the general ideas should still be helpful.


Most recent entry in this section     While I do a lot of different things, the single largest type of physical 3D art I have done is Transformers modification, repainting, building, etc. The categories are kinda vague and arbitrary in places, and reflect decades' worth of historical cruft.

    Decoys: Among my first serious Transformers modification projects were decoys, those little rubbery guys that came with some of the mid-80s toys. Peak Decoy for me had to have been BotCon 96, for which I painted 100 decoys. Updated: 5/20/24 (Repainted Jada Nano Metalfigs added.)

    Full Kitbashes: This page is devoted to the more ambitious of my projects, often involving significant physical rebuilding and extensive painting. The line between these and "Quickbashes" can be a little blurry, though. Updated: 11/14/22 (Minerva page updated with new pictures.)

    Quickbashes: These are various lesser modifications, from as little as "painted one detail that needed it" to "built a fair amount of stuff but only for part of the toy." It was getting really long, so I split it into five sub-pages. Updated: 5/29/24 (Lesser Kitbashes updated with Bumblebee 40K.)

  • Touch-Ups - Just a little paint added, basically.
  • Repaints - A lot of paint, but that's it.
  • Minor Mods - Physical alterations, maybe adding an accessory.
  • Lesser Kitbashes - Maybe they belong in the "Full Kitbashes" category, maybe not. Edge cases.
  • 3D-printed - Kitbashes centered on one or more pieces of 3D-printed plastic, usually from Shapeways.

    Actionmasters: Basically, if it doesn't transform (or only kinda sorta transforms), I put it here. Action figure modifications, for the most part, rather than actual customized original Actionmasters (although there are some of those). Updated: 5/5/18 (Page restored.)

    PVC, Heroes of Cybertron, Attacktix: Less articulation than an action figure (sometimes none), but not a decoy or decoy-like. Again, somewhat arbitrary boundaries. Includes customizations of the short-lived Attacktix game figures. Updated: 5/5/18 (Page restored.)

    Gobots: Not the Tonka ones, but rather the ones that would later be rebranded Spychangers. Due to their small size and low cost, a lot of my early kitbashing focused on these. Not much lately, since the size class has been taken over by Legions, which generally end up in Quickbashes, but once in a while I modify a knockoff or a beater I found in a quarter bin. Updated: 4/4/10 (Legends Nightracer and Mudslinger.)

    Miscellany: Everything else involving Transformers in some way, such as Pez dispensers, Neo-Knight action figures, visual jokes, clothing, and so forth. Updated: 5/31/23 (Autobot Alliance ballcap added.)

Tabletop Gaming

    By sheer number, gaming-related projects may exceed my Transformers kitbashes, although there's some overlap between the two.

    Warmachine/Hordes: As I entered a year of unemployment in 2013, I decided to use up my backlog of moderator points for helping run the Privateer Press forums to get into Warmachine, and boy howdy did I get into Warmachine. And a little Hordes. No single theme, lots of mini-themes, such as Transformers-based figures, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Iron Man, Mario Bros., MST3K, and so forth. Updated irregularly (Page is not on so I don't always remember to update here.)

    Monsterpocalypse: The game that got me working for Privateer Press in the first place, giant monster action! The game died a few years after it started, but it got revived in 2018. Also linked from my Kaiju page. Updated: 6/18/19 (A whole lot, forgot I was linking to here too.)

    Warhammer 40K: Before I got into Privateer Press stuff, I briefly flirted with Warhammer 40K and made a Tau force with designs taken from the Zeons of Gundam. I decided I didn't like the way the rules were set up and only played a handful of games before getting rid of my minis. Updated 5/24/19 (added a Craftworlds army).

    WizKids Miniatures: And before Warhammer, there was Mage Knight, the first miniatures game company I really got into. I made Mage Knight into Transformers, HeroClix into other characters, and so forth. I even did a little customization for the constructible minis games Pirates of the Spanish Main and Rocketmen. Pretty much dead now, even if I use my old spares for modding, I tend to be turning them into standalone figures rather than leaving them on the clickbases. Updated 3/8/09 (HeroClix Atomic Robo added.)

    Miniatures Directory: There's a bunch of miniatures I've done but never put into a page anywhere. They're all here, along with stuff that can be found in the pages linked above.

Other Fan Work

    Various fan art stuff that doesn't go in any of the categories above, but is tied in some way to someone else's intellectual property.

   My Little Pony: A mix of painted and modded blindbag vinyl figures, Kickstarted pony miniatures, and a few other odds and ends. Updated 7/15/20 (Fluffle Puff vs. Hawt Mess added.)

   Marvel and DC: Characters belonging to the Big Two. Updated 4/8/18 (Page restored, Killgrave added.)

   Antarctic Press: A few Peebo Attacktix. I guess I was a bit optimistic making this its own page. Updated 6/11/07 (Page created.)

   Akiko: Fan works based on Mark Crilley's old Akiko comics. Updated 6/11/07 (Page created.)

   Webcomics: Fan art for webcomics including Something Positive, Skin Horse, and Wonderella. Updated 9/23/08 (Wonderella added.)

   Final Faction: Repaints and modifications of Dollar Tree's action figure line. Updated 4/8/23 (Venomized accessories for Synthoid added.)

   Other Fan Works: Anything I didn't do enough of to spin off into its own page (which is a pretty low bar), including some pretty obscure stuff. I suppose I should spin off the Steven Universe and Star Wars at some point. Updated 12/26/22 ("Singulari-Tree" gathering tool added.)

All The Rest

    Most of the work in this section is my own characters, or characters created by friends, or weird little things I made to help out at home or at work or whatever.

   Academy of Super-Heroes: Characters from my Academy of Super-Heroes setting. Has some similarities to the Modern Knights stuff below. Updated 5/5/18 (Page restored.)

   Modern Knights: In the late 90s, I wrote a superhero game that was published on DriveThruRPG, but the publisher has since yanked it. The setting was based on the same Champions campaign that spawned ASH, but with significant differences. Updated 3/5/23 (Original Kombat/Tek-7 pic rescanned because it was broken, page is still hopelessly 90s.)

   All The Rest: A bunch of this stuff is work I did for friends and family, plus weird little gimmicks and gadgets I've put together over the years. Updated 1/5/24 (Freedom Dragon added.)

(Yes, I know a lot of these subpages are total crap format-wise and weren't even very good when I created them over a decade ago. I may get around to nicing them up more later, but my main focus in early 2018 was just getting everything rebuilt after a catastrophic drive failure set me back to 2013-era backups. That said, if you find any actual broken links rather than just shoddy aesthetics, let me know at dvandom at gmail.)

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