WizKids Repaints

Last Updated: 3/8/09

Heroclix page updated.

    WizKids LLC has put out a number of collectible miniatures games, the figures for which all come preassembled and painted. Of course, I reassemble and repaint bunches of them, fiddle with the rules, etc. I also make accessories for the games, to make them easier to play or more visually appealing. It's been a long time since I played or bought any figures, but I still sometimes use leftover old figures to make something else.
ROCKETMEN!    There's not a lot to kitbash with Rocketmen, but I have some accessory stuff and the Asteroid Gallery here. Last updated: 12/7/05
PIRATES!    As with Rocketmen, mostly accessories, plus some homemade 3-D islands and a gallery of the official islands. Last updated: 9/10/05
HEROCLIX    A section for repaints and rebuilds of the Mage Knight-like superhero game HeroClix. I no longer play, but I still buy the occasional pack for possible kitbashing. Last updated: 3/8/09
MECHWARRIOR    A section for repaints and rebuilds of the Mage Knight-like Battletech mecha game MechWarrior. Like HeroClix, I no longer play, but I occasionally buy some packs. Last updated: 12/7/05
Old Mage Knight Stuff
It's possible these will be updated again, but unlikely.
REPAINTS    My main Mage Knight repaints page, split up by faction. These range from simple touchups to significant rebuilds. Last updated: 7/24/02
TRANSFORMERS    Some of these are just figures repainted in Transformers color schemes, others have been extensively modified to either resemble Transformers or look very much like them. NOTE: These are just Mage Knight kitbashes. Check the Mechwarrior section for some more Transformers. Last updated: 12/31/01
   These are Mage Knight repaints grouped into special theme armies, such as Squidforce Zero or the physically modified Cybersquad Alpha. Last updated: 7/4/01
RULES ETC.    This covers everything else for Mage Knight. Rules, terrain, ideas for accessories, etc. MWDA terrain stuff is on the MWDA page. Last updated: 4/22/01