Mage Knight Rules and Miscellany

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Last Updated: 4/22/01

Heirophant Rumble rules added.


    This is basically a place to stick everything that isn't a repaint of some sort. New rules ideas, accessories, terrain, etc. If it's not on the Repaints or Custom Army pages, it'll be here.

    Heirophant Rumble - Rules for using 200 point Heirophant armies against each other in a struggle for pecking order among these mutant Draconum.

    King of the Hill - Rules for three player Mage Knight that try to avoid some of the "gang up on him and but try to get the other guy to take most of the damage" problems inherent in a three player game.

    Play mat. Made from a $1 cloth remnant, some "Stop Fraying" glue and fabric markers. This gives me a portable regulation-size play surface, complete with starting areas marked out.

    Battletech! Before I'd even bought my first Mage Knight set, I realized that it could be used to do a simplified version of Battletech now that Wizkids owned that property. Click HERE for my ideas on how this could work.

    Rabble! Print these out on any color printer (or B&W and then color them in by hand) and cut them out for cheap peasants to throw into a battle or fill out that couple of points you have left over for your army. Rabble are wimpy units, dying at any damage and with really low stats. Weak Rabble can't even make Formations, which is why they're free...they're a waste of an action most of the time. Obviously, these point values need some playtesting, mail me with comments. Too expensive? Too cheap? Are Weak Rabble useful enough to be worth a point? Click HERE for a sheet of Rabble counters.