The Game of High Seas Combat and Plunder!

Updated: 9/10/05

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    There's not a lot of kitbashing to do with this game, I'm mostly confined to accessory stuff.

Official Island Gallery

    Turns out that the place I used for island reference is no longer up, so here's a quick and dirty gallery of the official islands, both front and back. I've retained the numbering system used by my old reference source, which is why they aren't grouped by terrain type. I've listed the terrain type on the backs in order of the numbering. There are 5 Reefs, 5 Sargassos and 6 Fogs. (Note: scanned at smaller than 100% on purpose.)

Home-Made Island Gallery

    Using styrene sheet and other bits of plastic, I've built six topographically raised islands. They're roughly "regulation" size (the last three are a bit bigger than the first three), flat enough to allow for forts and not interfere with treasure placement or docking. For reference, here's the Apple Barrel Paints colors I used: Sea - Periwinkle Blue, Carolina Blue, Icy White; Sand - Sandstone, Golden Yellow, Territorial Beige; Foliage - Kelly Green, Kiki; Stone - Pewter Gray, Country Gray; Huts, bridges and docks - Brown Oxide, Territorial Beige. Everything got a coat of Krylon spray sealant.