The Game of Pulp Space Combat

Updated: 12/7/05

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    There's not a lot of kitbashing to do with this game, as with Pirates I'm mostly confined to accessory stuff. But I'll also host my Asteroid Gallery here, to help people figure out if they've got all the asteroid variations.

Accessories et al
Asteroid Gallery

    As with the islands in Pirates, WizKids apparently doesn't think anyone cares about collecting the asteroids. So I'm taking it upon myself to scan them in and provide a gallery. Each is grayscale plus one or two other colors on the base side. Given that there are 16 island die cutting patterns, there could be as many as 16 asteroids, although I'm hoping it's just eight (with the other 8 patterns being reserved for the Giant Shocking Space Jellyfish to premiere in the first expansion...yes, I'll do a Jellyfish gallery too).

  1. The Footprint - Extra colors are red and yellow.
  2. The Molar - Very faint yellow.
  3. The Egg - Very faint yellow.
  4. Binary/Docking Ring - Red. A binary asteroid on the rogue side, has a nifty docking ring on the other. My favorite asteroid.
  5. Blue Base - Blue.
  6. Crater Dock - Yellow, red. Scan courtesy of Rocketeer1138.
  7. Yellow Cross - Yellow. Scan courtesy of Lord Arkon.
  8. Outpost Eleven - Yellow. Scan courtesy of HandofBobb.