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1998 issues spun off into this page.

Pictures from TV Magazine

    These are all images scanned from various issues of Japan's TV Magazine (Telemaga), which is a big pile of toy tie-ins the likes of which would violate FCC regulations if attempted in this country. :) Some of the images are scaled-down two-page spreads, and even scaled down are pretty big, so those of you with slower connections be careful.


    Bouncing about a bit on this one. The new Cyborg Beasts are all shown finally, plus there's scenes from the "movie" which combines some of the U.S. computer-animated series with BWII continuity and some more toys with candy. Additionally, I've put in some of the new Microman (from Takara) and Dinozone (from Bandai) toys, because I think there's some cross-interest. Thanks to Doug Dlin for some corrections/additions.


    The coming of the Cyborg Beasts, and Yo quiero Takotank! Another 18 trading cards are added to the set, but I only scanned a few of them this time. The "lead off" picture in the BW section shows the Takotank shooting ink at Gigastorm while grabbing Dirge and Thrust in its tentacles. At the end of the section are some cryptic pictures of Majin Zarak, the heavy from the BWII movie, attacking. But there's not enough to go on to bother scanning them, IMO. Just a big Yamato-type spacecraft.


    Magnaboss arrives this month, slightly recolored and generally improved in appearance. The BWII goody for this issue is a 4-sheet (17" by 22") poster of all the animated characters in BWII to date, except for Artemis and Moon. There's also a relationships poster I didn't scan, which shows various loyalties, love interests and so forth. It shows the Bighorn/Scylla/Scuba love triangle, plus an enigmatic note about Bighorn and Skywarp (Magnaboss eagle) being related, possibly mother and son.


   'Tis the month of the Seacon recolors, and most of my pics are of them. There's also some new merchandising, and a "stamp book" which mostly has pictures recycled from previous issues but had one new one of note. There's also pictures and ads for the BWII Movie, which is basically some U.S. episodes bridged together with some new BWII animation to help set up how BWII fits between the first and second seasons of the computer animated series.


Lioconvoy dealing with a shark    Slim pickings this time, it's a bit of a lull in characters and Comics Bon-Bon once again got the scoop, this time on Tripredacus. There's a crummy two-color picture of the Seacon recolor, but I didn't scan it...I'll wait for color, since there doesn't seem to be any remolding.


Lioconvoy Fishing    No new characters revealed here that weren't in Bon-Bon, but there's some more trading cards, plus various toys-with-candy and other fun stuff, like the Lioconvoy picture to the right (well, it's to the right if you're not on Lynx, otherwise it's above).


   Lots of new BWII pictures in the June issue, plus the cut-out Lioconvoy seen in the pictures for May. I tried to be selective, though, and only scan images of stuff not already clear from the pictures I already have up (for instance, no point scanning the Galvatron toy from here when the picture from Bon-Bon is as good or better).


   Beast Wars II is in full swing now, there's really only one pre-BW image in this set.


   I missed the March issue, which had the Beast Wars board game, sigh. Most of the images I scanned from this issue are BWII pictures. There were also more low-quality images on the activity pages which I didn't scan, because they're not really different from those in the previous issues.

Beast Wars II pictures:

Pre-BW II pictures:


   BW Stuff in February 1998 issue, with some additional comments now added thanks to Doug Dlin:


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