Dave's Kaiju Page

Last Updated: 12/6/10 (Monsterpocalypse updated.)

    This is a sort of clearinghouse for various kaiju (giant monsters, a la Godzilla or Gamera) works I've done. Some drawings, some kitbashes, some writing.

Kaiju Glossary

    Just a few terms that might help you figure out what the heck I'm talking about. :)

Homemade Kaiju

    I've made up a number of kaiju in my day, but these are ones where I've gone all-out and made artwork.

Kaiju Fan Art

    Stuff here is going to be pieces that are interpretations of canonical kaiju, rather than original creations.


   Monsterpocalypse is a Collectible Miniatures Game from Privateer Press focused on kaiju action. Last updated: 12/6/10.

Kaiju Writing

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