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Pictures and Manga Summaries from Japan's Comics Bon-Bon - 1998

Last Updated 2/9/99
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Pictures from Comics Bon-Bon

Bon-Bon is a monthly manga "phonebook" magazine with several color pages of ads for toy and TV tie-in stuff. Average issue is about two inches (5cm) thick.

    A note on the name of the magazine: my translator friend says that the Japanese transliterates best to "Bon-Bon," as in the sweet treat. However, in the logo itself is the phrase "Bom-Bom" inside a circle made to look like a cartoon bomb with fuse. Looks like they're going for a multi-level pun. It's a treat, like a bon-bon, but explosive like a bomb.


    Lots of nifty stuff, including Microman (see Bryan Wilkinson's Microman page for BonBon pics of them) and Dinozone. Also a good picture of Majin Zarak's aircraft carrier vehicle mode.


    There's a few tidbits of toys to show here, plus a picture of Majin Z, the villain from the BWII movie. Additionally, I've included scans of a new Bandai line which is too cool to leave out, even if it's not really Transformers.


    Not much to scan in terms of toys, just marginally better pics of toys I have scanned on the TV Magazine page. So, instead, I'll devote this month's gallery to a few of the weirder panels and pages from the manga story.


    Highlights for this issue are a repaint of Lioconvoy, more little candy toys, an image from what appears to be a Gameboy BW game, and an embarrassing picture of the Jointron Brothers. And to the right, from the manga story, Takotank to the rescue!


    Missing this one, it sold out. I asked the store to back-order it for me, but no luck. However, thanks to getting the collected manga book volume 1 as part of a trade, I have the manga installment to summarize.


    Highlights from this issue include: Tripredacus (the Jointron Brothers), Superdeformed BWII figures, fan art and the Galvatank!


    This issue features the entry of the Cybertron Insects into the Beast Wars II storyline, due to happen June 30.


    The May 1998 issue has some really good pictures of Lioconvoy and Galvatron.

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