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Last Updated 5/12/00
May pics added.

Pictures from Comics Bon-Bon

Bon-Bon is a monthly manga "phonebook" magazine with several color pages of ads for toy and TV tie-in stuff. Average issue is about two inches (5cm) thick.

    A note on the name of the magazine: my translator friend says that the Japanese transliterates best to "Bon-Bon," as in the sweet treat. However, in the logo itself is the phrase "Bom-Bom" inside a circle made to look like a cartoon bomb with fuse. Looks like they're going for a multi-level pun. It's a treat, like a bon-bon, but explosive like a bomb.


    No manga this month. Hopefully this is just a pause, not the result of deciding to ditch the TF manga totally. A couple new manga start this month, but the Gundam kitbashing manga looks like it's ending, so there'll be room for Car Robots next month. Just a couple of pics.


    The first Car Robots stuff hits this issue, and the end of the Metals manga.


    Tail end of Metals, so no pics of Car Robots yet.


    Still just unrecolored or imperceptibly recolored TMII toys this month, presumably we might start seeing Car Robots stuff in March. And no new Digivolving Digimon toys to scan either (although the skateboard toys I saw at Kay Bee today include AngeWomon and MagneAngemon). Just the manga summary and a single Microman pic this month.


    No new pics of note. The TMII toys being advertised for release this time out seem to be identical to the U.S. versions. However, with Transformers: Car Robots toys due to start coming out in March, figure we've got at most one more dry month here.
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