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Mostly Fan-Art, plus Stuff that Belonged Nowhere Else

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    These are drawings which really don't have anything to do with the LNH, RACC, RoboMACs or Transformers. All images are copyright Dave Van Domelen as of the date listed.

Galactic Warrior Evolution

    A special look at my early art, mostly stuff from before I started working in sketchpads. This shows one of my oldest superhero ideas reworked from the time I was 11 until I was 37. Last updated in 2008.

Fan Art

Stuff from comics and webcomics done by people who I know.

Something Positive and related Webcomics:

K-Girls (Twisted Kaiju Theater): Green Avenger:


Mark Crilley:

Skin Horse:

White Lightning Productions:

Eric Burns fanart:

Steven Universe: Various art of characters from the Cartoon Network show, with my own weird spins. There's also some Steven Universe inspired stuff over in my Warmachine/Hordes Miniatures gallery.

Marvel Comics: Other than crossover stuff covered above.

DC Comics: Again, other than crossovers already shown above.

Other Media Sources:

Sketch Meme

Results of "name a character and I'll draw it" Livejournal meme posting.

December 26, 2008

True Miscellany

Stuff I haven't moved into other sections yet, and may never.

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