Presenting: Dave's Drawings!

Last Updated 11/1/23 (Miscellaneous Gallery updated.)

Robot Stuff

Most recent entry in this section     I like to draw robots, and have drawn an awful lot of them. Some Transformers, some transforming bots in my own settings, and a little bit of just about everything else.

    RoboMACs™: Creations from my two RoboMACs settings, designed for a giant robot roleplaying game I wrote. Updated: 12/24/20 (Enforcer 1003 added.)

    Transformers™ MUSH characters: Drawings and other images of the characters I've played on various Transformers MUSHes (not counting canonical characters like Ironworks). It's been years since I played on any TF MU*, but I still mess about with the old characters. Updated: 3/1/11 (My Little Pony Channel added.)

    Transformers™ Canon Characters: Drawings of various "Canonical" Transformers characters, usually with my own radical spin on them. Also includes My Little Pony crossover art. Updated: 3/22/18 (Data restored.)

    Transformers™ Fan Characters: Characters of my own creation, or created by other fans, but which are Transformers (as in, they live in the same world as Optimus Prime et al) and not RoboMACs or MUSH characters or something else. Updated: 3/22/18 (Data restored.)

    Miscellany: Everything else involving robots or from a robot/powersuit genre (although there's some powersuits in the Misc Gallery below in Superhero Stuff, too). Includes Hard Vacuum, Rumble Girls and MST3K fan art. Updated: 6/3/06 (Lego Exo-Force section added.)

Superhero Stuff and Other Fandom

    My other main artistic love is superheroes, which goes along with writing a lot of superhero fiction. Some of these galleries are on sites other than, for reasons that seemed good at the time.

    LNH Gallery! : Art from the Legion of Net.Heroes universe. Mostly my own characters, but a few others. This also includes a few kitbashes, I haven't done enough LNH kitbashery to justify a page for that in the kitbash directory. Last updated 5/25/21 (Rescans of mid-90s Kopikat pictures added.)

    Superguy Art: Art of characters from the Superguy mailing list. Last updated: 7/17/2913 (Spectrum Pony added.)

    ASH Gallery: Drawings and kitbashes, mostly by me but with some guest artists. Hosted on another site, updates sporadically.

    Other RACC Art : Some Patrol and ASH Universe images of my characters. Last updated 1/4/08 (most of the ASH stuff removed)

    Crucible Classic: Drawings and kitbashes from the original "Chicago after a boom" Crucible City MUX.

    Crucible City MUX art: Drawings from Crucible City MUX v2, set on the Eastern Seaboard, in an attempt to do things more seriously. Didn't last as long, sadly.

    World of Wonders MUX art: Stuff from World of Wonders MUX. Sadly, game never launched. Last (and likely last ever) updated 2/25/06 (Showgirl)

    Miscellaneous: Various other pieces of superhero, gaming, or comics-related art I feel like showing off. Spun the ponies off into their own page, though. Updated 11/1/23 (Good Omens GO! added.)

Other Stuff

    Everything else that's more or less two-dimensional art and doesn't fit anywhere else, including fumetti and pictures of my cars with decals on them.

   My Little Pony: Got big enough to spin off from the Miscellaneous section. Updated 8/18/21 (Hijinx Pony added.)

   Laelapis!: A daikaiju (giant rubber-suit monster) of my devising, merging a Dryptosaur (originally Laelaps) and a scarab beetle. Updated 2/10/08 (page moved to the new Kaiju directory)

   Diosoth's Sonicverse Fan Characters: Mostly characters created by Diosoth around the canonical characters, although some canon ones also show up. Updated 5/15/10 (Rouge and Marron added.)

    My Car: Two images of my second car with its Autobot insignia on the hood, plus two more with its new Decepticon symbol. Also has later pictures with the Hexagram "Chien" from the I Ching. Last updated 7/21/97 (to see my car as of 2006, see TF Fan Gallery)

    Paul Hardy Fumetti: Two pictures of Paul from his "Operation Arsedeath" tour through the US, with some word and thought balloons added.

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