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Last updated: 3/22/18
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    This page has drawings I've done of "Official" Transformers characters, although often with my own interpretation. Images are copyright Dave Van Domelen on the date of drawing, but are generally trademarks of Hasbro.

   SECTIONS: This has gotten pretty long and sprawling, so I've broken it into sections, with anchor links.
"Straight" drawings.
AllSpark Art Challenges:
Intermezzo Interpretations:
Other Serious Interpretations:
Other Oddball Interpretations:
Only Human:

   In March 2005, the AllSpark had an art challenge based on the "Only Human" episode of third season G1 Transformers, where four Autobots got put into human synthoid bodies. I did two for the contest, and have since done others as the mood took me.

Only Pony

   Okay, I've mixed these two properties enough to give it its own section. This doesn't include my Pony TF kitbashes. And I left Marissoo up in silly, because she wasn't intended to be a My Little Pony unicorn.

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