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Actionmaster Kitbashes
Last Updated 9/3/06
PVCs/Attacktix spun off, chibi dancing Prime added.
This page is devoted to my "Actionmasters." Basically, these are non-transforming (most of them, anyway) figures kitbashed out of action figures and various other stuff. They have variable poseability. Some are "canonical" characters while others are my own creations.
Miscellaneous Actionmasters
Works other than the Elites and the Femmes, which are grouped below.
Actionmaster Stepper: One of the knockoff Actionmasters floating around these days is of Jazz, and I picked up one of them. Eventually, I decided to paint it, but didn't want to just make him look like Jazz, so I pulled out my Stepper decoy (see Decoys) and painted the Actionmaster into the likeness of this Japanese Targetmaster. Added 2/14/98.
Actionmaster Bluestreak: Another knockoff set I bought contained an almost all-blue Actionmaster Prowl mold, which I decided to paint up as Bluestreak. The police "flashers" are still on the figure's back, albeit painted over with the pearly color I worked up when I did my Bluestreak decoy (several coats of very light grey covered with a thin coat of gunmetal). Added 2/16/98.
Actionmaster Optimus Prime: I got this genuine Actionmaster Optimus Prime withough accessories for three dollars. Why so cheap? Because not only was the paint all chipped, but three of the limbs fell off when I picked it up! So I took it apart, added clear nail polish on the joints to firm them up and increase the size of the ball hips, then painted the toy. I added a few details not in the original paint job, mainly in silver. And hey, I have the Microman reissue of Prime's truck. Added 2/9/01.
Defcon Actionmaster: A kitbash of a Steel movie figure and a cheap Japanese robot model kit into Defcon, the Autobot from the second season G1 episode, "The Gambler."
Tuxedo Blurr Actionmaster: Anthony Oster's TF/Sailor Moon crossover character, as designed by Zobovor and kitbashed by me from a Vault Ultron and a lot of other stuff.
Beast Machines Whisper: Built from WildCATs Spartan 12" figure and a lot of other stuff, this is my largest kitbash to date, and my first Beast Machines original character.
Actionmaster T-Bird: Built from an S.T.A.R. Corps Reactor figure, just a regular Actionmaster rather than an Elite. Complete with a partner, Dazzle.
A little dancing robot figure with a spare Scourge (RiD) head and a to-scale knockoff Sword of Fury.
A larger version of that dancing robot toy with a spare Armada Super-Mode Optimus Prime head.

Actionmaster Elites

These Actionmasters actually sorta transform, like the Elites sold in Europe. As I get more practice, the transformations are less lame. Well, I like to think so, anyway.











Roadgunner: Built from a S.T.A.R. Corps figure, some toy car bits and a lot of putty, Roadgunner is an original character.
Backpack: Built from a S.T.A.R. Corps figure, two backpacks from those figures, some plastic sheeting, spare wheels and more putty, Backpack is another original character.
Pom-Pom: Built from a WWF Signature Series Jacqueline, some parts of a knockoff Gundam, some Legos and some putty, Pom-Pom is an original character who claims to be the sister of Megatron, but no one believes her.
Alpine: Built from the third S.T.A.R. Corps figure in the pack I bought for Roadgunner and Backpack, plus some GIJoe vehicle parts and putty. Alpine is an original character.
Cyclonus: Another S.T.A.R. Corps kitbash, this is my first try at turning a canonical character into an Actionmaster Elite.
Corkscrew: A Junkion of my own creation built from the exploding Ghost Rider figure and a LOT of spare parts from other toys.
Alabaster: Obsidian's less successful brother, now resentful of being made Obsidian's lieutenant. Made from two S.T.A.R. Force figures, various bits of plastic and putty.
Recoil: Beast Machines Megatron's bodyguard, a gunrobo made from S.T.A.R. Force figure Quantum and the usual assortment of spare parts and putty.
Zigzag: My Vehicon Horde grows with the addition of the dragster Zigzag, made from S.T.A.R. Force figure Vector, some Legos and putty.
Cutter: Yet another Vehicon, the speedboat Cutter, made from the other halves of the figures used for Alabaster, Legos, putty, toy boat bits and parts of a measuring scoop.
Outrider: A Vehicon tasked with keeping any more Maximals from returning to Cybertron, a lonely vigil that he lives to perform. Constructed from S.T.A.R. Force Electro, Legos, putty, some spare shoulder joints, and plastic sheeting.

Actionmaster Femmes
Various kitbashes I've done of females from the Transformers Universe, both canonical and of fan creation.







She-Spawn into "Actionmaster" Minerva: It took half a block of Sculpey and an awful lot of white and red paint (to cover the black with enough coats), but I turned the She-Spawn action figure into this 7" tall poseable Minerva figure.
Poison Ivy plus Panzer Blade equals Arcee G2: My first serious attempt at merging an action figure with a model kit, I used a Poison Ivy I got with a gift certificate and a cheap Panzer Blade knockoff model I got to make this vision of a G2 comic Arcee, with lots of extra weapons.
Bowshock Deceptifemme from Dr. Karen Ross and Knockoff Model: I had some parts, I wanted to make a figure, but none of the canonical female Transformers fit the parts I had, so I created my own character. I used a Congo action figure and parts from a model kit of the same knockoff line as I got the parts for Arcee from.
Nightbird from Jessica Priest: The ninja robot from the G1 cartoon episode "Enter Nightbird," built from a Spawn Movie toy and a lot of Sculpey. Now also includes a second version built with epoxy putty instead of Sculpey.
Magic from Adon: Magic is a creation of Eva Gillmann, and is Megatron's mate. I built this figure out of an Adon from the Turok line, with putty, sheet plastic and the hair from Spawn's Angela (a leftover from Rapture of the Neo-Knights).
Bugbyte from Allura: A relatively quick bash of Stealth Voltron Allura into an Actionmaster complete with partner with spring action wings!
Arena from Allura: The other Allura figure kitbashed into a robotic gladiatrix.

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