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Last Updated: 4/8/23
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    Final Faction (link may decay) is a Dollar Tree exclusive action figure line, which does quite well given their budget. One place the budget is skimpy is on paints, and since the figures are held together by screws and only have five points of articulation, they're easy to repaint. The line is meant to evoke 1980s action figure lines, with clear Good Military versus Evil Aliens sides, like G.I. Joe versus the Tyrannids or something. There's a cartoon a comic, so a lot of people are repainting their figures to match the canon. I prefer to be inspired by the canon and diverge in places.

    Alpha Team is the multinational Earth defense force, your basic G.I.Joe team of specialists, but they flesh out their numbers with bots instead of nameless Grunts. The Kharn are aliens whose ship crashed on the Moon some time ago and they went into stasis sleep until a cometary impact reactivated their ship systems. They seek to steal Earth's resources for vague Alien Invader sort of reasons. They're heavy into biotech, and in addition to bipedal drones they also have insectile swarmers.

    Most of the kitbashes are random themes, but you can skip down to the FinalRangers AlphaTeam "Power Rangers" theme.

FinalRangers AlphaTeam

An AU (Alternate Universe) in which Alpha Team is a full on Power Rangers sort of team, and the Kharn are even more over the top rubber-monster enemies. (Click on image to see at full size.)

The Meteor Empire