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Repainted Gobots (Transformers)
Last Updated 4/4/10
Legends Nightracer and Mudslinger added. added.
This page is devoted to kitbashes of both Go-Bots/Spychangers and other toys of similar scale, such as the Legends size class.

Legends Class

    The Spychanger size later gave way to Legends, which kind of wobbled around in terms of size and theme, but during the 2007 Movie line settled down to be about the same scale as Spychangers, if lacking the Hot Wheels-style through-axle wheels. I eventually stopping considering Legends/Legion to be Spychangers, and most of the later ones are on the Quickbashes page.

Optimus Prime

(2007 Movie)
When I got the Legends Movie Prime, I was surprised to see he only had one smokestack. So I decided to give him a second one, and repaint the result as well. I built the rifle from a Tau (Warhammer 40K) blaster and a piece of hexagonal peg.
AllSpark Power

(2007 Movie)
More of a Quickbash, but I'm putting it here as a companion to Prime above. I ran over a spare Legends Movie Megatron with a red copper metallic leaf marker, then added black and AllSpark Blue details.

(2007 Movie)
A lot more extensive than my previous Legends pieces, a spare Legends Bumblebee rebuilt into the 2009 Camaro altmode.
TF:A Wasp The goal here was to dye a TF:A Bumblebee Legends figure green so that I could have a nice transforming version of Wasp, a character who will not actually be getting an Earth vehicle mode in canon. However, since my last attempt at dyeing, Hasbro has switched to a plastic that doesn't take dye very well.
  • After 28 hours in the dye.
  • Oops - Tried cranking up the heat. It did get a bit greener, but unevenly, and the plastic puckered and warped. So it can't transform anymore.
  • Actionmaster Wasp - Freed from worrying about the altmode, I made it into a non-transforming toy.
High Beam I tried dyeing a spare Legends Jazz as long as I had the pot of dye from Wasp, but the white plastic resisted dyeing even more effectively than Bumblebee's yellow. So I abanoned that method, but not the idea of a green redeco. I picked up some automotive touchup paint at Walmart and used about 2/3 of the bottle on this. It's significantly darker than the G2 High Beam, and I decided not to try to force the silver in, but it looks good in person. The auto paint doesn't scrape easily, although you may notice I had to remove it from the pegs, it's just thick enough to interfere with tight fits.
On seeing the Legends Stealth Bumblebee, I realized it could be made fairly easily into an updated version of Nightracer, the 1995 BotCon exclusive seen near the bottom of this page. To get a version accurate to the toy as released, you can just part-swap with regular Legends Bumblebee to get most of the yellow bits. But I wanted the correct-to-concept color scheme here. I changed the faceplate with a dab of Apoxie Sculpt, and used a wire brush attachment on my Dremel to dull down the black to a more stealthy matte.
While I was reviewing the Legends class version of Wheelie from Revenge of the Fallen, I realized how close the vehicle mode was to G1's Micromaster Mudslinger. So I did some modding, building the head from scratch. Sadly, I can't find either my original Mudslinger or my Greasepit (same mold) for comparisons, so the comparison pics are with an unmodded Wheelie.

Spychanger Bootlegs

    In 2005 or thereabouts, a local grocery chain had really cheap Spychanger knockoffs selling for $1 a two-pack (two of the same toy). I got as many as I could find for possible kitbashing, and finally started doing the kitbashing in 2008.

Robots In Disguise Spychangers

    As part of Robots in Disguise, Hasbro released recolored versions of the GoBots, and I grabbed a set for some serious kitbashing. Also includes later Universe repaints.

X-Big Daddy
    X-Big Daddy: Made from W.A.R.S. (original mold: Gearhead), this is a slight update of the Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol leader, Big Daddy.

    Mirage (original mold: Double Clutch), turned into a swept-forward wing fighter painted up as Starscream.

    A fairly simple modification, adding a camper shell to Ironhide (original mold: Motormouth) and painting it black with a little chrome.

Hot Rod
    R.E.V. turned into Hot Rod, with a removable spoiler so it can be properly positioned for both modes. No putty on this one, just styrene bits.

    Hot Shot remolded with putty into a Nissan 350Z (successor to the Datsun 280Z), an updated Bluestreak.
    Mini-Scourge already rules enough to need no modification. But he does need gear. So I made him a Sword of Fury and a trailer.

    The later Speedbreaker (Dodge Viper, more or less) mold was later recolored and given stickers as Jazz. I took the stickers off a spare one (yay, Dollar General!) and made some modifications to get an update of Lightfoot from Masterforce (aka Getaway in the U.S.).

Old GoBots

    One of my earlier projects, I took apart and repainted (and sometimes slightly rebuilt) various Transformers Gobots, the little guys who turned into Matchbox-scale cars. I still didn't quite know how to use the scanner at this point, so the pictures are a bit washed out.

Group shot from the front.

    From left to right in rear, Ironhide (Motormouth), Optimus Prime, Soundwave (Gearhead), Nightracer. In front, Optimus Prime car (Matchbox Lamborghini Diablo) and Soundwave car (NASCAR licensed stock car). In the case of the two cars, I found cars that matched the vehicle modes in shape, and then repainted them to look like the repainted Gobots.

Group shot from rear

Closeup of Ironhide, Prime and Primecar

Closeup of Soundwave, Nightracer and Soundwavecar

Closeup of Jazz and Sideswipe

(Eyes were touched up, since the wrong speed film was used)

Jazz is a repainted Blow Out, Sideswipe is a repainted Optimus Prime.

Rear view of Jazz and Sideswipe

Front shot of the two cars

The Many Faces of Soundwave

    I decided to put all the various Soundwaves I had available at the time in one shot, including the actual toy.

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